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  1. Привет, @Дмитрий! Клиенты из этой темы 100% рабочие: Так же можно попробовать найти англоязычный клиент и проверить как он будет работать. Ничего страшного. Чтобы можно было редактировать сообщения, необходимо перейти в группу "Продвинутый пользователь", выполнив ряд простых условий:
  2. Привет! Изучи этот раздел, там должна быть информация по твоему вопросу: https://pkodev.net/forum/50-tales-of-pirates-unity3d/ Модели и анимации можно экспортировать из клиента игры с помощью данных инструментов:
  3. Hello, @Tensei! It is a great idea, thank you for your initiative!
  4. Hello, @K1D0! I totally agree with your opinion regarding his reputation. I am sure that In-PKO, White, Lua and other fake accounts to make visibility of activity and mislead people are the same person. This fact is confirmed by his message (which he hastened to remove) in your topic on in-pko forum: It is not a news that he sells other people's work for money and says it his development. Compare these files from 'his' ProxyServer source code with my ones from StallServer. There are even my comments in Russian. Settings.h: Settings.cpp You can notice that he made some ridiculous edits which indicate his little knowledge of the C++ language. I am not an expert too, but the need to pass 'large' objects by reference and not by value is the basics.
  5. No, there is no such a vulnerability in 2.x versions.
  6. I take these numbers from Demonic World (puzzleworld) scripts, because the portal of this map is on land.
  7. Hello, @Yekoong! Try use this program by @BeGood/RespectPeople:
  8. You can execute the following SQL query: USE GameDB; UPDATE account SET gm = 0; The query will reset the level of all GM accounts to regular players.
  9. Hello, @gunnapong! You need modified GameServer.exe with HandleChat() function. Most likely, you will see a corresponding message when starting GameServer, if this function is present. The function allows you to receive text commands from players via the local chat channel and defined in the file GameServer\resource\script\calculate\functions.lua. -- Get a text input from a player via local chat channel -- @param role is a player's character descriptor -- @param msg is a player's message to the local chat -- @return if 1 then message will be transferred to other players otherwise it will be blocked function HandleChat(role, msg) -- Check if player entered 'bank' command if (msg == "/bank") then OpenBank(role, role) return 0 end return 1 end
  10. This is needed to add new features to the game and for configuring server with client. Items, characters, models, specifying server IP address and etc. Probably the source .txt files are incorrect or from a different version of the game.
  11. Hello, @kyleflow! Open file GameServer\resource\abandonedcity\entry.lua and change line SetMapEntryEntiID(entry, 2492, 4) to SetMapEntryEntiID(entry, 193, 1) The same for file GameServer\resource\darkswamp\entry.lua.
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