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  1. Hello @Davidjones and welcome to the forum! In the common case you should do two things: 1) Copy all .txt files from the GameServer\resource folder to the Client\scripts\table one and follow the steps in this this guide; 2) Set IP address of the server using this program. You should specify the IP since you are running the server on the same PC ("offline" server).
  2. Hello @nyarum12, Nowadays many of the projects are headed to money making (have commercial basis) and they are not interested to "support everyone" or, in other words, support their competitors, other projects. There is a struggle for attention and the number of players. For such projects @champ's development may be useful and handy.
  3. Hello @Andy, Do you have an opportunity to build the mod in Visual Studio 2019/2022? Try to replace the line 319 in file dllmain.cpp: if (friends == false) with: if (!friends && pOtherCha->hp > 0)
  4. You can also send me Game.exe, I will check.
  5. Could you send me CharacterInfo.bin and tell where you got it from? (Version of client or server files)
  6. Hello @Myruni, You are right, at the moment the mod only supports GroupServer.exe version 1.38.
  7. Hello @Ximboliex, Which one of Game.exe? I know 6 versions.
  8. I am glad to help you, @Myruni!
  9. Hello @Rendezvous, Looks like this is the key to the problem. Decompiler can decompile your CharacterInfo.bin with errors. Have you tried using Gemini.Decompiler?
  10. Hello @Lord_HiccupSS, What server files and client are you using (name, version)? What item (ID) are you creating?
  11. Hello @Myruni, The name of the menu item in \scripts\lua\forms\player.clu have to be the same as the value of line 481 in \scripts\table\StringSet.txt file. Something like this: UI_MenuAddText( mainMouseRight, "PM" ) and: [481] "PM"
  12. Hello @Lord_HiccupSS, So, what's the result? Have you solved the problem?
  13. Hello @ADELIJAH, It is a ton of work and hard to do.
  14. I didn't see any solutions for official 1.3x client binaries to make client work in 60 FPS in the public share. There are something in the Corsairs Online source files, but I think it requires rework too. Anyway, good luck with your search.
  15. Hello @wolfenx, Thanks a lot for your tip. I have an idea how to fix it, but don't know when I will be able to check it.
  16. @Andy, @Myruni, @ADELIJAH Nice ideas guys, but they are a ton of work. I don't think I am able to make them now
  17. Hello @Lord_HiccupSS, Looks like you are using a modified AccountServer database. Open table dbo.account_login in MSSQL Management Studio and check the name of the 4th column. It should be called originalPassword.
  18. Hello @Rendezvous, Can you show us the line which you added in CharacterInfo.txt file or the whole file? Usually it is hard to say what is the problem without any code.
  19. Did you build the modification's .dll from source codes or take the existing one from GitHub?
  20. Hello @Lord_HiccupSS and welcome to the forum! Unfortunately, I don't recommend use the modification because it is very buggy.
  21. Hello @DangThao, This tool is intended for experienced users who know how to edit and compile C++ sources. Maybe I will make a version with a GUI for all users in the future.
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