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  1. he knows that, but he doesn't want to admit that he's a scammer
  2. I will record a video showing all of our complete conversation, and also showing the files you sent me, you scammer
  3. haha your files? you gave me a file that was posted for free here on pkodev, there are no MODS, there is no functional mount, there are no corrections in the source, there is nothing to good in these files
  4. this image is old, you refunded all that money back, you is a idiot scammer
  5. This guy called MiniMan, his old name was Sparrow, he is trying to sell bugged files, but he is reporting that they are 100%, but in fact they are all shit. He talked to me and negotiated to sell me complete files 100% corsair for a price, but he sent bugged files, they all suck. Be careful with this type of scammer. His new name on Discord is MiniMan#9579. This guy is a tramp, scammer. SPARROW SCAMMER !!
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