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  1. > Update/Changes List 09-19: - TOF Map Fixed (Tribulation) - Zeus of Life/SP Ring Gems Fixed - Dream PK Revival Skill Disabled - Bosses Respawn Fixed - Poss/Guild Atributte Fixed - Ring Gems Limit Lv6 Added - UG Gems Limit Lv9 Added - Lv95 Weapons Upgrade Stone Exchange Added (Icicle City 1344,523)
  2. > Update/Changes List: - BD Gems Lv8 Limit Added - New NPC Exchange Added 2192,2766 - Bosses Respawn Fixed - Dungeon Map Fixed (Tribulation) - Admiral Cloak Fixed/Tradeable Option Added - PK Maps Mobs Lv1-80 Drop Changed(Lv1-80 Mob Emblem Drop Added) -> Update available on Launcher for download! - Guild Client Skin Edited - C.A Tweak Fixed
  3. Update/Changes List 05-09: - BD Mobs Drop Changed - New PK Map Added (Chaos Dream PK 1365,537 Icicle City) - BD Scroll Exchanges NPC Added (905,3507 Shaitan City) - New Map Dungeon Added on Dream City (419,606) - News Necklaces/Rings Gems From PK Maps Bosses and Dream City Dungeon Exchanges - Admiral Cloak Exchange Added (1375,531 Icicle City) - News Bosses Added on PK Maps(Chaos Argent / Chaos Icicle / Arena Island / Dream PK) - Devil Boss Drop Changed(Corporeal Kylin Drop Added) - Demonic World NPC Exchanges Edited - News Rings/Necklaces Gems Forge Level Limit 5
  4. Thx alot @Tensei
  5. > Update/Changes List -> Date: 08-30 <- - Barborosa Boss Fixed - New Balance System Added(All Classes Edited) - New Wings Exchanges Added (894,3580) Shaitan City - Aero Wings Upgrade Exchange Added (550,579) Skeletar Isle - Gems Level 8 Limit Added (Only BD Gems Lv7) - Demonic World/Dark Swamp/ Forsaken City Bosses Drops Changed(25% EXP Capsules) - DW-FC-DS-PK Maps Chests Drops Changed (1-3% EXP Capsules) - Lv95 Random Unseals Quest Fixed - Status Points Book Added (General Store NPC) NOTE: It will now be possible to have full attributes in STR/CON/AGI/ACC/SPR. - Shaitan Mirage Map Edited(Balanced Map) NOTE: All players will have the same status.
  6. Unchained Pirates Online Private Server 24/7. Events every Weekend.
  7. RUM STORE GUIDE AWARD CENTER GUIDE > Event available on the Rum Store / Award Center. Items with unlimited units added. - PK Potions - EXP Capsules (Limited Units) > The duration of the event will be 7 days. > Evento disponível na Rum Store / Award Center. Itens com unidades ilimitadas adicionadas. - PK Potions - EXP Capsules (Unidades limitadas) > A duração do evento será de 7 dias. AWARD CENTER STORE RUM STORE
  8. I'm looking for someone who works in Apparels Sales (Sets / Weapons / Shields) and also with effects (pets / wings / glows effects). - I'm also looking for someone who works with Skins. PM ME DISCORD: Snail#2021
  9. - Lv85-95 Gun ATK Speed Fixed - Kylin Hat Level Changed to Lv45 - DS-FC NPC Edited = 818,3697 Shaitan City - DW-FC-DS Mobs Drop Changed - Rebirth Lv2 Quest Added (Heaven) - Relog Function Changed To 7 Min - New Global Ranking System Added (NPC 2238,2753) NOTE: A guide will be posted later. - Rebirth For Chars Lv45+ Added - FC 3 Mobs EXP Removed - Ici Dragon From Icicle City Removed - PR Cap Changed To 70 - PK Maps Damage Edited - Magic Class Damage Increased on BD Mobs
  10. Update/Changes List: - Gems Limit Changed -> Gems Limit Level < Normal Gems = Lv6 Unique Gems = Lv6 Broken Gems = Lv6 Cracked Gems = Lv6 Chipped Gems = Lv6 BD Gems = Lv5 Great Gems = Lv5 Azrael Gems = Lv5 Advance Gems = Lv5 - Forge Rates Guide 2193,2708 Lv1-4 = 100% Lv5 = 50% Lv6 = 40% - Guild Limit Changed To 30 (+12 Slots Added) - Expert Fairy Possession Cooldown Nerfed - Free Lv75 Equips Added (Starter NPC Ft Arg) - Bosses Respawn Fixed
  11. MALL STORE EVENT 2X IMPS AVAILABLE DONATE HERE -> Donate Rate <- USD 1$ = 20 IMPS EUR 1€ = 24 IMPS PIX BRL 1R$ = 10 IMPS -> FREE VIP CARD EVENT <- USD 100$ = 2000 IMPS + VIP Card 15 Days EUR 100€ = 2400 IMPS + VIP Card 15 Days PIX BRL 100R$ = 1000 IMPS + VIP Card 7 Days > ENGLISH > NOTE: The main payment method is Paypal, if the player does not have an account he needs to contact a GM. Donations made from BRL (Brazil) only through the PIX Code available on the website. - Duration of the event: 48 hours. > PT-BR > OBS: O meio de pagamento principal é o PayPal, caso o jogador não possua uma conta ele precisa entrar em contato com um GM. Doações feitas do BRL (Brasil) somente através do PIX Code disponível no website. - Duração Do Evento: 48 Horas. > SPANISH NOTA: El principal medio de pago es PayPal, si el jugador no tiene una cuenta necesita ponerse en contacto con un GM. Las donaciones realizadas desde BRL (Brasil) solo a través del código PIX disponible en el sitio web. - Duración Del Evento: 48 Horas. > RUSSIAN ПРИМЕЧАНИЕ: Основным методом оплаты является Paypal, если у игрока нет счета, он должен связаться с GM. Пожертвования от BRL (Бразилия) делаются только через PIX Code, доступный на веб-сайте. - Продолжительность мероприятия: 48 часов. REFUND POLICY
  12. @Jahz are there any discord for contact?
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