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Section with servers advertising was cleaned

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Section with servers advertising was cleaned


Hello friends! :smile:


Section with servers advertising was cleaned. I deleted a lot of inactive servers. I decide delete server from advertising if it's site is not available. I apologize if I deleted your server by mistake. Create a new topic about your server please. 


Also do not forget to read Servers Advertising Rules. It is important to keep order in this section. If You want only open server, create a topic in "Opening Soon" section. Your server is beta? "Under Beta" section is for you! Your server is well-known and works for several months. Congrutilations! You can create a topic in "Stable Servers" section. 


Let us know if you close your server or want move your topic to another section. Do not create a new topic please. From time to time, write in your topic that the server is running.


Thank you for attention!

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Hello friends!


Section with servers advertising was cleaned again. Abandoned threads and servers with broken website links have been removed.


If you have created a topic with an advertisement for your server on our forum, then I ask you to keep the topic updated from time to time.


Thank you for your attention!

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Server ad section has been cleaned. All topic without or unavailable website link have been deleted. Please do not duplicate topics of your server (like Adventure Pirates, Pirate Xz @Pirate X-Z). Thank you!

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Hello friends!


The section with server advertisements has been cleaned up once again.


The following topics have been removed:

1) The server website is down or the invitation to the Discord server is no longer relevant;

2) The topic with server advertising is not formatted correctly. Server Advertising Section Rules;

3) Duplicate topics.


If the topic with advertising your server was deleted by mistake, then report it on the forum, or create a new topic.

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Hello friends! :smile:


I would like to inform you that the section with server advertisements has been cleaned up again.


Russian servers. The following topics have been moved to archive:

1) Kara Online (@Magicsea Online)

2) Innovation NEW (@Timur)

3) Last Hope (@Dimasik)

4) Сервера Piratia-Online (@Артстайл)

5) Old School (@OldPirat)

6) Пиратия CCCP FAN ReViVal (@fotostocker)

7) Пиратия Онлайн (Фан сервер) (@Пиратия Онлайн)

8 ) [В разработке] Devil`s Fortune (@Graf)

9) Pirka Online - Вспомним старые времена! (@Amigo)

10) Tales of Fantasy [Полу-фан] (@БИФ КАКАО)

11) Приватный сервер пиратии онлайн Piratia Dungeons (@Piratia Dungeons)


English servers. The following topics have been moved to archive:


2) Dream Pirates Online (@Versatile)

3) ☠️ New Tales of Pirates ☠️ (@Greaux)

4) Pirates Cove (@tkmatos)

5) Storm Pirates Online (@D3velop3r)

6) Pirates Island Online (@AnaMutaz)

7) UPO - PK Island (@Snail)

8 ) Celestia Sea (@joao)

9) Pirates Realms V2 (@K1D0)

10) (TOP/PKO) AmaZZing Fun Server Opening 15Th September) (@Plaga)

11) Anubis Pirates Online (@ZoneXxX)

12) Tales of Pirates (Summer Isle) Coming Soon! (@emofc)

13) ANGELS & DEMONS Pirates Online (Дубликат) (@Angel)


The User groups have also been updated.


If your server was archived by mistake, please report it in this thread.


Thank you for your attention!

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Hello friends,


Another server audit in the advertising section. The relevance of advertisements was assessed based on the performance of the site specified in each advertisement at the time of verification, as well as the presence of duplicate topics. If your server was mistakenly transferred to the archive (RU Archive, EN Archive), then please let me know in this thread or in a personal message.


The User groups have updated.



Russian section


Servers online


1. World of Morgan (ex. Pirtatia World) @ @Fomin;

2. Piratia Olds @ @Pr10ritet // The specified site (https://piratia-olds.lol/) in the topic header has been updated to the current one (https://piratia-olds.online/);

3. Piratia AmaZZing* @ @Young.


* As many as 6 topics link to the same server:


1. Фан сервер Пиратии Онлайн Last Hope @ @Заведующий;

2. Пиратия Dark Soul Полу-фан сервер @ @Soul;

3. Pride Pirates - Фан сервер Пиратии @ @BroPirat

4. Пиратская Бухта @ @Грабитель Ванг;

5. Piratia AmaZZing Возвращение @ @Plaga;

6. Piratia AmaZZing @ @Young.


I left Piratia AmaZZing, since this topic was created later than everyone else. The remaining topics have been moved to the Archive.


Servers offline


1. Piratia-ICE @ @kent82008 - The website does not open;

2. Пиратия New Era @ @PiratiaNewEra - The website does not open, 504 - Gateway Timeout;

3. Пиратия-Инсайд - ONLINE @ @Mello - The website does not open, ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT;

4. Пиратия Громоград @ @Дракан - The website does not open, Web server is down;

5. UDIO: Piratia @ @nyarum12 - The website does not open, HTTP Status 404 – Not Found.



English section


Servers online


1. TalesOfPirates.net @ @e1mer;

2. MAPKO ONLINE EPIC @ @Fisal Moha;

3. Kraken Online - Dream Island @ @Kraken Online;

4. Pirate Masters Online @ @Snovie.


Duplicates / No website link


1. Pirate Masters Online @ @Snovie // Left a more relevant topic;

2. SeaTown Online (Medium Server) @ @SeaTown Online - No website link;

3. Tales of Pirates (Summer Isle) Coming Soon! @ @emofc // No website link;

4. Celestial Sea Online @ @Genesis // No website link.


Servers offline


1. Battle of Kingdoms @ @XXD - The project is closed;

2. Fallen Relics Online @ @Ximboliex - The website does not open, Error 404;

3. SeaTown Online @ @SeaTown Online - The website does not open, DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN;

4. Angels & Demons @ @kent82008 - The website does not open, 404 page not found;

5. Wisdom Pirates Online - Medium Server @ @†DRAGON† - The website does not open, ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED;

6. MyPirates - Avacado Land (OPENING 21.7.2023) @ @crusadel - The website does not open;

7. MyPirates Online (REBORN REOPENING 7.7.2023) @ @crusadel - Author's request to delete the topic;

8. Pirates Realms Server @  @K1D0 - The website does not open, DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN.


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