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  2. Any clues on how to make skills that affect attributes work with this balanced map script? Ie. Abyss mire does not affect the attribute (decreases mspd) of player being affected. Thanks.
  3. I do have a question. I added the server iteminfo to the client and compiled it so I could use the angela jr but it doesnt seem to level. I feed it fruits and nothing happens. What makes the fairy level up?
  4. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Been looking for a guide like this! Was struggling to find one
  5. discovered the cause: had to edit the LUA files instead
  6. Официальный старт сервера 31 Мая в 18:00 Приходи сам и зови своих друзей! Наш форум Мы Вконтакте Discord Рейты: Качер Рост Феи х200 Дроп: Индивидуальный Максимальный уровень персонажа 150 Максимальный уровень феи 151 Макс.уровень заточки 110% Максимальные статы: Сила - 100 Ловкость - 100 Точность - 100 Телосложения - 100 Дух - 120 Локации: Аргент Серебряный Хаос Затерянный город Тёмная топь Мир Демонов Абаддон 10-17 Логово Дракона Зона Метеоритов Остров Скелетов Снежная Война База Флота Сон Яны Нововведения: - Уникальная VIP Система - Рабочая Система Свадеб - Новые Аппарели и Крылья - Масса PVP и PVE контента
  7. pkodev.net/topic/24-server-rates/ www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFZlXByZ5Xk&t=59s Not sure why the links didn't appear correctly, here they are
  8. I followed this guide Server rates - Guides - PKOdev.NET - Community of Developers & Administrators But the server rates ingame are the same, I still get the same drops and the same EXP from the same monster. here is what my variables.lua says EXP_RAID = 10 --怪物经验倍数 MF_RAID = 100 --怪物暴料倍数 Resource_RAID_ADJUST=100 --资源暴料倍数 TeamExp_RAID = 15 --组队额外经验倍数 ELEEXP_GETRAD = 100 --精灵挂机成长率 SHIP_RAID = 100 -- Ship experience rate These are the files i am using, the game is working correctly (just some bugs and some missing newbie quests and some UI weirdness but its pretty good otherwise) Tales of Pirates Full Source Code Server Setup 2023 - YouTube I even restarted the computer after closing the accountserver and gameserver and so on just to refresh the server. Any idea why the server rates aren't working? Am i supposed to change something in the Client too?
  9. Last week
  10. I pulled a client from this clean release: https://pkodev.net/topic/6130-release-clean-top-138-client/ And this is the header in the included Game.exe: https://i.imgur.com/yn2Auw7.png Is this just an "uncommon" version, or am I misreading the timestamp?
  11. I got the server set up, but now which ip's do I change to make my server to where my friends can join. I used a top2 built kit and I can connect. Which Ip do I change? There is a client side thing I haveto change? I had found a guide but I cant seem to find it
  12. This is the post containing all the files but the post owner link is broken. Just read through the post and you will get the proper link files. the one from ruubi is the basic files by Dan and the password is that long message. ruubi also provide the files for the client. and in the later reply, there is an exe files which you put inside the server files folder. and thats pretty much it. and just set it and its good to go.
  13. Never mind sorry figured it out! Thanks for the guide!
  14. I was worried about that once I found the other files. Ok I'll try starting over with new files. Thanks!
  15. I mean if you want your friends to connect to your server since the IP you mentioned does not seem viable. Anyway, on your concern over GS is not connecting properly, I also have issues on the guide made by that video and I stop using it. You can try the one release by GOAT/Dan. thats a good one and I'm using that currently. A lot more content made and the game fun to use. But you need to read through the post to get the necessary files and exe to make it work but it will work. If you need further help on setting things up. I can help on that particular files.
  16. try to connect try to connect try to connect try to connect SSL socket accpeted onconnect onconnected Client Hello called GetDisconnectErrText: -31 try to connect Any idea what this means?
  17. I set the Ip's to the default local host of and everything works when I change to my public ip the gate server cant seem to connect. Any tips or ideas? It cant seem to listen to the game server? idk what that means just says gameserver cant listen
  18. IDK what any of that has to do with it. I got my servers to connect to one another and now I cant get my client to connect are there any guides on that?
  19. Дорогие друзья! Приглашаем всех на старт нашего с вами обновленного игрового мира. Яркие и захватывающие приключения, веселые сражения ждут всех, кто только начинает играть у нас. У вас есть потрясающая возможность стать самым крутым бойцом и занять первое место в Зале Славы! Вас ждет море удовольствия и приключений во всей любимой онлайн игре. Сбалансированная экономика на сервере и конечно же старые друзья . Море фана и удовольствие. Зовите друзей, объединяйтесь, воюйте. Игровой сервер начнет свою работу 10 июня в 18.00 по московскому времени Создание игровых персонажей будет доступно за час до открытия. Регистрация аккаунтов будет доступна 10 июня в 12:00. Полное описание проекта будет доступно уже сегодня вечером. Воспользоваться акцией с пополнением возможно до 29 мая включительно.
  20. Выбор персонажа на телефоне Новости разработки и другие интересные фишки в нашем Телеграм канале
  21. Had an issue with the mod. Mod works perfectly fine when installed and during use but when opening ships interface (ie. building ship or right clicking vessel deed), it crashes the client. No error message. DLL used is 13X2.
  22. Прототип инвентаря для PC Прототип инвентаря для Mobile Один и тот же код на lua генерирует окно для различных платформ, что позволяет нам безболезненно разрабатывать игру под любую ОС. Новости разработки и другие интересные фишки в нашем Телеграм канале
  23. kyleflow

    PKO 1.38 Addons

    This needed which SQL version? for 1.38 files right ? and the post did not give along 1.38 database files
  24. birth place is funplace i cant go in to client?
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