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  1. Hi @V3ct0r, can make a mod whit gems stack. example: that each gem according to its level joins the stack of its level, lv1 whit lv1 and lv2 whit lv 2 etc
  2. Game version? 1.3x or 2.x?
  3. @V3ct0r HI; i have the Co Client .exe what version is this .exe?
  4. @V3ct0r Battle Pass? Or something same ?
  5. Hello everyone, how have you been? I hope it's ok! @V3ct0r I have had an idea for some time but with my current knowledge I have not been able to carry it out Some people will need : GuildLV function Concept the idea is that there are several islands with valuable resources inside(it's up to each owner to decide what there are) they are conquerable by a guild destroying the mother structure in the center of the map, the islands will be neutral if nobody conquers them, when a guild conquers it that only guild will have access to it, the system will notify everyone on the server about it. the islands (map) will have a protection time (adjustable) once conquered. The system will tell players which guild each island belongs to and how long it has left to be invaded. even that there are mobs (few guardians) that attack any intruder and are more resistant depending on the level of the guild that has conquered
  6. HI, have this error where are the symbols for ++ C:\01 New Project\source\Client\Client\src\Character.cpp(452): error C2059: syntax error : 'if' C:\01 New Project\source\Client\Client\src\Character.cpp(460): error C2059: syntax error : 'if' C:\01 New Project\source\Client\Client\src\Character.cpp(478): error C2059: syntax error : 'if' C:\01 New Project\source\Client\Client\src\Character.cpp(485): error C2059: syntax error : 'if' C:\01 New Project\source\Client\Client\src\Character.cpp(492): error C2059: syntax error : 'if'
  7. This need a specific VS?
  8. Bro that dont work fine the mount just slide cant walk
  9. New glow and glow colors Great Sword Gun Dagger Bow Sword Another Bow Glow Staff Gun +27 Join US!
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