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  1. V3ct0r

    Setting up a server

  2. V3ct0r

    Setting up a server

    Hello, @Develich! Why can't you setup the server by yourself? What is the problem?
  3. V3ct0r

    game exe ram using

    Hello, @ahmad! Probably they did optimizations on the source code level. I think you know about "limits" for .bin tables, for example ItemInfo.bin, CharacterInfo.bin and etc. Usually people wants to increase them, but you also can decrease the limits. For instance lets take ItemInfo.bin. In my client one item occupies 868 bytes of memory. So, 6k items (default limit) will occupy about 5 Mbytes of memory, 9k items about 7.5 Mbytes and 32k items about 26.5 MBytes of memory.
  4. Servers advertisement section has been cleaned

  5. V3ct0r

    Pirate Island Online

    The topic has been moved to English section.
  6. V3ct0r

    [Request] Sceneobjinfo Limit on 1.3x

    This problem appears after you put Swings files in client.
  7. V3ct0r

    Installing Zend 8.0.2

    Use PDO with sqlsrv driver instead of old mssql_ functions. They are deprecated and deleted from newest PHP versions.
  8. V3ct0r

    stall gold limit

    Search by yourself. Now you know how do.
  9. V3ct0r

    stall gold limit

    @ahmad, maybe the limit is in Lua scripts for GUI. Have no more ideas
  10. V3ct0r

    PKO Base Files

    GroupServer.cfg [bird] Argent City = garner Shaitan City = magicsea Icicle Castle = darkblue StringSet.txt (client\scripts\table) [39] "Argent City" [40] "Shaitan City" [41] "Icicle Castle"
  11. V3ct0r

    stall gold limit

    Open Game.exe in OllyDBG or IDA Pro and search for value 0x05F5E100 (100 000 000) You will find something like: 0xAAAAAAAA 3D 00E1F505 CMP EAX,5F5E100 Address for the limit will be: 0xAAAAAAAA - 0x00400000 + 1 For example: Address will be 0x0045BBFF - 0x00400000 + 1 = 0x0005BC00
  12. if (IsChaInRegion(role, 2) == 1) then -- Персонаж в безопасной зоне (в городе) else -- Персонаж вне безопасной зоны end
  13. V3ct0r

    PKO Base Files

    As usually. What is the error?