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  1. if you want ot join whatssapp group, come in and contact GM direct! https://chat.whatsapp.com/H3h7j1G1AxzE4nTmIrEXoz
  2. English This beta began (which will not be reset) the main objective, farm coins and exchange it for gems and refs (money too) and thus make you strong without farming, the rest will be full pvp those who participate in the beta, receive exclusive fairy and wings for a limited time this free reward Spanish Se inicio esta beta (la cual no habra reset) el objetivo principal, farmear coins y intercambiarlo por gemas y refs (dinero tambien) y asi lograr hacerte fuerte sin farmear, el resto sera full pvp los que participen en la beta ,reciben hada y alas exlusivas por tiempo limitado esta recompenza gratis we got group of whatssapp and discord Links: English page https://haseuz-style.wixsite.com/piratexz Spanish Page https://haseuz-style.wixsite.com/piratasxz
  3. Server for English and Spanish language available. It has a clan system, balanced pvp, improved effective skills of each class, rb skill super buff for all classes, it has its own story mode created by the same GM, simple farming mode, the items explain their uses, and the missions explain where go and do, varieties of maps. and they are looking for an administrator Server para idioma ingles y español disponible. Tiene sistema de clan, pvp balanceado, skills efect de cada clase mejoradas, rb skill super buff para todas las clases, tiene modo historia propia creada por el mismo GM, modo de farmeo simple, los items explican sus usos, y las misiones explican donde ir y que hacer, variedades de mapas. y se buscan administrador
  4. Greetings, I am currently looking for a partner to work on a Tales of Pirate Mobile private server, who has basic knowledge to set it up, the idea is to work on this project with a totally new and better experience. I ask you please to be a serious and responsible person. If you are the person who is only looking for money and does not worry about the players, ignore this post. Saludos, estoy buscando actualmente un compañero para trabajar en un servidor privado de Tales of Pirate Mobile, que tenga conocimiento basicos para montarlo, la idea es trabajar en este proyecto con una experiencia totalmente nueva y mejores. le pido por favor que sea una persona seria y responsable. si eres de la persona que solo busca dinero y no te preocupes por los jugadores, ignora este post. You must speak English or Spanish Contact me : WS+1 809 670 9674 Discord Haz#1404
  5. Contact me Here: https://www.facebook.com/Haseuz (i can speak enlish and spanish) remember, free to join !
  6. Winner reward 1st place ($ 100 USD) + 75 Ranking Points 2nd Place (Legendary Weapon) + 50 Ranking Points 3rd place (APP kylin legendary) + 25 Ranking points This game will take place in December, with a minimum of 10 participants Besides that only 2nd generation gems and equipment will be used, you can use vip and free equipment (wedding ring does not count, since it is 3rd generation) you can also use items during combat. and finally, it must be won 3 times, to go to the next round, and in the final position it must be won 5 times Even if you lose 1 time, you can continue competing, but if you lose 2 times, you are out To participate, you just have to contact GM Haseuz and give your name of your main character and voila! Recompenza de ganador 1er lugar ($100 dolar) + 75 Puntos ranking 2do Lugar (Arma legendaria) + 50 Puntos ranking 3er lugar (APP kylin legendaria) + 25 Puntos ranking Este juego se dara en diciembre, con minimo de 10 participantes ademas de que solo se usara gemas y equipos unicamente de 2da generacion, se puede usar equipos vip y free (anillo de boda no cuenta, ya que es 3ra generacion) tambien se pueden utilizar items durante el combate. y por ultimo, se debe ganar 3 veces, para pasar a la siguiente ronda, y en el puesto final se debe ganar 5 veces aunque pierdas 1 vez, puedes seguir compitiendo, pero si pierdes 2 veces, quedas fuera para participar, solo debes contactar al GM Haseuz y dar tu nombre de tu personaje principal y listo!
  7. Cualquier pregunta, hacerme saber! Any questions, let me know!
  8. English: A while ago the beta started, now it is official that it is ready for everyone to join and join an adventure, a server without lag, online every day for more than 20 hours, without interruptions, the game is adventure type, with a story, many npc to interact, missions with good rewards, challenges and super epic boss. join the dark side, join Pirates XZ. Espanish: Hace un tiempo se inicio la beta, ahora es oficial que ya esta listo para que todos puedan incorporarse y unirse a una aventura, un server sin lag, online todos los dias mas de 20 horas, sin interupciones, el juego es tipo aventura, con una historia, muchos npc para interactuar, misiones con buenas recompenza, desafios y boss super epicos. unete al lado oscuro, unete a Piratas XZ Full balance of classes, none are bad, although it is said that the champion is the best class and the SS Any question?!, Pirate Xz page official (English) Piratas XZ pagina oficial (latino)
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