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User ranks




Our forum has user ranks system.


The user's rank reflects the amount of content he created on the forum. The more messages the user leaves and creates new topics, the higher his rank.


Since our game is about pirates, then the ranks will be respectively pirated.


For each new rank the user receives icon1.png a Squid. The squid was chosen as the game symbol.


The number of messages required to receive the new rank was chosen based on the current average number of messages left by users on 05.25.2018. That is, in such a way that all users do not immediately receive the highest rank, but they also do not have the lowerest rank.


There are 5 ranks in total:

icon1.png Cabin Boy - 0+ messages;

icon2.png Pirate - 30+ messages;

icon3.png Boatswain - 125+ messages;

icon4.png First Mate - 200+ messages;

icon5.png Sea Captain - 300+ messages.


If you have any ideas and suggestions about the ranks of users, then write about them in this thread!

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17 hours ago, BlackBarba said:

what is this?


On this day you got the most likes


17 hours ago, BlackBarba said:

what about Badges, like Steam.

We will think about it


11 hours ago, Home said:

Nice feature, im satified to be a Boatswain!!



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