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  1. any 1 know what happening with vector he is still alive?
  2. Did someone have fixed stall server vector version?
  3. i can help you invite me on discord Yellow#8534
  4. YOU GOT wrong function. Check GameServer/Log/lua_err and show what system say
  5. Hello i have this problem.When i make rebirth my account get automatic banned from system ? What should be the problem
  6. What is the best host for servers.
  7. Hello when i use xamp for my website it's giving error; Pdo error when working with database: could not find driver. Any idea how to fix it
  8. Game mall? It's easy for working
  9. Buying good website ! Pm me
  10. Yea we talked already.
  11. . MAC/IP verification to avoid alt (requires this function in gameserver.exe as well). Any ideas how i can do this?
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