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  1. I'll check About group server crash when you try chat in friend chat, some time crash whit send party invitations, i still checking that.
  2. Links broken, please update post @Sharshabel
  3. Have a litle trouble whit guild, When I create the guild it does not register me as a leader and indicates that the guild has no people and when I change the map or relog or switch character the guild disappears as if it had never been created, any help or suggestions? I have resolved everything else, such as the items not showing attributes and fairies, the acc and pr registration in the stats window, etc. @Mdrst
  4. Buen Dia, Eso es por que tu AI esta modificado para que pase , tienes que buscar la en script/ai y revisa y compara con unos Files clean antes de publicar ayuda, si el problema no lo encuentras ahi entonces publica si necesitas ayuda, en la seccion de ingles en Question & Request y te ayudaremos !
  5. Hi, Your need add item in iteminfo.txt in server side, if it were only in the iteminfo.bin the game would disconnect you when getting it
  6. If you want extract gem whit refining gem whit native UI need edit .exe (src) If you have Client Src then looking for "UIPurifyForm.cpp"
  7. i have this error, i dont move anithing, have CO Src
  8. go resourcer/puzzleworld2/ctrl.lua , here you can see where open portal ,remove or edit
  9. Hello good, Does anyone know how you take the staked gems in the Corsair files, i can get whit "GetItemStackSize()" but cant delete the stacked gems, if anyone can help me I would really appreciate it
  10. @V3ct0r know you the Game.exe(1.3x) iteminfo limit hex address?
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