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  1. Vector, please add me on discord. LucasMoreira433... I need to talk to you

  2. Привет, @Dimasik! Пароли хранятся в базе данных AccountServer, таблице account_login, поле password. Все пароли хранятся в виде MD5 хэшей исходных (незашифрованных) паролей. Расшифровать и получить исходный пароль по хэшу нельзя. Если есть необходимость узнать пароль, чтобы выполнить вход на аккаунт, то пароль можно сменить на другой, который будет заранее известен.
  3. Hello @boris cardona! Open your Game.exe in any HEX editor (for example HxD) and search for the following sequence of bytes: 83 C4 0C 5E C3 CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC 8B 81 88 02 00 00 You will see something like: Bytes in which the server port is stored will be next to a little higher (see picture). In my case they are B5 07 00 00 or port 1973.
  4. you have discord sir?

    1. V3ct0r


      Yes, V3ct0r#0484

  5. Hello! Users can't delete their accounts but they can ask administration to do that. I can delete your account if you want or change your nickname. Then I need know a nickname which you want to use.
  6. Hello! You better contact administration of server in client of which you found the virus in order to receive any comments.
  7. Hello @Sultan! Shaitan Icicle Castle Download YAMMI can't crop .obj files.
  8. You are trying create new database named AccountServer, but DB with the same name is already exsists. You should delete old AccountServer before creating the new one.
  9. Hello @lanochan! Try start this program from root client folder or from system folder.
  10. Hello @LuciferMorningStar! Open file Apache\conf\httpd.conf and put to the end: # # DirectoryIndex: sets the file that Apache will serve if a directory # is requested. # <IfModule dir_module> DirectoryIndex index.php index.html index.htm </IfModule> After that, restart your web server.
  11. Hello @Fritt! Yes, we know about this forum. About 95% of the contents on it (guides, scripts, programs, even servers advertisement) is copy pasted from PKODev word for word without our permission. Therefore, there are no fundamentally new ideas and materials. The administration of this forum sent spam to our users through private messages, as you could see, so private messages had to be disabled for a certain time. After that, they started spamming in profile messages and right on the forum. All this characterizes the administration not from the best side, in my opinion. What do you say if I start stealing other people's materials and spamming on their forum? I think that everyone can draw conclusions and decide for himself to go there or not. Regarding your 'Community Source Code Development - Server / Client' topic, I confirm that I deleted some posts with fixes. These posts were posted by the administrator of the forum you mentioned. This user was recently banned on PKODev due to the fact that he is known as a scammer in Russian community of developers and players. After that, he continued to produce fake accounts on our forum, but my position remains unchanged. So, I keep deleting only his fixes. You are doing a great job, but for a more streamlined development process, following the example of other users, I advise you to create a common repository. The format of the forum is not very convenient for such development. Thank you for your question and have a good day!
  12. Hello @Smokie! Try Effect Editor: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/293398774511042560/485564502738468895/Untitled_-_EffectEditor_01_09_2018_4_35_22.mp4 Download Thanks to @Wrexor
  13. Hello @LuciferMorningStar! All websites are different and set up differently. You need to read the instructions that come with a specific site. One of the common aspects, as a rule, is a bunch of Web Server and PHP. You can find in Google many guides how to install it.
  14. Hello @YeYeJuice! Make sure that mixed authentication is enabled in MSSQL Server settings:
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