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  1. Hello folks I have been working on unity project creating my game MAPKO into unity wanted to share the work progress here in pkodev and get people opinion hope you like currently I have made the basic systems and imported some game models I am struggling with modeling as I am not pro in that but all in all hoping to release beta in around 4 months from now look forward to it Btw, I will make it cross server means will work with multiple platforms mobile/pc etc
  2. Update v191 Changed BD toughness is lower now for better pk * reward was reduced by half Make kill count each chaos trail changed from 15 kills to 45 kills Ref Gems now sold in Gem npc with money * You can get lv7,8,9 gem from cmd /gems Worldboss toughness is doubled Pirate hide cd from 15s to 11s We checked all Adv classes and adjusted their stun time to 4 and their cd to 22s * Pirate cd is 15s to balance skill lacking Leaf reduced Apps drop overall chance) Leaf island mobs : Mob drop now : 30,60,90 MiniBoss drop now : 100,200,300 Leaf miniboss is easier to kill Leaf Max summon boss score now is 8k rather 3.5k Added new Energy Gems (GMR) only farmable via Chaos NPC Saint Exchange & DI2 Exchanger Fixed bug in [H]Demon Lord's Elixir and some other quests that depend on same function they weren't shown to people unless them being SQ 10 exactly GMR weapon quest requires SQ 10 as well Added Penality on leaving PK maps 300s Max Chaos maps kill changed from 15 to 45 kills per trail Renamed Chaos items into short version Added Earring RefineStone into Chaos npc SOTRE only New Event npc welcome ramadan Added new exchangable redeem from DI2 where it drop items that you can exchange into elven fruit and exchange the latter into rewards DI2 mobs/boss is little more tough than before
  3. [Update v187] Increased mob max Leaf drop to 85 legendary leaf rather 20 (+ bonus of boss kill) Removed the max Daily Dungeon limit Max daily reborn is 100 to normal and 50 event Added Golden Keys to quest (Check Dungeon NPC) Changed prices from Leaf, Normal/Golden Key and Tomb NPC Decreased spawn mobs of Tomb to 20 seconds rather 60 Added anti-afk at tomb (90 seconds) Increased BD and Chaos Chest resistance to dmg Fixed warlock damage to chests Fixed HP of BD mobs/Chests on CA make it more tougher and damage higher. Added Chaos Seller NPC Exchange STOR and KTOR STOR drop from players unique kills KTOR drop from BD and Chest Chaos maps Auto atk on magica is reverted until we fully fix it later Removed Refining Gems from NPC sell and from Cmds and added drop to them in DW doll drop 1x mob 2x chest 15x Added special cmd to faster combine refining gem voucher using /gems refg and added exchange in gem npc to switch between voucher and normal gem
  4. [Update v184] Add Gem combiner lvl 4 npc again and included cloak gems in it for newbies Added LMR Equipment to super package rather MSR Removed BP from novice box (could be abused) Removed Novice box from sq only from welcome gift now Added Valentine's day Gifting Npc enjoy hourly gifting Fixed devil curse and cleric AOE was killing event chest which wasnt supposed Fixed Bracelet stone states (wasnt adding states) Increased Luck chance on Reborn and decreased daily times to 50 rather 100 New Earring +8,9 with item to unlock their refine can be purchased through limited shop *check /errcom for more info regarding rates and requirements Updated following quests with new requirements and rewards as below * Event Quest 1,2,3 * Money Quest 1,2,3,4 * PBanner Quest 1,2,3 Daily/Weekly quest fixed and become attached with IP We are planning to improve daily quests even more after more experiments thanks all for patience Reduced Paladin Hit rate and dodge Improved DBox and added Extra medal as drop to them Increased lucky charm chance to 7%
  5. Requirements: 1. Like Mapko FB Page [https://www.facebook.com/rmapko] 2. Take screenshot of your character, Edit/Enhance to match valentines theme 3. Post in mapko Fb page, share to atleast 3 Top/Pko FB Page/Groups 4. Post Should include your ingame name, and Your Invite/Referral Code can be found at Referral Section our Mapko Site Criteria for judging: 1. Complete requirements 50% 2. Originality 20% 3. Creativeness 20% 4. Mapko Ad Material 5% 5. Likes/Comments(if applicable) 5% Prizes: 1st prize : 1x GMR Necklace + Sexy Title Apparel 2nd prize : 2x GMR ring 3rd prize: 1x Bracelet Hammer + 1x Lucky Charm Scroll Consolation prizes for all participants: 5x Enhance Elixirs + 5x GMR Tower Gift posting of enties: start on February 10 2023 and end on February 14 2023 Late Entries Will be accepted until winners are announced on february 18th but are only allowed to win consolation prizes #talesofpirates #events #pko #top #toppko #mapko #rotopko #rotogames
  6. website: https://www.rmpo.net/mapko/ - Available for around 5D days - Required to complete 2x Daily Vote in our vote page before redeem - There a limited number of user who can redeem every code so hurry up - You can redeem one code only of below: F0sM3Q | 6 Vote Need | Available for 50 users only GaZlai | 45 Vote Need | Available for 25 users only TAtRKP | 115 Vote Need | Available for 3 users only https://www.facebook.com/rmapko/posts/pfbid0RMoPFecujnobdHDfYtXyAscgmwxDES6X1UiZ9VEuAeiGB3jJE5E23o7c1WhT83Vwl
  7. not sure if the cause was the site but, I stopped thinking about the causes and just installed anti virus its such nerf wreching thinking about it welp I am happy you got it solved all evil ransom hackers should be punished I hate such lame thing and their money is taken from others people efforts ofc I dont pay them but others do which keep them going sadly welp be careful when downloading new stuff and always scan them good luck mate and have joyful day.
  8. I think everyone should install anti virus in their host like Avira or Malwarebytes it happened to me before sadly I am not certain where it came from although I am using my own website so I think some people out there put it hidden in their programs like Hex editor (Faking it so people wont notice it) and if their rocket suspect that you are going discover its miner the program is going to start encryptating your files and stealing all passwords and such on then will ask for money those programs are serious pain because you wont notice them until very late and if they manage to crypt you can't skip so always do backup and make sure to use anti virus even in your host
  9. Update v172 > Added new system (Bracelet Sockets and gems where you can forge 3 type of gems in 3 sockets > Added new Lucky Charm scroll the scroll will increase fuse chance on Bracelet,Tower and other types in future > Added new system Crown King in Chaos maps where you can get better rewards by killing others(losing score if you die) > Added new Ring (Halloween Ring currently can be obtained from Limited Shop and PVP Crown King Top Gift) > Added New Legendary Event Chest where it have awesome gifts from common items to apparels > Christmas Deers is here enjoy a timed gift 75% chance to get 5-25 1Mil Gold 30% chance to get 1-5 Bracelet Gemstone else 1x Legendary Gift Box > Added CA2 For newbies with Balanced states and power calculations enjoy the classic pk while farming(the only down is the low states/rewards are lower by 50% less than Floor 1) > Fixed other minor bugs --------------------------------------- PVP Crown King * Player kill others and obtain +1 score * You can obtain 1 Score only from each player * Dying reset the score and killed list * Total Kill Max Gift is 8 (Rewards based on the total score at the end of Chaos) 1-2 Score Normal Gift : 1-2 Random Bracelet GemStone +3 Score Grand Gift : (1-2 * (Total Kills/2)) Random Bracelet GemStone (Random Gift) +3 Score Can get by 40% Chance Random Bracelet GemStone (5*Total Kills) +4 Score Can get by 30% Chance Bracelet Stone (3-5 + (Total Kills)) +5 Score Can get by 25% Chance GMR Tower Gift (1 + (Total Kills/4)) +5 Score Can get by 20% Chance Tower Elixir (1 + (Total Kills/4)) +6 Score Can get by 10% Chance (1x) Lucky Charm Scroll +6 Score Can get by 10% Chance Dungeon Keys (2 * Total Kills) +8 Score Can get by 5% Chance (1x) Bracelet Socket Hammer +10 Score Can get by 1% Chance (1x) [GMR]Halloween Ring (Bonus Gold Gift) If you didn't get reward from Random Gifts you will get : 10 + (2*Total Kills) 1Mil Gold otherwise 1 + Total Kills 1 Mil Gold (Note Max kill apply on Total Kills)
  10. [Update v171] Web : https://www.rmpo.net/mapko/ > Changed Donatebox drops: 50-100x Lv2 | 10-20x 1Mil | 200-300x Lv1 | 1-3x Tower Elixir | 50-100x Lookism | 1-3x [GMR] Tower Gift | 1-3x MSF Scroll | 5x GMR Bracelet | 10x Bracelet Stone | 10x 1Mil note > Changed common and rare drops in leaf npc: NORMAL: 3x GMR Bracelets | 3x Bracelet Stones | 5x MSF Scroll | 2x Tower Elixir | 2x GMR Tower Gift | 3x LMR Tower Gift RARE: 12x GMR Bracelets | 8x Bracelet Stones | 8x Tower Elixir | 4x GMR Tower Gift | 20x LMR Tower Gift > Reduced cost of failure with refine Tower/Bracelets to half > Removed Cloak gems lvl 1 > Removed MF drops and replaced with following SMF(Super Mapko Frags) - WorldBoss => 1500 SMF - Dw Boss => 1500 SMF - FC Boss => 500 SMF - FC MiniBoss and chest => 200 SMF - FC mobs chance to drop 25 SMF - Dw chest => 100 SMF > Added Rare lets drop (R and E) to certain bosses - World Boss drop 5% chance of each letter - DW Boss drop 1% chance of each letter - FC Boss drop 0.5% chance of each letter > Battlepower now matter for every 10k difference you get bonus dmg and def by 2.5% overall dmg > Event npc updated with Halloween Npc and Event items as well > Added new quests for pirates banner where you can collect gold with them there is 3 quests with different difficulties > Fixed other minor bugs
  11. website: https://www.rmpo.net/mapko/ - Available for around 7D days(Think carefully before redeem) - Required to complete 2x Daily Vote in our vote page before redeem - There a limited number of user who can redeem every code so hurry up - You can redeem one code only of below: lD0gPY | 5 Vote Need | Available for 80 users only LHSFr0 | 45 Vote Need | Available for 50 users only qx5Mvv | 85 Vote Need | Available for 8 users only
  12. [Update v168] Disabled the possibility to equip 2h sword in spear app by zero bp and reducing states Added new quest to farm elixirs which can be found at Newbie Catchup Npc require SQ #10 Fixed GuildArena Stacking problem Max Tower/Fan is +7 Now Added Online Time Npc and with amazing rewards Added Money Newbie Quests Added New Dungeon Quest to farm Elixir require SQ #10 Extended Event Time 1 Month more Added some new apps with Pirates banners Added new apps which will be available in our royalpass shop and limited shop Fixed other minor bugs
  13. [Update v166-167] Fixed paladin in novice and supreme box (+27 Eq) Fixed Shield in novice and supreme box was given STR or rather con Added rp cards give 25xp and 100xp which is sold in money cleric npc Added Pet Transfer States Added more money exchange options at money npc Added Pet state change which cost 1bil gold Arena Bar is back ^^ Did fix small bug in Guildwar win we had a report saying someone guild level got reset to lvl 0 which was our concern but we couldn’t confirm if that bug was the cause please note that deleting guild reset level as well Added new PVE daily quests enjoy nabs Added new System Tower/Fans Max +5 sold in Money Npc Box and Stones sold in limited shop 2x Keys is up 3x keys is over (Dungeon win) BP report can be removed by editing config file in mods folder removing the content from config file β€œpkodev.mod.power/pkodev.mod.power.cfg” also adjusted it added new 2 set and 2 sword apps to gambling and will add more 2 set and 2 sword apps to royalshop too New Event is here Autumn
  14. [Update v163] Added MSF Scroll Has the value of 10,000 Super Mapko Fragments and can be exchanged instead of SuperMapko Frag in /gems Made /gems with level 9 and 12 gems Added bonus States/BP on Bracelets +7,+8,+9 - +7 => 50 Str/Acc/Spr|25 Agi/Con|5000 BP - +8 => 100 Str/Acc/Spr|50 Agi/Con|10000 BP - +9 => 400 Str/Acc/Spr|200 Agi/Con|15000 BP Meteorites Drop inside Farm Island : 260 Gold and outside 180 Gold Defoliate Pine and Other Drop 500 Gold now rather 250 Gold Fixed royalpass Chop and Dig Increased Drops at Arena Chest and Boss - Chest : 500x Super Mapko Frag & 5x T2 Box & 250x GP & 1x Lv2 Event Item & 1x 1M Gold - Boss : 1000x Super Mapko Frag & 500x GP & 1x Bracelet Stone & 1x GMR Box & 10x 1Mil <--(Pt drop) & 4x Lv2 Event Item Added new game mods which is awesome feature and we are going to improve it over the upcoming updates too - 60FPS client - Skill Cooldown Text on Skill icon - New Title system which allow us to have more title necks - We did more other staff like showing friends with highlights, item more info and much more Pet max level now is 400 and you can level through items in Event npc and Money Exchange Fixed other bugs
  15. [Update v161] Changed drops in Dungeon: - Floor3 : 15x 1Mil Gold & 100x PirateBanners & 1x Lookism Coin & 2500x Supre Mapko Frag & 2500x Gold Pouch & 400x Lv1 Event Item & 8x Lv2 Event Item & 50x Lv3 Event Item & 1-2x Bracelet MSR Box & 1-2x Bracelet Stones - Floor5 : 80x 1Mil Gold & 200x PirateBanners & 1x Lookism Coin & 12500x Super Mapko Frag & 12500 Gold Pouch & 800x Lv1 Event Item & Lv2 Event Item & 150x Lv3 Event Item & 1-2x Bracelet MSR Box & 1-2x Bracelet GMR Box & 1-2x Bracelet Stone Replaced Epvp with new map Chaos Icicle Changed drops in Kyjj: - Boss Rewards from F1-9 Give 500 GP - Boss Rewards on F10-11 Give based on Rank as below 1x Lookism Coin & 150x Lv1 Event Item & 4x 1Mil Gold Note & 10x T2 Box & 5000x Mapko Frag & 5000x GP 1x Lookism Coin & 100x Lv1 Event Item & 2x 1Mil Gold Note & 7x T2 Box & 3500x Mapko Frag & 3500x GP 1x Lookism Coin & 75x Lv1 Event Item & 1x 1Mil Gold Note & 5x T2 Box & 2500x Mapko Frag & 2500x GP 45x Lv1 Event Item & 5x 100k Gold Note & 2x T2 Box & 1000x Mapko Frag & 1000x GP Changed Dream Island Monster Drops: Floor 1 Mobs => 3x GP Floor 1 Boss => 100x GP Floor 2 Mobs => 5x Super Mapko Frags & 10x GP Floor 2 Boss => 100x GP & 200x Super Mapko Frags Dream Island is PVP area but Floor 1 is safe zone and inside town Now Rebirth Npc will require player to be Lv101 Hero before advancing in Rb Levels Did some balance stuff hit us if you want suggest or got problem Add GMR Gears which can be farmed through Dungeon Keys and is sold at Dungeon Npc Added Guildwar can be found at /gogw open Sunday 6 PM Winners: x60 1M Gold Note, x10k Gold Pouch, x10k MAPKO Super Fragment, x10 Bracelet Stone, x10 [MSR]Bracelet Chest, x3 [GMR]Bracelet Chest Losers: x20 1M Gold Note, x3k Gold Pouch, x3k MAPKO Super Fragment, x4 Bracelet Stone, x3 [MSR]Bracelet Chest, x1 [GMR]Bracelet Chest
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