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  1. I updated the editor and the link.
  2. I am making this free available, but I do not intend to update it or give support as I am developing top on unity and this already consumes all my time. new link 17/06/2020 https://we.tl/t-ELZI1HhSbB if this link will expire in 7 days, if someone wants to save somewhere permanent, you can do it.
  3. I had to slow down and I'm doing freelance work to raise funds since I didn't have much financial help on the project, so if I have more solid news I'll post here =).
  4. http://www.battleofkingdoms.online/Battle_of_kingdoms.exe try this link discord https://discord.gg/Gy2XHR2
  5. Now Bk Have A demo online, come test, and tell us, your opinion is what you think should be different. https://we.tl/t-HPjVXScPpe
  6. I agree that the top / pko has no maps to support the flight, anyway the flight will only be (if it is) in dungeons where you need to fly to get places, with maybe a procedural map
  7. I put the option to be able to choose the camera. with higher angle and higher height, almost a camera tweak and the original camera of tales of pirates, which comes by default.
  8. you have a completely opposite view of mine, i don't want the mine to be mysterious, i want new maps to be, i'm creating with unity and so enlarging the maps and creating new maps is no problem, i agree about the camera being too high , but this is for development it makes it easier for me to have a better view, but still being able to see the argent mine is a good thing, I hate the top limited camera system, it only existed to make the game lighter because at that time it was need. but thank you for your opinion and of course it matters to me. voce tem uma visao completamente oposta a minha, eu nao quero que a mina seja misteriosa, quero que novos mapas sejam, estou criando com unity e por isso aumentar os mapas e criar mapas nóvos nao seram problema, eu concordo sobre a camera estar muito alta, mas isso é pro desenvolvimento me facilita ter uma melhor visao, mas ainda assim poder ver a mina de argent é algo bom, eu odeio o sistema de camera tao limitada do top, isso só existia pra tornar o jogo mais leve porque ná época era preciso. mas agradeço sua opiniao e claro que ela importa pra mim.
  9. Tell me why you think that.
  10. What would it be like to fly the same top in sword art online?
  11. this is the miners troop haha.
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