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  1. hi victor you have discor? please check skype

  2. V3ct0r

    Import full 3d map into blender or 3d max

    We used tools that are publicly available, here on the forum. And you have access to these tools too.
  3. V3ct0r

    Help HEX Game.exe

    Hello, @LuciferMorningStar! Put ItemInfo.txt from 'GameServer\resource' to your 'Client\scripts\table' folder. Then compile it:
  4. V3ct0r

    Upgrade - Tichun

    Hello! Have no idea how to help you with that issue. What do you mean by "doesn't work"? Any errors?
  5. V3ct0r

    Erro Portal DS and FC.

    Hello, @1g0rS1lv4! Show your ctrl.lua and entrly.lua files. Did you do any modifications in these files?
  6. V3ct0r


    Wrong MSSQL Server host or login and password pair. Your script cannot connect to the server.
  7. Hello! The error tells about wrong structure of lines for apparels. Try to add "0" along with TAB (or remove) to the end of the each line.
  8. V3ct0r

    Help! how to change class name

    Hello, @xBoBo! Class names are hardcoded in GameServer.exe (server side) and Game.exe (client side).
  9. V3ct0r

    пиратия на MySQL

    @Rikko, а в чем вообще смысл переноса сервера пиратии на MySQL? Есть исходные коды сервера, можно переделать их под MySQL, но это требует знаний C++ и займет много времени:
  10. V3ct0r

    пиратия на MySQL

    Привет, @Rikko! Нет, сервер пиратии работает только с СУБД MSSQL Server
  11. V3ct0r

    V2 TOP Launcher BACKGROUND

    Hello, @FapFap! It is a bad idea to steal autoupdater from the other server.
  12. V3ct0r

    New website compatible with TOP

    Looks like the project is closed
  13. V3ct0r

    Auto patcher

    Hello, @space! Write what your requirements for the patcher and what you mean by "nice". I think this information will help you to find performer faster.
  14. Привет, @FapFap! Не могу восстановить картинки, так как они похоже были удалены с хостинга. Нужно просить @Graf перезалить их.