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  1. @XXD interesting was thinking of creating one moments ago thanks for taking time creating such amazing tool and sharing it :))
  2. [Update v87] - Added new (APP) Wings Twin Dragon Wings you can get the cool wing limited in S10 RP or Lookism box the hard way - Added new Item (Fan/Tower) which add (Atk/Def) once equipment, you can also upgrade them using item that specially made for them * all drops are in the new gift box which drop in CA/BH/GW/and more in forum * Fan increase Min & Max atk by 1% every plus * Tower increase Def by 1.25% every plus - Added new Gift Box (SSR)Earring Gift with that you can get higher refine level (SR)State Earring up to plus 12 by luck * drop from GW/DW Royal kills by chance check forum for more details - new drop edits at CA/BH/EPVP/BG - Class updates *invisibility is added to voy Conch ray (3-5 second) (pvp only) *invisibility is added to warlock Deadly Sin (8-10 second) (pvp only) *invisibility is added to Paladin God Bless (12-15 second) (pvp only) *invisibility is added to Monk Fire Breath (6-8 second) (pvp only) - Added Recycle [SS] Darken Gears to Mapko Weapon/Gear Npc - Added (S) Weapons you can obtain them by crafting [AA+] for all classes - World Boss now work with score rather than item collect also added gold/money every hit - new command to instant refine use "/icom" in local chat (work with earrings and new fan/towers) - New (S) Weapons added to dream island with Supreme medals - Added Supreme medals price to Elven Fruit Exchanger - Better drops in dream island and max boss kill now are 20x in pvp area every trail * Mob drop of etc items were increased in pvp area you can use nana to increase luck of drop (only what drops on ground) - Update Premium WP exchanger in game with new awesome offers - Premium apps are now sold for Lookism coins and adjusted their prices
  3. I am sorry I forget one thing the function that run to check the itemid of fission id (cough) function GetItemFissionID(Item) local MainID = GetItemID (Item) if MainID > 5000 and MainID ~= 9999 then return GetItemAttr(Item,ITEMATTR_VAL_FUSIONID) else return MainID end end anyway @ᴡʀx explained it well you can check his post carefully and you will surly manage to make it work. good luck
  4. If you already got function on one with normal set you can use this line to get the actual id of item local checkSlot = GetEquipItemP(role,5)-- here it will check the slot 5 is neck you could find ids in Look.lua which located at script/calculate local ItemID = 0--we set it here always 0 for failure if checkSlot ~= nil then -- check when is empty or null ItemID = GetItemFissionID (checkSlot) -- this here will get the actual ItemID from Fissioned one end hope i helped and try use your head a bit you never learn unless you challenge yourself! good luck buddy.
  5. I would advice u to learn how other wise you will be in mercy of someone else. you could use IPN of paypal as starter and start learning with trail and error nothing come in first day! good luck buddy.
  6. try to check quests because I think it might be some quest that rarely used otherwise its packet injection
  7. [Update v82] - [SR] Earring Upgrade cost 2 Bil rather 10 Bil - Changed T6 Box Supreme Diamonds into 1Mil Note - Added T6 Box to DreamIsland Foka Lady Npc with Elven Fruit Price - Forsaken City is used to Farm Hero system rather dungeon - Leaf island drop 5x [SR] Hero Token - Removed Dungeon ticket drops - Vod new Drops (forum got all drops) Only survivor (Anything): Chance 50% to win 1x T6 Box or Chance 5% to win 5x T6 Box One of survivor (Flag Holder): Chance 25% to win 1x T6 Box One of survivor (Not Flag Holder): Chance 10% to win 1x T6 Box - GWA is allowed to form party & have got new drops to boss killer and party (included with lookism stuff check forum for drops) - DreamIsland Max Boss kill in Floor 2 is 3 rather 20 and summon time is 900s rather 600s - DreamIsland got Elven fruit drop in boss (check forum) - Guildwar Reward changes (forum got all drops) Win get => 5x T6 Box & 5x Bil Gold Note & 75x Craft Tickets Lose get => 1x T6 Box & 1x Bil Gold Note & 15x Craft Tickets - DI floor 2 is limited by 1 account every computer - TOMB got new drop edits also tomb special mission got [SR]Hero Medal gift and money - TOMB is 3 floors with following meta Floor 1 : 4M BP or Less Floor 2 : 4.01M to 7M BP Floor 2 : 7.01M BP or Higher - [SR]Hero Medal can be exchanged into T6 Gift Box from Hero Npc near Farmer Npc - World Boss new drops check forum its rare and awesome - BG & EPVP and other maps got new drops check forum for more info
  8. I think that your TriggerProc is missing some parts try copy them from another files, but advice make backup and be cautious when coping!
  9. idk how balance was made in your files but most files share the same idea so I will speak about the common here first you go at : resource\script\calculate\skilleffect.lua find the following function Phy_Dmg_A and inside of that function you should see if map_name_ATKER == "garner2" or map_name_DEFER == "garner2" then if Can_Pk_Garner2 == 0 then dmg = math.floor( phy_atk - phy_def ) * (1 - math.min (0.85 , phy_resist/100 ) ) return dmg end end or something like that just recopy those lines and between "" add the map name you want be similar to CA in power Note : you may need to search for the magic part too but that one idk how was made in your files so the best solution is to search for every if map_name_ATKER == "garner2" or map_name_DEFER == "garner2" then line with that look and recopy its content then rename it to your map name hope I helped and have a nice day.
  10. that a hard one request you need to look for the archieve files and figure it out that better becuz there too many stuff there that you need to learn about over days and time have a good day :))
  11. it could be music folder i think u maybe need rename it to something else that will disable music if u could share the error printscreen that helps!
  12. if u are getting error with debug shit and such then the solution i shared it before in this forum but short said 1) reduce monster (depend on ur ram or how much u give there in gameserver config file) 2) remove obstacles from Cave in Argent there a place there which you can crash gameserver with moving behind it 3) some time when text in BickerNotice and SystemNotice more than 140 leng it crash 4) I heard some do packet injection or like that so i am not sure if ur gs contain backdoors or wrong code but that what I remember of the common gameserver problems if not then it might be something else new in that gameserver conclude hope I helped and dont forget to search for my old thread it might help you.
  13. as I remember there was another script on 3d max (Wolfern or such) to produce lgo files compitable with obj files but meh I hope someone help with clues.
  14. [Update v81] - Max Pray level 60 now - New Event Happy Eid (Happy Cattle Coins) - New Lookism (Wings - Pet - Set) - New Fairy "Skyism Angela" - New States Earring [SR] Quality give 75 States & 75k BP every plus (added new command to combine them using "/errcom") - New Lucky Chest Tire-6 include below Double click to obtain Random of the following, 5x,15x,25x,45x Supreme Diamonds, 5x,15x,25x,45x Craft Scrolls, 5x,10x (A) Supreme Gift, 2x,3x (S) Supreme Gift, 1x [SS] Darken Set Parts, 1x Elite Pass, 5x Super RP Exp Cards, 1x [SR]Lookism Gift, [SR]Earring Gift! - New Npc Lookism Market check out for newest looks - New Coin Lookism coins which drop from [SR]Lookism Gift which drop from t6 box - Added New Darken Set D8 or [SS] Quality, you can craft them or get from T6 Box by luck - CA chance to get 1x T6 Box (1st 10%) and (2nd-3rd 2.5%) and other maps by luck check drop in forum map drops - Fixed state refresh on bp change - New Drops in Maps and Monsters with T6 Changes please check forum for drops - CA and BH kill rewards are limited by ip and kill count per trail to prevent abuse (had bug)
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