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  1. This need a specific VS?
  2. Bro that dont work fine the mount just slide cant walk
  3. Who sell mount Script?
  4. New glow and glow colors Great Sword Gun Dagger Bow Sword Another Bow Glow Staff Gun +27 Join US!
  5. Ximboliex

    [UI] Loot Filter

    Great. Sell you mob drop info code ?
  6. •Fallen Relics Online| 24/7 •Type: Medium Pk Farm • Server Rate: -MaxLv 100 -MaxLV Pet : 100 whit mall and improved 150 -Solo : x35 -Party : x75 -Drop : x45 -Pet Grow : x8000 -Ship exp : x5000 •Swings •Guild Leveling •Guild Bank •Guild Name Color •In Game Mall •Rebirth 4 •New App Every Week •Website: https://oldswordpirates.com/fro/index.php?act=register •Youtube:
  7. As the title says I am trying to make the traveler's marine skills be land but "edit" the line of the skillinfo.txt where it is supposed to verify that if it is sea or land but still leaving the sea, someone can show me where it is exactly what do I have to edit to see if I am in error? thanks in advance!
  8. Very Thanks @1g0rS1lv4!
  9. As the title says, does anyone know how to put music on maps? Thanks in advance
  10. @V3ct0r Error https://gyazo.com/71e0bd6fec5b6c08bbd46b60bf4bce22
  11. Username invalid, write your name same please.
  12. Put this in client and execute https://mega.nz/file/285gBD4R#PTVm2BOTpHBRWjud6Pqz39oT4BTF19vYXG9v36ZmAbI
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