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  2. Всем доброе утро, есть феи начальные они дают норм прирост когда качаю ее, дальше что мы имеем фею дракона мартовскую фею и феи августа дают кривой прирост, что имею ввиду, что качаю +2 стата дает +1 к характеристикам, а при уровне феи 4 дает 3 стата и так далее) ЧТо можно с этим вообще поделать а мужики?
  3. @e1mer @NMS3RRТак парни не ругайтесь я ведь к тому что я пишу ген что бы было понятно иначе не знаю как это можно описать, главное что вы поняли что я хотел спросить и вопрос понятен))
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  5. Good evening, how do I add the Admiral Cloak in PKO 2.4 server files

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  7. A more elaborate description would help. Do you want to create a patcher that downloads a patch or only a .zip file that contains certain updates that you have done?
  8. This might be an error somewhere in the GM system code. As the error message says, a value is nil, when it should be something else. Pretty hard to tell without seeing the whole code.
  9. Monday Update Log 3.4: - Advanced Gems caped has been changed to Lv7 - Lone Tower has been fixed by automatic start after u enter without NPC - New 2 City: 1. Demesion Castle - in this map will be new things in June Updates 2. Lost City - in this map will be new things in June Updates - Amazon Area Dungeon Portal has been move to Lost City from Argent City - In New City will be includes new updates for JUNE!
  10. hi, im having in shadow slash animation. whenever i used that skill my char starting to do the "swing animation" position then stun. where can i fix it
  11. У меня это был какой-то аддон. Я его отключил и все заработало. Какой именно - не помню.
  12. Столкнулся с подобной проблемой че не так с этими феями?) А @Graf
  13. Наверное стоило еще изменить комментарий при входе на карту все таки на другую. прыгаешь в той же функции)
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  15. hi there. I've got some spare time in the summer cause uni's over. if anybody wants to create a pk server, feel free to message me. I can code a website from scratch in php7 or python, and add any functionality including payments, item mall, items assigning, inventory decryption and others. additionally I can help code in nodejs, c#, lua, python and asp.net it would be preferred to work with someone who is capable of working with sources.
  16. https://gyazo.com/848dfe94a18c83d30eef89c52abe53fc https://gyazo.com/725af86c5968509577ea9304dc7b8c4c https://gyazo.com/9682cfe9d8ffd5d88a0b9f31ef3f1276 I stole the same design from the flyFF website to a friend's server k k k
  17. Thread is updated with some of the works Contact on Discord: Billie#0847
  18. @Maridyri Thanks for the Fixes. If you got time to share the Bank Pin Fix it would be great aswell. Thanks for contribute
  19. @Fritt, hello! If you collect the source code in the form in which they were delivered by default, the player will delete IMPS, but will not give out the element, the reason for this was the missing function, which I wrote about above. Errors discovered, if you create a new character and write in Discord or Vip - there is no nickname in the message, the solution was the forced color assignment in GroupServer at the time of character creation. Need search WPacket GroupServerApp::TP_BGNPLAY(Player *ply,DataSocket *datasock,RPacket &pk) in GroupServerAppServ.cpp // And after the line ply->m_guild[ply->m_bp_currcha] = m_tblcharaters->GetGuildID(); // Add ply->m_chatColour[ply->m_bp_currcha] = m_tblcharaters->GetChatColour(); And search WPacket GroupServerApp::TP_NEWCHA(Player *ply,DataSocket *datasock,RPacket &pk) in GroupServerAppServ.cpp // And after the line ply->m_guild[ply->m_chanum] =0; // Add ply->m_chatColour[ply->m_chanum] = m_tblcharaters->GetChatColour(); The problem was that the new character had a default color of 0x00000000, it was not black, because the first 2 Fs were responsible for transparency, that is, it was black - transparent. I also managed to restore the bank opening by entering PIN However, the fix requires full implementation on the client side, so I will publish it if at least a few people say this because I need to write a serious guide)
  20. Спасибо учитель. Я надеялся, что из моего повествования человеку будет понятно, что нет функции отвечающей за ген. Поэтому это слово оказалось в кавычках, простите меня, в следующий раз буду тщательней описывать. Я думал вы отошли от дел, но вы продолжаете учить нас. Это очень здорово.
  21. hi you create server ? im buy server top
  22. Thanks @Mdrst it has worked for me!
  23. За "ген" феи не отвечает не одна из функций, это общепринятое понятие в Пиратии, которое применяется к определенным феям. Создаешь фею, прикручиваешь к ней свои бонусы, и говоришь что это третий ген. Генерация феи это условное понятие.
  24. Hello everyone! I'd like to invite you to our Discord Channel, as our server is currently "Under Development" you will be informed about News & Much more in our Discord! Link to our Discord: https://discord.gg/edJHVBF ( More Infos about Server will be posted here soon )
  25. Dear players! We have a small update for you! Technical work will begin at 20:00 22/05/2020 and last 15-30 min! What will be new? 1. Ship EXP (x3) and Resource drop (x3) will be increased until 29 May! 2. At the request of many players, bosses of the Demonic World have been changed • Increased HP of the DW 1 and DW 2 bosses • Increased the agro radius DW 2 boss 3. Abaddon The portal to Abaddon will open on May 23 at 20:00 (server time) ATTENTION: Only floors 5-8 will be open, you have to fight 4 bosses! Invite your friends, strengthen the guild, you have a big battle! Detailed information - here https://www.kraken-online.org/forum/index.php?/topic/7-abaddon/ 4. At the request of players at Naval Base, Skeletar Isle and Treasure Gulf locations, battles between players are possible! Be careful, opponents will be able to prepare an ambush for you and interfere with your plans! 5. Green Dragon Keys (only 200 pcs) will be added to the Item Mall until May 25th 6. I remind you that each newcomer will be able to get a Newbie chest from the administration, PM @Kraken or @Captain Barbarossa in discord. Also u can participate in the new #giveaway event! 7. Event for guilds that come to our server. If you want to come to play on our server with your guild (5+ live people), then the server administration is ready to help you with this and give out the initial things for starting and developing your guild. 8. Also on the weekend there will be a small event, the main prize crystals! Follow the news in the game and in the discord! 8. Also on the weekend there will be a small event, the main prize crystals! Follow the news in the game and in the discord! Our discord: https://discord.com/invite/b2n9H7D Our web site: https://www.kraken-online.org/ Game guides: https://www.kraken-online.org/forum/index.php?/forum/6-guides/
  26. Файл skilleff, там один из последних столбцов, чтоб найти идентификатор эффекта нужно искать в variable либо function, либо forge, не помню. Можешь искать по типу предмета фея или по строчкам с ошибками при спарке. За "ген" отвечают функции в skilleffect ( владение феи и функция дропа ) и в exp_and_lvl функция по начислению опыта.
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