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  1. Hi guys! The countdown timer to the official opening of the server has been updated on the site! http://andpirates.online/ Official opening of the server on January 2 at 20:00 UTC +3
  2. Download Client Mediafire Google Creating an account within the game client . The official opening of the server on January 2 Now the server is online in beta testing mode for all comers. At the opening is expected online 200+ active players. Visit us on Discord
  3. ANGELS & DEMONS Pirates Online Closed beta testing December 28 - January 1 Official server opening on January 2 Website Discord Server Players Start Level 55,100 Custom Level Up System Lv100-115 Max Char Level = 115 Max Pet Level Normal Fruits = 40 Max Pet Level Impro. Fruits = 52 Solo Rate EXP = 5x Party Rate EXP = 12x Drop Rate = 5x Pet Growth = 500x NPC Languages In-Game = English Portal Maps Argent City Chaos Argent Bounty PK Demonic World 1-2 Abbadon 5-9 Level Up Island Aurora 1 and Aurora 2 Winter Island Forsaken City Lv 55 Dark Swamp Lv 55 Chaos Desert Lv 55
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