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    yea its so hard guys took 5 mints to make it work lmao https://i.gyazo.com/d2c189bc5fb1519a5023f807fcd6f321.gif
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    @patrick13 oh thats weird, thought its client side issue, weird how it works at 1.35 client and not in 1.36+
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    yes, I've done that in King of Pirates online. nothing too complex but requires certain knowledge around source codes.
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    Decadence Pirates Online is a top1 server and hard server. Our rates are #Exp-Solo: 2x #Exp-Party: 2x #Drop-Rate: 2x #Fairy-Exp: 10x #Ship-Exp: 10x #Mazes: FC, DS, DW, CA and Mirages Maze infos: Forsaken City Drops: normal gems, broken gems (can be forged on equipments and on rings), ref gems. Opens every 3 hours Chests drop: FC1 - Runestones and mystic chests FC2 - Inca chests FC3 - Inca chests Boss drop: Ref gem, 45 sealed equipment, UG Purse (2% chance) Dark Swamp Drops: cracked gems on mobs, cracked gem chest on mini bosses and ref gems on monsters Chests drop: DS1 - Fel runestone, lum and mystic chest. DS2 - Eva chests DS3 - Eva chests and fel runestone Boss drop: Ref gem, 55 sealed equipment, UG purse (2% chance) Demonic World Drops: normal gems on mobs Chests drop: DW1 - Kal runestone, eva chests. DW2 - Kal Runestone and enigma chests Boss drop: DW1: Ref gem, 65 sealed weapon, UG purse (10% chance) DW2: Ref Gem, 65 sealed armor, UG Purse (10% chance). How to make money as soon as you start playing? Well that is kind simple, on Decadence Pirates Online we have Resource Merchant NPC where you can sell some woods, ores and fishes for some gold as the image shows below. Also you can have money from disciple system, event npc pappa quests, class quests and selling goddess favors. On HL you can go to summer island for some mystic chests and get some money Server will be opened on Friday (January 15th). Join us at our discord https://discord.gg/6CVM7ubhwt or website https://decadencepiratesonline.com.br/
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    looks like a really good server.
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    Php version, budget, requirements, framework (if any?) how are developers supposed to know that information? It’s good practise to specify those prior to asking people to dm you
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    I don't think starting the game in debug mode is possible, you can try experimenting manually or looking the functions up in the source code (search for it in the forums)
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    Hello @Elazul! First we talk about the "for" loop which you having problem. https://www.tutorialspoint.com/lua/lua_for_loop.htm The line error from log in code: for i = 1, Upgrade.Items do It trying to get size of the table for upgrade items, the correct way should be like that: for i = 1, table.getn(Upgrade) do replace to the following above in codes and it work.
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    Ищу специалиста, который сможет провести полный рефакторинг кода и портировать игру на платформу Android, IOS и перевод на WebGL. Бюджет: 1 млн. Для связи: [email protected]
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