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  2. Can you add me on discord please: wizard_games1
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  4. nose lo que hablas ya que hablo español pero el teas es que usando un items puedes aplicarte una skill tienes que basarte en el energy shiel delas clerisc creo que se llama pero en ves de quitarte mana que elimine el estado de inmune usa el craneooo
  5. Hey @V3ct0r, I have this game.exe which works with modloader - says it's version 13_2 However, since this file seems to be broken when trying to build a boat, I looked into the supported game.exe you attached to the main post. 13_5 and 13_0 were able to connect (all other gave a game version error, your 13_2 included), but when I try to enter a character it either spawns me in the middle of sea and completely unusable, or throws and ItemID error (for IDs I've never actually used). I've used your Game Info program to look into my game.exe, but all values match the standard 13_2, so why doesn't it work? Alternatively, is there a way to fix the boat issue in my game.exe? Thanks
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  7. I'm trying to find where I can change the glow color that certain gems gives to an weapon. For example: gem of rage always gives yellow glow, but lustrious always give red glow. Where can I change it? Like for example if I want to make gem of rage to always glow red on swords
  8. thank you, but do u know what skill state should I create in this case? Like, it's some kind of immunity to only that skill. Probably gonna sound silly what I say but isn't it similar to blessed potion effect or something?
  9. Update: Выпилена нахуй старая система логирования. Добавлена новая, которая не жрет время на IO, т.к. логирование сделано в отдельном потоке и почти не сказывается на производительности, в отличие от старого способа. Выпилены нахуй все сборщики стектрейсов, обработки исключений и прочей мутотни, которая в x64 не работает, да и вообще является прошлым веком. Вместо этого добавлен единый механизм складывания дампов для серверов и клиента, в случае если произойдет падение. Следующий шаг, это переписывание гейта на .NET платформу, используя функциональный язык F#. Если развлекаться - то по полной. Если кто-то хочет стрим вот этого всего, то можно запилить)
  10. The "lua function[lua_BickerNotice]param number or type error!" error was fixed (turns out it was actually unrelated), but the main issue remains I ran the client with the "> output.txt" command and after the modloader it printed the following: loading mission.lua GetMisData: Obtain quest notice failed! Have not found target quest data notice. ID = 701 GetMisData: Obtain quest notice failed! Have not found target quest data notice. ID = 9109 GetMisData: Obtain quest notice failed! Have not found target quest data notice. ID = 9110 GetMisData: Obtain quest notice failed! Have not found target quest data notice. ID = 203 GetMisData: Obtain quest notice failed! Have not found target quest data notice. ID = 702 But in my MissionScript01 they are properly defined, for example: DefineMission( 702, "Blacksmith's Greetings", 701 ) MisBeginTalk( "<t>You will not be able to survive in this harsh world if you are going around unarmed.<n><t>Take this letter to <pArgent City>'s Blacksmith, <bGoldie> at (2193, 2706). I believe he can be of help to you.<n><t>You can use the Radar (Alt + R) to locate him." ) MisBeginCondition(HasRecord, 1) MisBeginCondition(NoRecord, 701) MisBeginCondition(NoMission, 701) MisBeginAction(AddMission, 701) MisBeginAction(SetFlag, 701, 1) MisBeginAction(GiveItem, 3950, 1, 4) MisCancelAction(ClearMission, 701 ) MisBeginBagNeed(1) MisNeed(MIS_NEED_DESP, "Send the letter to <bBlacksmith - Goldie> in <pArgent City> at (2193, 2706). Return to look for Newbie Guide Senna at (2223, 2785)") MisResultTalk("<t>I see, so you've met <bGoldie>. He's the guy to look for when you have made enough money to get a good weapon.") MisHelpTalk("<t>Remember to hand the letter to Goldie personally. He is at the left corner of Argent City at (2193, 2706).<n><t> You can use the Radar(Alt + R) to locate him.") MisResultCondition(NoRecord, 701) MisResultCondition(HasMission, 701) MisResultCondition(HasFlag, 701, 10) MisResultAction(ClearMission, 701) MisResultAction(SetRecord, 701) MisResultAction(AddExp, 9, 9 ) For reference, here's the mission.lua from my client print( "loading mission.lua" ) --lua��������ֵ���� LUA_FALSE = 0 LUA_TRUE = 1 MIS_TREENODE_INVALID = 0 -- ��Ч���� MIS_TREENODE_NOMAL = 1 -- ��ͨ���� MIS_TREENODE_HISTORY = 2 -- ��ʷ���� MIS_TREENODE_GUILD = 3 -- �������� MisData = {} function AddMisData( id, name, tp ) if id == nil or name == nil or tp == nil then print( "AddMisData: Function parameter error! Id = , Name = , tp = ", id, name, tp ) return end if MisData[id] ~= nil then print( "AddMisData: Original quest ID overlayed when setting new quest date! Original data id = , name = , tp = , new data id = , name = , tp = ", id, MisData[id].name, MisData[id].tp, id, name, tp ) end MisData[id] = {} MisData[id].name = name MisData[id].tp = tp print( "Set Quest: ["..name..">> ID["..id.."] Type["..tp.."]" ) end function GetMisData( id ) if id == nil then print( "GetMisData: Obtained quest details, parameter error! id = nil" ) return LUA_FALSE end if MisData[id] == nil or MisData[id].name == nil or MisData[id].tp == nil then print( "GetMisData: Obtain quest notice failed! Have not found target quest data notice. ID = "..id ) return LUA_FALSE end return LUA_TRUE, MisData[id].tp, MisData[id].name end
  11. If I'm not mistaken, this is from ROSO. They allow players to submit custom app, but the players have to provided all the files needed for this according to those rules initially posted. This is their page for custom apparels.
  12. I’m actually only making one set apparel for a server I’m playing and these are the roles by the game master not me. 1x hat 1x armor 1xboot 1xgloves 1x weapon
  13. Your rules look like slavery to me more than a job, this isn't how you offer/ask for jobs in any industry you need to get better ma dear. You're literally throwing the 'very experienced' modeler at this point.
  14. Any1 can reupload mordo online server files?
  15. looking for someone very experienced in making a full custom app. files needed: TEXTURE: a .BMP or .TGA file that holds the applied image for the item. MODEL: a .LGO file that contains the 3d model for the item. Important Note: Model and Texture names have been now limited to 32 characters long per texture and model name. Anything above that will declined -Helmets, Armor, Gloves, Boots, ALL Weapons CAN'T be above 2,100 Polys/Verts. If your apparel has more than that it will be automatically declined. This does NOT mean your apparel will be accepted if it's lower than [2,100]. It will be tested to see if it will cause problems with other players or if the staff members believes it can be lowered. The lower the poly/vert count the better! -Apparels textures are limited to 1(MB) per apparel [SMALLER IS BETTER] and a MAXIMUM of 3 textures connected. Some exceptions can be made at the staff members discretion. *You must ask them first! -All Textures must follow the (x8 multiplicative rule) Example: 128x128 , 520x520, 800x800. BUT NO HIGHER THAN 800x800 unless granted permission from a staff member.
  16. Thanks, I added the "AddMisData" to missioninfo.lua (already had quest types in mission.lua) but unfortunately if stayed the same
  17. check scripts\lua\mission missioninfo.lua AddMisData(1 , "QuestName" , QuestType , 2223,2785, "加纳大陆" , 2223,2785, "加纳大陆" ) in mission.lua add quest type MIS_TREENODE_INVALID = 0 -- 无效类型 MIS_TREENODE_NOMAL = 1 -- 普通任务 MIS_TREENODE_HISTORY = 2 -- 历史任务 MIS_TREENODE_GUILD = 3 -- 工会任务
  18. I'm having the same issue. I tried using a clean 1.38 exe, but it didn't work; clean 1.36 (exe) works for boats but says it's incompatible with modloader and returns an item error on my character "item ID 29106 is invalid" - but I never had any ID over 6k How did you fix it? Also, @V3ct0r shouldn't 1.36 be compatible with the modloader?
  19. The files used here are 1.36 to 2.7 TopII is from igg and its files have not been published Yes, some features are not in the files and to add them you have to have knowledge of Lua and how the info item works. To help, use the apple item and modify it so that it gives an effective skill state.
  20. Arista is an item that is used an antidote to energy web skill what is happening now is that it only works to break the effect after you get stuck by energy web. when you use it, it'll free you out of the web (just like some kind of recovery skill). what i need to make is it be working as a buff code (or potion) that is going to give you immunity to that skill for a duration of 5min. it worked like that on TOP2 but when i looked for it in top2 files i just see the same code like in old top files
  21. Hi, I am willing to purchase animation services for newly made characters. I have the import tool, but I am not able to export animations into .lab format. Services required: -Creating bone/skeleton of the model. -All the basic animation: walking/running/death/attack/etc -Animation tool that can export into .lab format. -CharacterAction.tx knowledge. Please let me know if you are interested in this job.
  22. As the title mentions: I have followed both of these guides: In terms of logs, I could only identify luamis_error.log as relevant: [07-16 12:27:41]lua function[lua_BickerNotice]param number or type error! However, I've checked all MissionScripts.lua and none of them uses "BickerNotice" EDIT: calua_err.log mentioned an error with the chinese quests; renamed them to “Unknown” on missioninfo.lua and it was fixed!
  23. elseif item.func == KopSummon then PRINT( "ActionProc:KopSummon" ) return KopSummon( character, MonsterID ) elseif item.func == KopSummon then return KopSummon(character, item.p1)
  24. If you can have another way of summoning mobs other than CreateChaX as the function call, I think you can work with that.
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