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  2. i need to add vip neck on server client i wonder if there is a guide or tutorial how to add them? thkx for your support
  3. > Update/Changes List 09-19: - TOF Map Fixed (Tribulation) - Zeus of Life/SP Ring Gems Fixed - Dream PK Revival Skill Disabled - Bosses Respawn Fixed - Poss/Guild Atributte Fixed - Ring Gems Limit Lv6 Added - UG Gems Limit Lv9 Added - Lv95 Weapons Upgrade Stone Exchange Added (Icicle City 1344,523)
  4. thkz i soulved the problem thkx anyway sorry bothering u.
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  6. https://mega.nz/file/dT4DiSya#T4qH17uO9XKu0gQHabj0qDKnj3dFScQgzk3pNbaImQk
  7. Pls can u upload the compiler pls i need it for iteminfo!!!
  8. Can i ask u how to add them i only copy and paste from another client or`?
  9. Thanks great initiative! I was wondering can you make an overview of bug fixes and tweaks? I have already made some changes in the source code myself and want to know if this is covered. However the random disconnnect issues, remains super annoying. I really hope someone can find the reason for this. anyway thanks
  10. cha_timer function when added with the script, i have a lot of error popping up when launching gameserver. is it possible for 2.4 version to use this? and is it cha_timer hook in functions ?
  11. Thk u! I have another question about ports how do i found my open port number so i can set the config files thk u for your support again.
  12. MISSCRIPT_NPCSCRIPT01_LUA_000001 = GetResString("MISSCRIPT_NPCSCRIPT01_LUA_000001") Talk( 1, MISSCRIPT_NPCSCRIPT01_LUA_000001 ) MISSCRIPT_NPCSCRIPT01_LUA_000002 = GetResString("MISSCRIPT_NPCSCRIPT01_LUA_000002") Text( 1, MISSCRIPT_NPCSCRIPT01_LUA_000002, BuyPage ) Hi guys.. may i know where do we trace back the NPC "talk text" from these MISSSCRIPT. I want to edit the content such as the phrases and etc but I can't trace back its origin. I'm using 2.4 base files from Lucky
  13. Its okay. for now I think changing it into voucher is the wise way to solve the extract issue. hehehe. thanks btw You can create a universal plier, where you can double click item, and it will extract itself and give you the correct level gem back. If you are using voucher and it gives the ability to choose a certain gem then it's quite a bad idea, if players are able to choose their desired gem.
  14. Might as well fix that, now that you mentioned it and it takes a couple of seconds to find and fix.
  15. Last week
  16. If it's not too much of a risk for you, it may be worth posting some system information like your operating system, general system specs, and when this started happening. It is very possible that this isn't to do with the StallServer itself, especially since you said at one point it was working for 100 hours before crashing. I know it's old, but see https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/windowsserver/en-US/8d29f351-6bc4-4ad8-9fcc-02d827e05536/ephemeral-port-exhaustion-event-id-4231?forum=winserver8gen for a previous example of the issue happening because of a Windows update. Perhaps you could post your Windows event logs from around the time it is happening too.
  17. One of them is the /byebyeleecher for gateserver; resulting in disconnecting the gate.
  18. PIRATIA.START Сайт Форумы Правила Модераторы Пользователи онлайн Лидеры Активность Баннеры сообщества Непрочитанное Отметить сайт прочитанным Главная Русские сервера Скоро открытие Высокие рейты Пиратия Старт (Фан сервер) открытие 18.09.2021 12:00 Пиратия Старт (Фан сервер) открытие 18.09.2021 12:00 Добавить тег Оценить эту тему: Вы оценили на 5 звёзд Автор PIRATIA.START, 52 минуты назад в Высокие рейты Поделиться Подписаться0 Ответить Поднять тему Создать новую тему PIRATIA.START Пользователь 2 Опубликовано 52 минуты назад (изменено) Название: Пиратия Старт Версия: 1.39 Время сервера: Московское Онлайн: 24\7 Стадия: Открытие 18.09.2021 12:00 Сайт: http://piratia-start.ru/ ВК:https://vk.com/piratia_start Прокачка по локациям Дроп - 100х Фея - 1000х Макс уровень персонажа -200 Макс уровень Феи – 300 Характеристики персонажа: Сила - 100 Ловкость - 100 Телосложение - 150 Точность - 100 Дух - 150 Особенности сервера: Рабочее 1-3 Рб Защита от RPE/WPE Защита от Ddos атак сервера Опытная и отзывчивая Администрация Доспехи & Оружие Стандартные 55-85. Далее по квестам на каждые 20 уровней (105-125-145 и тд.) Самоцветы: +4;+5;+8;+10 Изменено 51 минута назад пользователем PIRATIA.START Цитата Ответов0 Создана52 мин Последний ответ52 мин ТОП АВТОРОВ ТЕМЫ 1 ПОПУЛЯРНЫЕ ДНИ 17 сент 1 Ответить в этой теме... Перейти к списку тем Статус жизни форума Дата запуска форума: May 27, 2020 20:35:04 Возраст форума: 1 year 3 months 20 days 02 hours 37 minutes 53 seconds Непрочитанное Отметить сайт прочитанным Главная Русские сервера Скоро открытие Высокие рейты Пиратия Старт (Фан сервер) открытие 18.09.2021 12:00 Чат Язык Обратная связь Powered by Invision Community
  19. StallServer 3.7.2 error after approximately 26 hours online. Initially new connections to the game are denied, the site stops working until it reaches the point where the StallServer crashes. @V3ct0r I know you're busy, but please don't abandon your customers. We pay for your product and service that I can no longer use. In the past this problem happened after about 100 hours online. It is now happening in 26 hours and this makes using StallServer infeasible. I tried to contact you through Discord, but with no success. I need help with this problem. Thank you. Windows messenger log: - Warning - A request to allocate an ephemeral port number from the global TCP port space has failed due to all such ports being in use. Windows debug:
  20. It is said that those files have more than 30 "Backdoors". Not sure what exactly. Perhaps some of the people that collaborated or created those files could shed some light on what to check for.
  21. Whoosy

    PKO Base Files

    I'm having an issue with invisible NPC's and object entities when using the 2.4 server files. I can't find an answer, how do I go about fixing this?
  22. Perhaps provide the script for it, and maybe someone here can help resolve the issue.
  23. CLIENT https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8Vbx0yVKTGNRW5iWW5NUUV6SUU/view?usp=sharing&resourcekey=0-2skFvLcxoHMczwWJ0LJopg PATCH 2.4 https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8Vbx0yVKTGNd1dSN0FRa09uZXc/view?usp=sharing&resourcekey=0-Zk0r3InprJaG0BnS6nn-IQ Work in 2.7 server files
  24. Hi! i wonder if somebody can upload pko2 vs 2,7 client?
  25. I put up a git repository for those with issues getting the Corsairs Online source codes running. Feel free to fork it if you wish to make more of your own fixes. I applied all the fixes from the following topics except for the bank pin because I think that is annoying: But those are not all the fixes needed, as mentioned in the following comment: Besides that I made a couple of folder adjusted, added some sql scripts, and little bits here and there to make it easier to work with. I'm not going to fix the bugs mentioned - I just did this to make porting to top-recode easier. The repository is located there: https://gitlab.com/deguix/corsairs-online-public. Instructions on how to use it are there as well. If you have any issues on how to use i and on how to fork it and fix it yourself, you can also comment here: https://discord.gg/uu9TDUGq2v. I might be able to help you. Just don't expect me to fix anything.
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