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  1. @V3ct0r know you the Game.exe(1.3x) iteminfo limit hex address?
  2. Ok, Every time the player disconnects and connects or makes a switch character and re-enters the game, he receives the login prize regardless of 24 hours.
  3. This partially worked for me. I explain, compile and game open, the item exists in the game but I can't have the item in my inventory because it disconnects me from the server, here are the images I put the limits at 10k but I can't have the items in my inventory with an id greater than 6001 have game.exe 13x_2 @V3ct0r
  4. Good day comunity, Could someone solve the issue of when you do switch character, do you think that a whole day has passed? I have not made any changes in the game.exe
  5. Hi @V3ct0r, can make a mod whit gems stack. example: that each gem according to its level joins the stack of its level, lv1 whit lv1 and lv2 whit lv 2 etc
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