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  1. https://discord.com/invite/KeumMbb
  2. https://discord.com/invite/KeumMbb
  3. I need someone who knows how to attract players for which i will pay off for each player! Thanks write to me personally!
  4. Server was wiped Join now ! ОНЛАЙН ПИРАТНИ ЛЪНИ Регистрация: https://piratehunters.online/index.php?act=register Изтегляния: https://piratehunters.online/index.php?act=downloads Основни данни за играта: https://piratehunters.online/index.php ? act = елементи Дарение: https://piratehunters.online/index.php?act=addcrystals Раздора : https://discord.gg/KeumMbb Welcome To Pirate Hunter Online! Website : https://piratehunters.online/ Register : https://piratehunters.online/index.php?act=register ```Server Rates: -Solo-exp: 5x -Party-exp: 7.5x -Drop-rate: 3x -Fairy-growth: 50x -Ship-exp: 5x -Max Level: 90 -Max Pet-Level: 42``` ```Server Features: -Hard-Medium Server -Balanced Server -Excellent protection (anti DDos, anti Dupe) -Ingame Currency (imps) can be obtained in all mobs -Reputation can be obtain in dw, ds, fc mobs -Jackpot Machine NPC -Reputation Exchaner NPC -Legendary tree of fortune (Edited Fortune Packet drops) -Black Market NPC -Class Job Changer NPC (Same npc where you get your class Promotion) -Fair Market NPC -Unseal NPC (Uns 45-65(EQ's only)) -Apparel NPC (East Argent)``` ```Server Maps: -Chaos Argent -Bounty Hunter -Zodiac -Abaddon 5-8 -Demonic World -Dark Swamp -Forsaken City```` ```Server Guides: -Demonic World Mobs - Chipped Gem Voucher, Refining Gem Voucher, 50 Reputations Wandering Soul - Uns 65 chest(weapon and eqs), Million Dollar Note, Ring 65 Voucher, Neck Voucher Snowman Warlord - Uns 65 chest(weapon and eqs), Million Dollar Note, Ring 65 Voucher, Neck Voucher -Dark Swamp Mobs - Cracked Gem Voucher, Refining Gem Voucher, 40 Reputations Master Swamp Bog - Random Ring Voucher, Million Dollar Note, Ug Voucher -Forsaken City Mobs- Broken Gem Voucher(Forgable in rings), Refining Gem Voucher, 30 Reputations FC1 mini Bosses - Random Ring Voucher, Million Dollar Note, Ug Voucher -Chaos Argent Same As Official -Bounty Hunter Chest - Advanced gems Black Dragon Monsters - BD gems -Zodiac Kara - Ug voucher, BD chest, Imps, 10k Reputation Card -Abaddon 5-8 Bosses - Ug Voucher, Uns 75 Chest, Boss Stones Gear``` Come And Join US! https://discord.gg/gKPGgA
  5. hello how to make success rates from 100 to 110% now 110% fail much times.Thenks
  6. Open GameServer.exe with notepad++ and change the old password< Puting yours
  7. I FIXED IT ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF SOMEONE HAVE PROBLEMS WITH THAT PM ME!
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