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  2. Mind telling which file / function has the problem that aint loading the effects? or having wrong params?
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  4. Graf

    Flaming Demon

    1. Переведен iteminfo; 2. Изменен интерфейс клиента; 3. Исправлен сундук помощи, теперь дается VIP 1ур. на сутки(не передается); 4. Изменен баланс в Хаосе Москвы; 5. Исправлено отображение самоцветов "Лок" и "Бинг"; 6. Введен лаунчер для легкого обновления клиента. P.S. нужно скачать новый клиент.
  5. Hello community, I am using Corsair's Online Source Code and I encountered a very strange bug and I can't find what's causing it. Basically, when I use some skills (At the moment it happened with "Berserk", "Heal" and "Fairy body") it causes a self visual death. (Hp bar is at 100% but your char is layed on the ground with the revive in town button), if you press the button to revive, nothing happens, you are forced to relog, and when you relog, you go back to the same position. It doesn't happen 100% of the times, it happens randomly. Did anyone experience this bug before? Do you know where it comes from and how can I fix it? Thank you! -xexu
  6. no, well, at least the right way is to fix the original method that renders these glows which already exists within the files but uses wrong params and does not actually load the effect.
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  8. @mkhzaleh in which file i can find it?
  9. yea its so hard guys took 5 mints to make it work lmao https://i.gyazo.com/d2c189bc5fb1519a5023f807fcd6f321.gif
  10. Just check things related to EffectObj, it's already there, you just have to fix it because the "shining" effect is not being displayed
  11. it is a client side issue indeed, I can't release a fix until KOPO is running but after that I'll share the solution or a script to patch game.exe
  12. Graf

    Flaming Demon

    Изменены требования к ресетам; Сундук новичка теперь дает VIP 1 уровня на сутки; Телепорт в Темную Топь теперь через НПС; Призрачный удар можно использовать с любым оружием.
  13. Graf

    Flaming Demon

    1. Увеличен макс. уровень персонажа - не ограничен; 2. Увеличены макс. характеристики персонажа - 3к; 3. Убраны лишние монстры на воде; 4. Восстановлены все монстры Москвы; 5. Произведен вайп.
  14. @patrick13 oh thats weird, thought its client side issue, weird how it works at 1.35 client and not in 1.36+
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  16. yes, I've done that in King of Pirates online. nothing too complex but requires certain knowledge around source codes.
  17. UP, anyone managed to make it work?
  18. Updates Server Imporvements: 1. Quest Money task has been edited by prices 2. Money Collector the prices of exchange has been increased 3. Demonic Worold & Demonic World 2 & Dark Swamp & Forsaken City 1-3 Monsters now drop 100k Dollar Note 4. Max Level has been caped to lv95 5. Unseal lv75 Items has been added to Unseal Seller for Free 6. Kylin Set Chest has been added to Veteran Quest. Now when u complete quest u get Veteran Necklance + Kylin Chest 7. Aurora & Dark Area has been opened you can now enter there and find new dangerous bosses 8. Upgrade Kylin Items to Corporeal Kylin you can upgrade in Icicle City 1328,513 9. Upgrade Corporeal Kylin Stone Exchanger in Argent City 2220,2751 10. New Exchanger for 2nd Rebirth Stone in Shaitan City 907,3578 11. New Maze for DS & FC Character Lv45-55 Opening in Argent City ( Chaos Icicle same as chaos argent ) New Farming way for new players 12. Each new bosses has been added to Respawn NPC 13. New Gem Chest Manager you can change your voucher gems to chest instantly 14. New Gem Combiner lv4 Gems all in one 15. New Chest added for Black Dragon Gem and Unique Gems 16. Kylin Chest has been added to Item Mall Center 17. New Crown of God (Fusable) has been added to Item Mall Center 18. New Apparels has been added in Icicle City 1280,516 New Bosses: - Fury Kara = Respawn every 20 Hours DROP [ Boss Shard, Azrael Chest, Chipped Gem Chest, Unique Gem Chest, Black Dragon Gem Chest (Medium), Dragon Card, 20k Reputation Card, Rebirth Fragemnt 2 (Fury) ] - Vicious Relic Protector = Respawn every 12 Hours DROP [ Cloak Upgrade Device, Boss Shard, 30k Rep Card, Black Dragon Gem Chest (Eady), Unique Gem Chest, Rebirth Fragemnt 2 (Vicious) - Morpheus Abyss Demon = Respawn every 15 Hours DROP [ Boss Shard, Azrael Chest, Chipped Gem Chest, Unique Gem Chest, Black Dragon Gem Chest (Medium), 10k Reputation Card, Rebirth Fragemnt 2 (Morph) - Firm Guard = Respawn every 10 Hours DROP [ same as bounty pk boss + Rebirth Fragemnt 2 (Firm) ] Dark & Aurora Chest Update Drop: - Rebirth Shard 2 ( Medium ) - Yellow Jade ( Hard ) - Green Jade ( Hard ) - Red Jade ( Hard ) Kylin Items Update: - Kylin & Corp Kylin stun effect mele 40% - Kylin & Corp Kylin stun effect range 40% - Kylin Effect in Kylin set stay only unfused - If you want fuse your kylin set u need first upgrade to corporeal kylin and obtain general kylin stone to 4th slot - Kylin & Corp Kylin stun effect in Bolt - Kylin & Corp Kylin stun effect in Conch
  19. верните сборку последнюю со злодейкой, самый топ онлайн был с ней)
  20. У нас перезапуск сервера 29 января, не пропусти!
  21. after much time spent browsing through google, i figured id come ask the community, anyone know of a good cheap windows anti ddos vps host?
  22. Looking for a person who can setup multiple server that can reduce the ping of the players (Ping Optimization) just message me here.
  23. Советую хотя бы скриншот прикрепить, а то по вашей информации вряд ли помогут.
  24. - - - - English Post - - - - > Update Details 20-01: - Chaos Icicle PK Map Added Details: # map-time - Adjustment In Balance Between Classes Added Details: # balance-Features - Newbie Key ID Changed NOTE: If you are a newbie with less than 5 days on the server, contact a GM or HD to receive another Key. - Voyagers Unlocked on Farm Maps (DW-FC-DS) - Conch Skill Locked on Farm Maps (DW-FC-DS) - New Year Event Postponed until next Sunday. (BR Time) - Abaddon HP Bosses Augmented - DS-FC-DW HP Mobs Enhanced NOTE: Colored Necklaces Apparel and also new Kylin Apparels will be added only tomorrow at the Item Mall. - - - - PT BR Post - - - - > Detalhes Da Atualização 20-01: - Chaos Icicle PK Map Adicionado Detalhes: #map-time - Reajuste No Equilibrio Entre As Classes Adicionado Detalhes: #balance-Features - Newbie Key ID Alterado OBS: Se voce for um novato com menos de 5 dias no servidor, entre em contato com um GM ou HD para receber outra Key. - Voyagers Desbloqueados em Farm Maps(DW-FC-DS) - Conch Skill Bloqueada em Farm Maps(DW-FC-DS) - New Year Event Adiado até o proximo Domingo.(BR Time) - Abaddon HP Bosses Aumentado - DS-FC-DW Mobs HP Aumentado
  25. Begginer Invite Event: Hello, are you new in Adventure Pirates Online? Great i would invite you to grab your reward for this time! Duration Event: 19.1.2021 - 31.1.2021 - [Package Added to Award Center> Miscelaneous ] - What should you do get the reward ? [Count Date 19.1.2021 - All New Characters \ Accounts] 1. Create New Account 2. Create New Character 3. You must stay Online 24 Hours in game 4. Vote in our website 2x every 12 hours 5. You can get Begginer Package in Award Center for few credits!! - What the Package Include? 1. 2x Death Key ( Can Exchange to Death Weapons & Sets in Argent City ) 2. 1x Lv75 Character Level Card 3. 2x Lv65 Ring Voucher 4. Crown of Decedent 5. Wings Golden 6. Heat Sun Special Aura
  26. where can I get the codes for each mobs and server items
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