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  1. the problem was solved thanks for you and this comunity !
  2. for now i can enter in game but all maps apears this way ?
  3. hi i m tryng to input this mod on client but something happens, all mods do not show errors but this onw show, the sistem can read the mod all right but when i go login
  4. joao

    Celestia Sea

    Celestia sea server dedicated 24/7 new server Medium Rates Exp :20 Party: 30 Pet:100 Weekend events !/ venha jogar eventos semanais Staff Brasileira //english Full Farm server/ mobs gives Gold Unseal 75 in npc Unseal 95 by Farm Pvp events Deathcircle Chaos arena Arena Sandbags nearer mine and inside Mine Fairy coin for money and elven signets for BD gems Website : celestiasea.com Discord : https://discord.gg/R5ad4x2aZ6
  5. Hi for all, im here to learn how to increase the level cap of pets of my server ? can someone an explain ? im will be very greateful !
  6. i was try all things , bought an dedicated and a lot of things, the serevr dont cames up have someone any guide for me ?
  7. how to put a non hamachi server online ?
  8. i am tryng to pt my radminvpn server for non hamachi/radmin vps server, hs anyone some guide ?
  9. Hi im tryng to log on , all servers running perfectly, account, gate ,group and gameserevr, but when i open the game dont show the server name on screen
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