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  1. The link works fine for me
  2. Everything is fine. You can use it
  3. I am not interested in this. You can make a thread in 'Paid services & Requests' section, probably someone else will help you for a fee.
  4. PKODev.NET website for Tales of Pirates Server Hello friends! I want to share with you a website for your own Tales of Pirates server. Features 1) News management; 2) Server rules page; 3) Downloads; 4) Player rankings (by experience, by gold, by number of guild members); 5) Game account registartion with activation by email; 6) Game account restore by email; 7) Game database of monsters and items; 8 ) Donations page; 9) Server status and statistics, GM online; 10) Account management (account information, characters, password/email/pin change); 11) Offline Stall Server extension to view stalls and search items. Requirements 1) Web server; 2) PHP version 7.0 and above; 3) Enabled PDO extension with sqlsrv and sqlite drivers. Installation 1) Put website files to the working directory of your webserver; 2) Configuire file config\inc.config.php. The file is very well commented, so you shouldn't have any problems configuring it; 3) The site uses the Smarty template engine to easily change the appearance. All HTML templates are stored in templates folder; 4) You can find email templates are in templates\email folder. Some pictures Download 1) Google Drive Credits All credits and copyrights belong to @Billie and Kingdom Pirates Online team. If you have any questions or problems related to the website, then feel free to contact them!
  5. Hello! You need knowledge of HTML and CSS to make adaptive templates. Also you can use a CSS framework with such feature, Twitter Bootstrap for example.
  6. V3ct0r

    Set Stall

    Yes, variable now_time is used to specify the specific hour in which the portal should open. It is not needed in your case. I do not provide advice outside the forum.
  7. Titles are hardcoded as numeric IDs in Game.exe. You can find strings which are belong to these IDs in StringSet.txt.
  8. Start GroupServer and make sure GateServer connects to it successfully.
  9. I think you need to remove malicious scripts in which this string is present
  10. V3ct0r

    GM Command editor

    This means that the program does not support this GameServer.exe. You need to edit it manually using a HEX editor, for example
  11. Возможно, в серверных файлах и/или клиенте, которые ты пытаешься запустить, присутствуют сторонние модификации. Можно взять чистую сборку PKO 1.38 и ру. оф. клиент, они 100% будут работать.
  12. The topic has been moved to the "Shared Projects / Team search" section
  13. V3ct0r

    Set Stall

    @Unkn0wn change each function like can_open_entry_<map name>(map) as follows and restart the GameServer: function can_open_entry_bountypk(map) return 1 end
  14. К примеру, если игрок отправит в местный чат команду: То это приведет к выполнению следующего SQL-запроса: UPDATE GameDB.dbo.character SET cha_name = '';--' WHERE cha_name = 'Граф' В результате у всех персонажей в игре сотрутся имена.
  15. V3ct0r

    Set Stall

    Hello @Unkn0wn! It is too diffucult to make without any special knowlegde. You need to do deep changes in Game.exe and GameServer.exe using patching method or rewrite set stall system in server and client source codes.
  16. Hello! This feature will be available in the next forum update. Thank you for your suggestion!
  17. Всем привет! Раздел с рекламой серверов почищен. Были удалены темы с отсутствующими или недоступными ссылками на веб-сайт игрового сервера.
  18. Hello! Server ad section has been cleaned. All topic without or unavailable website link have been deleted. Please do not duplicate topics of your server (like Adventure Pirates, Pirate Xz @Pirate X-Z). Thank you!
  19. Привет, @DeiLyred! Покажи код из entry.lua карты, на которую ведет портал.
  20. Добрый день! Отправил Вам ЛС на форуме. P.S. Для регистрации в Дискорде не нужен инвайт.
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