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Found 23 results

  1. Section with servers advertising was cleaned Hello friends! Section with servers advertising was cleaned. I deleted a lot of inactive servers. I decide delete server from advertising if it's site is not available. I apologize if I deleted your server by mistake. Create a new topic about your server please. Also do not forget to read Servers Advertising Rules. It is important to keep order in this section. If You want only open server, create a topic in "Opening Soon" section. Your server is beta? "Under Beta" section is for you! Your server is well-known and works for several months. Congrutilations! You can create a topic in "Stable Servers" section. Let us know if you close your server or want move your topic to another section. Do not create a new topic please. From time to time, write in your topic that the server is running. Thank you for attention!
  2. Problems with the forum 05/08/2023 - 11/11/2023 Hello friends! Unfortunately, the PKOdev.NET forum was unavailable for several months between August 05 and November 11, 2023. The cause for the forum's malfunction was a DDoS attack that began a few days before the forum failure. Perhaps someone remembers the errors 504 Gateway Timeout, 508 Resource Limit Is Reached and 500 Internal Server Error the day before. The attack affected server software, which took some time to recover. Protection against DDoS attacks was also installed. The forum is currently online and continues to operate as normal. On behalf of the forum team, I want to thank all the people who were interested in the fate of our forum and waited for its restoration. Thank you very much! We apologize for any inconvenience caused! We wish you a good day and pleasant work with the forum! P.S. Once again, I would like to especially thank our technical administrator @Panda, who was involved in solving this problem and successfully returned the forum to working state.
  3. Servers Monitoring Hello friends! Today, I want to represent servers monitoring service by PkoDev.NET community. servers.pkodev.net For the idea and its realization I'd like to thank @Duduf! Features Real-time mapping of operable & registered servers. Servers that do not respond for a certain amount of time will be automatically deleted; Displaying of every server's features - version, language, rates,...; Displaying of every server's statistics - number of: accounts, characters, guilds; You can check how many players do play a server in real-time; Filters using which players could find the most attractive servers in their opinion; Widgets for your website. In this way servers' administrators are provided with an opportunity to attract the players on a server, and for the players - to find the most suitable server to play in the shortest duration of time. How it works A special PKODevStat service is started on your server which automatically requests statistics and data from the SQL server every 90 seconds and then sends it to PkoDev.NET; The service itself is an executable that you start together with your: GameServer.exe, AccountServer.exe, GroupServer.exe and GateServer.exe; On the basis of the data our website creates a list of currently operable server with basic information. You can also install a special widget on your website that should display the same information of any page of your website. If server hasn't retrieved data for 24 hours, it gets automatically deleted. In the top of the list our service stores servers with the highest number of online players (if it retrieved data during the previous hour), otherwise ranking is carried out by the last reference to the PkoDev. Servers with 0 online are placed at bottom of the list by the default. Important PKODevStat.exe service does not send any extra data (for instance, logins or passwords of your server players). Also, server does not do any edits in the SQL server. Moreover PKODevStat is an open source and you can easily find it out on your own. We are not interested in breaking any server! How to get your server being monitored? That's quite simple. Head to "For servers admins" section on the service's website and click "Download". PKODevStat will be downloaded on your PC which which later has to be configured and opened manually. You would have to edit config.json file which consists of 3 sections: 1) Server section - basic information about your server: name - name of the server. From 5 and up to 55 symbols are allowed, do not use any special symbols; url - server address, should start with either "http://" or "https://"; lang - server language. Use the two-letter ISO code in lowercase: ru, en, br, etc; timezone - timezone of the server. Example: UTC +4 or Europe/Moscow; version - server version, strictly in double type: 1.3, 1.39, 2.0, etc; since - date and time when your server was first open publically (launched). Format: YYY-MM-DD HH:mm; rates - server rates: exp - solo rates; drop - drop rates; pet - pet rates; ship - ship rates; party - team rates; resource - resource rates; lvls - max levels in game: char - max character level; pet - max pet level; ship - max ship level; 2) db section - configurations required to establish SQL server connection: server - SQL server hostname; port - SQL port; user - DB username; password - DB user's password; 3) tbl section - names of tables in AccountServer and GameDB databases. Edit them only if your table names are different from original. If that you've edited the config, save it and run the program (PKODevStat.exe). Run only one copy of .exe file and make sure you see a label: Runing PKODev service... If there are no errors & mistakes in configuration, there will be no extra notices after the label and you should be able to see your server at servers.pkodev.net. Otherwise, fix the errors and restart the application. If you do any edits in config.json, you should always restart the program. If you have any suggestions, notes or questions regarding the work of the monitoring system, then you leave a comment and we will certainly review it! Thanks to @qwerty for news translation!
  4. Problems with the forum 01/16/2023 - 01/22/2023 Hello friends, Unfortunately, the PKOdev.NET forum was unavailable during the period 01/16/2023 - 01/22/2023 due to problems with the server software on the hosting. The forum is currently online, but work is still underway to restore the full functionality of the forum. We apologize for any inconvenience caused! From myself I want to thank our administrator @Panda, who, despite personal circumstances, brought our forum back to life!
  5. [News] New forum section: Portuguese section Hello friends! As a result of the recent vote, a Portuguese Section was created to communicate in Portuguese language. At the moment, the section contains only one subsection - Dúvidas & Ajuda (Questions & Help). I also want to introduce the new moderator @Mdrst to you, who will keep order in the new section. Thanks a lot for attention!
  6. "Question and Answer" challenge when registering new users Hello friends! Recently, about 50 accounts of robots (bots) are registered daily on our forum. Of course, after a while they are automatically deleted, but I would like to completely prevent such registrations and not waste server resources on this. Therefore, I decided to enable the "Question and Answer" challenge when registering new users. Currently, new users are asked to answer one of three questions: Question (EN): Do you plan to spam on our forum? Answer (EN): no Question (RU): Планируете ли Вы спамить на нашем форуме? Answer (RU): нет Question (EN): Solve expression: 2 + 2 x 2 Answers (EN): 6 six Question (RU): Решите пример: 2 + 2 x 2 Answers (RU): 6 шесть Question (EN): What is the name of the main city of Ascaron? Answers (EN): Argent Argent City Question (RU): Назовите столицу материка Аскарон Answers (RU): Аргент Серебряный I hope this action will reduce the number of robots on the forum and will not cause problems for users. If you can't register on the forum, please contact me on Discord: V3ct0r#0484.
  7. Beware of scammers! Hello friends! Unfortunately, recently in our community there have been cases of deception of forum members by unscrupulous people when providing or receiving certain services for the technical side of the game. The game server administrator @Artstyle lost the server files of his project - while providing dev services, a scammer downloaded them to his computer, and then deleted the files from @Artstyle's computer. Moreover, according to the administrator, the scammer launched his project using stolen server files. The development team, which includes our forum member @cpworkerz, lost $2,500 by purchasing "fixed" server and client source codes of the Corsairs Online version from a scammer. In fact, the source codes turned out to be with bugs and vulnerabilities. Also, backdoors were found in the sources - a malicious code that allows the scammer to turn off the game server. @K1D0 was looking for a C++ developer for his project to fix some bugs and vulnerabilities in the Corsairs Online server and client source codes, and help to add some gameplay modifications to them. After the "developer" received the money ($1000), he stopped communicating, or started answering that he is very busy. A few months later, @K1D0 discovered that the "developer" was working on another project and using ideas that @K1D0 came up with. Thereby, friends, I want to give you some recommendations if you are going to provide or receive services on a paid or free basis: 1) Remember that the Internet is a suitable environment for scammers. You cannot know for sure the true intentions and motives of the person on the other side. Treat your interlocutor/contractor/customer with a healthy dose of skepticism. Many have seen the meme, which depicts a dog sitting next to a computer, and the inscription: "On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog. Nobody."; 2) Try to choose contractors who have been proven by deeds and time, if possible with real reviews and portfolios. You should be alerted that a user you do not know, who just registered on the forum yesterday, kindly offers you to help set up the server and solve all your problems for free. Do not forget that the rating and feedback of the "developer" can also be cheated, or his account can be compromised and used by a scammer; 3) Learn about the phenomenon behind the word "fake". In simple words, this is a false user who is trying to impersonate another one and act on his behalf. Nothing prevents a hypothetical scammer from registering an account on the forum/Discord/other place with the same nickname (name) and avatar (photo), and offering you services from a well-known developer in the community, which should increase your level of trust in the scammer. I personally encountered my fakes twice: first time, second time - on the in-pko forum; 4) When working with a contractor, you should not give him access to information more than is required to complete the task. When working through a remote desktop, watch the actions of the other person, turn off the feature to transfer files and other functions if they are not required. If the contractor installs a lua script on your game server, then they do not need to know the data to connect to the your MSSQL server. Also, after the completion of work, installation and configuration, for example, a website or a game server, i.e. things during the installation of which another person gained access to confidential data (for example, a database user or a GM account), do not forget to change these data to others known only to you (change passwords and so on); 5) Before purchasing a service, think: "Do I really need this service?". Estimate the rationality of the price of the service. If the service object is a source code, script, program, i.e. some file, then make sure that this file is not in the public access for everyone and they do not want to sell you "air" in this way. Think about where a contractor got this file from: in theory, can they have the skills and knowledge to create this file? Do they resell someone else's work? Did they steal this file from someone? Feel free to ask the contractor the appropriate questions to be sure that they are the author of the file. Discuss the upcoming deal with other people on our forum, find out their opinion and feedback about the contractor. In 2016, our forum faced a rather unpleasant situation. We were fundraising money to purchase the source codes of our game from a person in China. When the raising was completed, the funds were transferred to the seller of the source codes, and the source codes given to the forum, people well-known in the community appeared who said words like these: "You all were deceived, these source codes have long been on the Chinese server in the public access, here is %link%". Why they were silent all the time of the fundraising - is the another question; 6) Determine with the other party such a model of payment and transferring of work so that there are no situations when funds are transferred to a contractor, and the contactor disappears without a trace, or when the completed work is transferred to a customer, and the customer disappears without a payment, respectively. Minimize your risks whenever possible, in a way that suits both parties. For example, a part is paid before the start of work, the second part is paid after the work is completed. For long-term cooperation, also pay for the work by parts based on the results of the work. Alternatively, you can turn to a disinterested intermediary who is trusted by both parties and who will ensure the security of the deal. For contractors, I want to note the existence of the chance that by the time the work is completed, the customer will disappear or change his mind about purchasing the service. To protect yourself from this situations, especially if there is a large amount of work to be done (large project), or you doubt the person (you should doubt, see paragraph 1), then it makes sense to require an advance payment from the customer; 7) Keep logs of all chats and record conversations with the other party. Do not forget that many modern messengers have a function for deleting and editing messages, which is actively used by scammers to cover their tracks. Chat logs are best saved in the form of screenshots or videos, so that in the future no one will have questions about their authenticity. You may need all this information in the future in case of conflict situations in order to prove your rightness. For example, imagine that you, using the PayPal payment system, made a service to a person and received money for the complited work to your account. Everything seems to be fine? After some time, you may receive a letter to your e-mail address from PayPal with an approximate content: "The buyer %name% has opened a dispute. Your funds are blocked!". Your "client" has received the service from you and now wants to get his money back, leaving you with nothing. In this case, you will have to participate in the dispute and send proofs to PayPal that the customer is behaving dishonestly towards you. This is where previously prepared proofs of certain circumstances of the deal will come in handy!; 8 ) In particularly large deals, it makes sense to conclude a contract with the other party, according to which the other party can be held liable in the case of a conflict situation. What can you do if you have been scammed: 1) You have lost money. Open a dispute on the basis of the payment system that you used to transfer funds to the contractor (if the system supports such functionality) or contact technical support. In the main language of the service, describe the situation in detail (What? Where? When?) and attach the relevant proofs (screenshots of chat logs, video materials, etc). When working through a bank, try to contact your bank for advice; 2) You have lost the results of work in the form of files. It probably makes sense to share these files in the public access, thereby reducing their value for an unscrupulous customer, who can get additional benefits from them. By doing so, you will also make contribute to the development of the community. Or find another, more honest customer; 3) Tell about your situation on the forum. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Your experience will show other people what not to do, and perhaps in the future someone will not fall into the same trap and avoid time and financial losses, and this is worth a lot. In addition, you will help identify unscrupulous community members; 4) Draw an appropriate conclusions and take the situation as a valuable experience. Negative, but the experience that will help you in doing business in the future. Don't obsess on bad luck - keep working on your project or business. I hope the information above will help you avoid unpleasant situations. Thank you for attention!
  8. Hello friends! If you have any suggestions or ideas regarding the forum and its processes, then you can submit them here, so we could discuss them. Thank you!
  9. [News] Mod source codes have been moved to GitHub The source codes of all mods I authored from the section "Mods for client and server (PKOdev.NET mod loader)" can now be found in their corresponding repositories on GitHub. There you can also download the latest binary releases of mods in the form of .dll libraries, as well as all the necessary resources for their work: .cfg settings files, scripts, textures and other ones. Previously, mods were stored in Google Drive cloud storage, which is not very convenient for this kind of projects.
  10. Changing the structure of the forum sections Hello friends! Our forum has undergone some changes in the structure of sections in order to optimize and improve the usability of the forum. 1. The section on developing Tales of Pirates using Unity3D game engine has been removed Due to low activity, it was decided to delete this section. All topics have been moved to sections Development, Offtopiс, Пиратия: Разработка and Оффтопик. 2. Added a new section "Recycle bin" When reading the forum, the user may encounter a situation where there are no images in a particular topic, or links to materials and files are no longer valid. This situation is due to the fact that the materials are mostly stored on external resources on the Internet, which at some points in time may be unavailable or even deleted forever. Topics with such defects should be moved to the "Recycle bin" section for correction. Thus, the new section is an archive of topics that have lost their original meaning and do not represent informational value. 3. Added a new section "Mods for client and server (PKOdev.NET mod loader)" Due to the high interest of our community members in the topic of mods for the official builds of the client and server versions 1.3x, as well as due to the large number of mods created, it was decided to create a separate section for mods. In the section, only mods for the PKOdev.NET mod loader system are published and discussed. Thank you for attention!
  11. New administrator on the forum Hello friends! Today I want to introduce you to the new administrator of the PKOdev.NET forum - @patrick13! @patrick13 has been an active participant in the forum since its inception and since then he has made a great contribution to the development of our community. So, he helped and continues to help translate materials from Russian language into English for publication in the English-language section of the forum, provides technical support on the server- and client-sides of the game to the rest of the community, takes initiative and proposes new ideas, keeps order on the forum, until now acting as a moderator. In addition, @patrick13 has programming skills in the field of applied and web development, fluent in English and Russian languages. In view of the foregoing, I made the decision to invite @patrick13 to become the second administrator, to which he responded positively. I consider his candidacy worthy and beneficial to the further development of the project and the community as a whole. Congratulations to @patrick13 and I would like to thank him for his contributions to the community!
  12. Serverdev archive Old version of serverdev archive https://yadi.sk/d/5WMIO1v9y4Pc8 Last version of serverdev archive (2015 year) https://yadi.sk/d/or2alOjky4Pc4 Credits: @Спейсио
  13. User groups User group system does operate on our forum. For a better recognition of users in different user groups, users' aliases are colored into a certain color. So far there are only 5 user groups: Administrator; Community; Moderator; Server administrator; Advanced user; User. User To enter this group you should simply register on our forum and follow the rules. There are restrictions for the "User" group: 1) You cannot send private messages; 2) You can not write posts in the profile (status updates); 3) You cannot edit posts; 4) You cannot attach attachments. 5) Only 10 reactions per day can be given. Advanced user This group has no restrictions of the "User" group. To get into the "Advanced user" group, you must fulfill two conditions: 1) At least 10 days must pass from the moment of registration on the forum; 2) The user must have at least 10 posts. Server administrator This group is intended for private servers' administrators. Applications to enter the group should be sent to any of the forum administration. Requirements to enter the group: 1) Amount of messages on forum should be 50 and above; 2) Reputation equals 10 and above; 3) User should exist at least 15 days after the registration on forum; 4) A running server; 5) Administration's approval. Moderator Group users have access to the Moderation section. Applications to enter the group should be sent to any administrator. Administrator decides whether to accept the application or not; determines himself what reception form to use. Administrator is free to accept or to deny the application. Administrator has the right to beforehand discuss the application with other team members of group "Moderators". Requirements to enter the group: 1) User should exist at least 30 days after the registration on forum; 2) Reputation equals 15 and above; 3) The absence of forum's rules violation; 4) Administration's approval. Community This group is intended for users who have made a great contribution to the development of the forum or somehow affect the development of the community. Administrators decide on their own who they should and should not add to this group. Administrator No comments.
  14. PKODev.NET needs moderators! Hello friends! Due to the recent increase in cases of spam attacks on our forum we are looking for people who want to help the PKODev.NET community and become Moderators. Moderator's tasks: 1) Keep order on the forum: move topics that were created in inappropriate sections; rename topics whose names are in UPPERCASE or do not reflect the topic's content; delete topics and posts that do not make any logical sense; 2) Fight against spam and flooding in all their forms: delete topics that are not related to the subject of the forum; remove topics with advertising of other web resources; preventing, together with the administration, spam attacks on the forum. 3) Provide a friendly atmosphere on the forum and suppress conflicts between users, keep the process of cultural communication. Wishes for the candidacy of the moderator: 0) Desire to help the forum; 1) Adequacy and culture. On our forum there are no clear rules for communication between users, but there are unspoken rules of cultural behavior in society and netiquette. The moderator should be able to enforce these rules and be an example for other forum users. 2) Ability to devote a little free time to the forum every day, to be an active user of the site; 3) It is advisable that you are a well-known member of our community who has contributed to it; 4) Knowledge of the technical side of the game. Communicate with me using the following ways if you are interested: 1) Write a message in this topic; 2) Send me a private message on the forum; 3) Send me a message on Discord (V3ct0r#0484) or Skype (vector.nesterov). Thank you for your attention! I will be glad to everyone who responded.
  15. New forum In-PKO "Welcome to the Pirate King Online family! The purpose of creating this community is the desire to unite the Eng & Ru audience, exchange experience and оf course communication, we want to unite Players, Administrators and Developers in one big family. Each of you is a big contribution to the family, and without each of you it's just a forum, we want to build warmth relations between all participants and joint work on your favorite game, development and transfer of experience. Each of your contributions to the community accelerates its development, in the near future we plan to gather an audience and fill out the forum if you are not indifferent to the life of the project - we encourage you to take part in it, to be part of it." Hello friends! I want to tell you about a new forum in our community of developers and administrators of Tales of Pirates (Pirate King Online) servers - in-pko.com, which was opened on June 2, 2020. Enter to the In-PKO The subject of the in-pko.com forum is similar to the subject of the PKODev.NET forum - it is about development and administration of Tales of Pirates (Pirate King Online) servers. The forum is represented by two main sections: Russian and English. Each section contains guides and articles on the technical side of the game, useful files for server and client (server files, websites, special programs), and discusses the problems that arise during the development and administration processes of game projects. The development and exploring of the source codes of the game is underway. On the new forum, you can also find people for your team to develop a project, or join an existing one. An opportunity is offered to make money on the provision of services or to quickly find a contractor. The latest news of the project is published in the corresponding section "News". In addition to sections for developers and administrators, sections for players are also being developed on the forum, in particular, advertising of Russian- and English-speaking game projects. The section with servers advertising has a convenient classification and is divided into the categories: "Stable", "Testing", "Opening soon", "In developing", "Server archive". Each category is divided into servers based on rates: "Low rates", "Average rates", "High rates". Through these sections, game server administrators can find an audience, and players can find a suitable server for the game. To clearly identify the roles of users when communicating, the forum has a system of user groups: 1. Administrators; 2. Moderators; 3. Gold members; 4. Servers owners; 5. Developers 6. Gamers; 7. Members. The general statistics of the In-PKO forum for 1.5 months of work allows us to estimate the pace of its growing. Of the negative aspects, unfortunately, it is worth highlighting the fact that the representatives of this project behave extremely aggressively and use unscrupulous methods to grow their forum. For example, during the last month you could repeatedly see the following picture on our forum: PKODev.NET was spammed with advertisement of the In-PKO forum. In your private messages, you could have received one of these messages. Obviously, this is aimed at luring PKODev.NET users away to the new forum. At the same time, the In-PKO forum does not hesitate to use materials from the PKODev.NET forum without the consent of the authors of the publications and without back links to the originals of the topics. For example, here you can find there the following materials from our forum: "Server Protection for TOP 1.3x", "IP Changer", "Model viewer (.lmo, .lgo, .lab)", ".txt Tables compiling", "In Game Shop 1.35 - 2.0", "Change Server Rate", "How to increase temporary bag capacity", "Create Account", "Change cost of the World / Trade message" and others. To be fair, we emphasize that the forum also contains original content. All these actions bring discomfort to PKODev.NET users and raise questions. One of our users, @Angelix, in his topic "Spamming pkoDev" asks an open question to the In-PKO administration after another attack. In-PKO administration, in turn, denies involvement in spam attacks on PKODev and does not take responsibility for them. I do not know what justifies this behavior and who is involved in this, perhaps the guys want to attract attention to themselves in this way, so I ask you to support the In-PKO forum and register there. There is also a content hiding system on the forum, which can be inconvenient. To view links, scripts, text, you are forced to register and enter the forum. Despite the noted negative points, the new forum is of some interest to the community and deserves attention. Thank you for your attention and have a nice day!
  16. Available e-mail domains for registration Hello friends! Due to the recent increase in the registration of spam bots on the forum and in order to combat spam, a white list of e-mail domains has been introduced to register new users. Now you can register on the forum only using the electronic mailboxes of the following servers: mail.ru bk.ru yandex.ru ya.ru msn.com outlook.com gmail.com hotmail.com hotmail.es yahoo.com yahoo.co.uk Registration of new users using e-mail with other domains is prohibited. In this topic, suggestions are accepted for inclusion in the white list of other large e-mail servers that for some reason did not get here.
  17. New forum section on developing Tales of Pirates using Unity3D game engine Hello friends! At the request of users, a new section was created on the forum to discuss and develop Tales of Pirates on the Unity3D game engine. Wikipedia
  18. Broken pictures on the forum Hello friends! For some unknown reasons, after updating the forum, in some topics the pictures are disappeared: If you notice such missing images then please report to me in PM or in this topic so that I can restore them. It is desirable to attach a link to the topic with broken pictures to the your message. Thanks for the help!
  19. User ranks Hello! Our forum has user ranks system. The user's rank reflects the amount of content he created on the forum. The more messages the user leaves and creates new topics, the higher his rank. Since our game is about pirates, then the ranks will be respectively pirated. For each new rank the user receives a Squid. The squid was chosen as the game symbol. The number of messages required to receive the new rank was chosen based on the current average number of messages left by users on 05.25.2018. That is, in such a way that all users do not immediately receive the highest rank, but they also do not have the lowerest rank. There are 5 ranks in total: Cabin Boy - 0+ messages; Pirate - 30+ messages; Boatswain - 125+ messages; First Mate - 200+ messages; Sea Captain - 300+ messages. If you have any ideas and suggestions about the ranks of users, then write about them in this thread!
  20. PkoDEV.NET Discord! "All-in-one voice and text chat for gamers that’s free, secure, and works on both your desktop and phone. Stop paying for TeamSpeak servers and hassling with Skype. Simplify your life." - discordapp.com Hello friends! Our community have two Discord servers: PkoDev by @Home - "This is a public chat where we can talk about everything." TOP/PKO/KOP by @Blanquitoh - "I have seen that the other channel is being used mostly for devs so.... i wanted to create one for both. Players and Admins because since i have notice the other discord channel does not have an admin or moderator, it is hard to set up new configurations like new channels for server advertizing, etc... Help this channel growth!" We will be glad to see you in Discord!
  21. Servers Monitoring Hello friends! Unfortunately, servers monitoring (servers.pkodev.net) has been closed. The reasons are the low popularity and relevance of the service. There were about 2-4 servers only. I want to say thanks to @Duduf for idea and development/implementation and @Jap for idea! Discussion is here.
  22. Hello friends! @Sea King and @DevMorgan asked me to make Brazilian section on our forum. What do you think about it? How many people from Brazil in our forum?
  23. Hello friends! As you have noticed, our forum has been receiving a lot of attentions regarding paid services and the sales of files. Do we need a section for paid services? What do you think about that? Write here!
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