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  1. Patch Notes 26th December 2023 - Added a Drop info option that is toggable in the settings menu, if on you can hold shift to see the icons and drop rate of individual items on monsters and chests: - Removed Ancient Generator requirement from FC - Refining Gems drop rate has been increased in FC - Added Broken Gems to the game (max gem lvl 5) - Added Cracked Gems to the game (Max gem lv 5) - Broken Gems added to the monster and chest drops in FC - Removed Fel runes from Dark swamp 1 chests and added Goddess favor instead as a drop - Added Cracked gems to the Monster and chests drops in Dark Swamp (Not Dark Swamp 1 chests) - Added 3rd Socket - Added a Fairy Coin/Fairy Signets/Royal Signets exchange NPC in icicle (near fountain) This NPC allows you to exchange x fairy coins, Signets and Royal Signets for a few chests per day per character, which is x level. - List of Broken and Cracked Gems and where they can be forged: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jSustNSNpAvSgWm-lqtLwV5rDfWKs3rUVKHmDxXC1p4/edit?usp=sharing
  2. Patch Notes (since pkodev forum is up): - Fixed the glow bug for apparels such as fork and knife among other apparels - Fixed the Devil and Dragon wings not showing up when equipping it. - Added Gem of Rage and Gem of Soul to the CA chests - Added Gem of Rage and Gem of Soul to the Gamble chest - Added More common items in the Gamble Chest such as: Nal, Sol, Ja, El, Cam, Tef, Yal, Lum and Fel Runestones, fireworks, Cake and Rechargable Batteries - Added Shining, Spirit, Furious, Explosive, Glowing, Shadow and Fiery Gem to the Gamble Chest - Added Heavens Berry in the Gamble Chest - Edited the Description of Gamble Chest to reflect it better - We have also spent alot of time and completely reworked the website Portal Timer function from scratch, it should now work as intended and show all the correct times! - We have revamped many of the important Uns and Framestones Stats for various classes. -The following stats has been changed, and shown old stats to new: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BDXYpN9Kou4ExwHlYkn38WbnZQQisRQr0F3T6ujiYIU/edit?usp=sharing - Added a new "Vote" button near the mini map, this button will send you to the "My account" page where you can vote for the server on xtremetop100 once per 12 hours to obtain credits to use in the Award Center. We are working on adding another vote for gtop100 aswell, so you can vote twice (once on 2 sites to get 2 credits every 12 hours) Head over there, get yourself these credits, and support the server in the meantime! -Fixed a bug with the Medal of Valor not acting as intended for bar pvp, it should now work as normal
  3. Patch Notes for 26th July 2023: - Godess favor is now tradable - Added Snowy Mountain, thundoria, Spring, Summer, Naval Base, Autumn, Caribben, Skeletar tickets to award center - Added Mystic Clovers to the award center - Fixed Fairy Possesion bug
  4. Hello Pirates! We are happy to announce he first event we will be holding in PMO to be a GM Hide and Seek event. What is a GM hide and seek event you may ask? Its simple, a GM will hide within 3 possible locations, within Argent City, Icicle City or Shaitan City during the event time, and players will have to scavenge and look around any of these 3 mainline cities to try to look for the GM. The event will take place on friday at 01:00 GMT+2 (01:00 server time) and it consist of 10 hiding rounds, meaning you have 10 attempts on finding the GM to get a prize. The rewards for the event are the following: Each Winner from each round (every round is equall) will receive 300 Crystals and 2 Great Fruits of their choice, aswell as 5 Fruit of Growth each. In this event we want everyone to have a chance at winning so we will only have one winner per person, meaning if you find the GM twice, then it will be the second person (if he/she has not found the gm already another round) which will take the win that round. 1 win per person only. Every round will be announced in the system chat ingame aswell as the winners. So what are you waiting for? Buckle up your detective skills and prepare for the comming friday! Hope to see as many as possible of you pirates there by then! Kind regards, The Pirate Masters Online Team
  5. Hello Pirates! Here are the latest patch the past 3 weeks: 02/07/23: - Fixed the drops in FC, they are now originally as intended - Fixed the DW drops they are now as intended - DW chests now have kals and EVA chests as drops as normal - Fixed missing item ID error in the system chat - Server machine were refreshed, so there should be better latency now 05/07/23: - Stone of Oath - Barborosas Knife - Barborosas Fork 10/07/23: - Chaos Argent is no longer in blind mode, you may now see the character and names there - Party Exp is now slightly higher as originally intended - Hexathalon has been added and is active ever Saturday 17:00 gmt+2 (17:00 Servertime) The quest can be started at "Event NPC - Pappa" Near Fountain in Argent City (The quest is only accaptable for 20 minutes, so lets see how many times you can complete it in 20 minutes!) - Admiral Cloaks are now Tradable and Dropable - Morph Runestone has been added to the mall due to player feedback 18/07/23: - Added Fairy Merchant NPC in Icicle (near black market Merchant south east) - Added fusable tattoo apps for caraises (Only for the unisex apps in mall) - Added a skill reset Potion item to fully reset your skills to the in mall. - Cargo NPC's in Shaitan, icicle and Argent has been disabled. as we cannot fix this bug. - The Exp lock stone is now tradable - Fixed the text bug for Gem of Striking - Fixed the text bug from fc Chests - Fixed the Island teleporter return texts spelling errors
  6. Hello Pirates! We will be running a Launch event for the server when we open tomorrow! Who will be the fastest people to reach level 60? Time will tell! See you in-game tomorrow at 18:00 GMT+2!
  7. Click ----> DISCORD <---- Click Website: https://piratemasters.com/ Forum: https://piratemasters.com/forum/ Welcome to Pirate Masters Online! Pirate Masters Online is a Low Rate Tales of Pirates Private server We have focused on the core gameplay element and added a few quality of life changes as mentioned above in the image, and we will continue to support and work on improving the core game experience as a whole, while in the future add more features that was added in the later tales of pirates versions. You may jump in, registrer yourself a account. The download links has already been posted so you may already download the client! Full list of features: - Vanilla server with x2 Exp and x1 Drop Rate - Level Cap is 80 - Fairy max level is 41 - 3 Sockets, Max gem lvl 5 and max forge is +15 - Gems directly droppable from Monsters, Bosses and chests in mazes (Broken, Cracked, UG's, Normal Gems) - Gamble Chests droppable from all maze monsters that can be opened for gold to get gems/forge items/fairy food and fruits - Coral Pouches for buying corals directly from the inventory at Little Daniel NPC in Argent or from the Item Mall - Fairy NPC in icicle to exchange your signets, and fairy coins for x boxes per character per day for lucky items - Fairy Obtainable from the level 10 chest after class change - Award Center with reputation exchangeable for credits to obtain fairy items and levling items on the website - Vote system on the website to receive free Credits per vote every 12 hours - 1000 Stack limit on Fairy Coins and other items - Better and faster Skill animations for smoother gameplay - Party Search feature button near the mini map - Monsters now show Direct Hp values and have more clear hp bars on them - Active Pots and Buffs showing above player head - Player Levels showing beside name - Hp and SP values under characters - Pk Highlighting circles under names (for different guilds) - Swings (cosmetic only in item mall) - Cloak with upgrades (Cosmetic only In item mall) - More new and cool Apparels in the Item Mall - Exp Lock Stone (In the Item Mall) - Fusable Tattoo Apparel - Slightly improved UI for inventory and Quests logs - PK Map - Dream Island - Top 2 Weird Hat seller NPC So what are you waiting for? Come join us on discord and get yourself ready for the launch, 24th June 2023 at 18:00 GMT +2 Click here to see when 18:00 GMT+2 is at your local time See you there, Pirates!
  8. Hello Guys! The big update is finaly among us! (no pun intended) So its time to tell you guys what we have been working on for quite some time now! The wait will surely be worth it, as you will read from the patch notes below! New Additions: * Added a Gold NPC that sells various forging items for gold, located near west gate of Argent. * Added a Exp Lock Stone item to prevent experience gain from monsters only (not quests) * Added Broken (+2) and Cracked (+3) gems to the game. * Added "Refining Gem" as a 100% drop to FC/DS bosses. * Added Broken / Cracked Gem (as chests) with a small drop rate to FC/DS bosses. * Added Unique Gem (as chests) with a small drop rate to FC/DS bosses. * Added Broken / Cracked Gem (as chests) with a small drop rate to Demonic World (1 & 2) chests. * Added Unique Gem (as chests) with a small drop rate to Demonic World (1 & 2) chests. * Added Broken / Cracked Gem (as chests) with a small % drop rate to DW (1 & 2) bosses. * Added Unique Gem (as chests) with a small % chance drop rate to Demonic World (1 & 2) bosses. * Added 20 new items (Coral Pouches), from level 1 through 2 for each coral, that upon double clicking will reduce some gold and give players a corresponding coral of that level. * Added level 1 and 2 corals and lv 1 and 2 pouches to NPC "Little Daniel". Level 3,4,5 Pouches will be added to the mall. Quality of life changes: * Removed honor requirement from Chaos Argent. * Reworked all the Admiral Cloak Descriptions to make it more clear * Decreased maximum upgrade level of "Admiral Cloak" from 10 -> 8 (to make it less confusing for players. * Elven signets are now stackable to 999 * Fusion scrolls are now stackable to 99 * Strenghting Scrolls are now Stackable to 99 * Gem composition scrolls are now stackable to 99 * Strenghtening crystals are now Stackable to 99 * Decreased the price of Fairy Box In the award center on the website * Removed Honor Requirement to join CA * All types of UG's and Cracked/Broken gems should now be drops for bosses/chests instead of just a few UG types as before. Bug fixes: * Fixed the "error" message displayed on gems. * Fixed the timing of the map "Demonic World". * Fixed the respawn time for Demonic Chests. * Reduced the quantity of chests spawning within Demonic World. from 9 > 5 (as its originally intended) * Fixed missing models for items (Ebony Dragon Wings, Dragon Wings, Rainbow Wings and Devil Wings). * Fixed an issue that was causing NPC "Nurse Gina" to not function properly. * Fixed the missing "Record Spawn points" at all the island teleporter NPC's * Fixed (or prevented) the double spawn of monsters within Chaos Argent. * Award Center Items in the website has now been placed in the correct corresponding sections where they originally were supposte to be in * Award Center items has had their descriptions fixed * Fixed the fiery gems (saying error) * Fixed the Shadow gems (saying error) * Fixed the Shining gems (saying error) * Fixed the Spirit gems (saying error) * Fixed the Glowing gems (saying error) * Fixed the Lusterious gems (saying error) * Fixed the Explosive gems (saying error) * Fixed the Furious gems (saying error) * Fixed the Glowing gems (saying error) * Fixed Gem of Soul (saying Error) * Fixed the Exchange Reputation System on the website (single digit items sent to the character will say "App" but this is just a small visual bug, not a game breaking bug) Other Changes: * Removed various items from the game that was causing some game issues (such as some bad implemented apparels) * Hexa will be running every saturday 17:00 Servertime from now on (starting next week) * Angelic wings had their price decreased in the mall.
  9. The Maintance is done, The patch notes for this update: -Exp rate has been changed from x1 > x2 -(Many requests for this) -Drop Rate too from x1 > x2 (Many requests for this) - Party Exp should now be corrected and work normally with the exp rate values - Jackpot Gamble NPC added in all major cities to gamble your fairy coins to get rewards! - Legendary tree of fortune added in all the major cities as original - Cake has now been fixed and is usable - Naval base, skeletar isle, and carribian isle now has the correct map names - Hexa added, and is planned to be on every saturday for a fixed amouth of time (not this upcomming next saturday, but perhaps next) - And last but not least... Reputation mall center has been added on the website under your account! Its still slightly under development as items hasnt been fully added to it yet, but you may now exhange your reputation points to buy items which will be added such as fairy rations, some outfits, and perhaps some other items too once they get added! You may find it on the right side of "My Account" on your profile on the website! I hope you guys will like this patch! Its taken from alot of community feedback, keep on going strong and let me know if there's any more suggestions for improvements for any future patch! We are all ears on suggestion and feedback! P.s if you got some rar files in your client, you can saftely delete them as they were added as a mistake and are not nececcary for the game to run. - The Pirate Masters Online Team
  10. Event Time! There will be a Launch level up event tommrow! Will you be among the top 5 to first reach lv 60? See you In-game tommrow at 15th October 15:00 GMT+2! Sincerely, The Pirate Masters Online Team
  11. Hello Pirates! The Download links are now UP and ready: https://piratemasters.com/index.php?act=downloads You may now go ahead and pre-load the game in advance for the Launch on Saturday at 15:00 GMT+2!
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