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  1. Nada específico na vdd, só pra jogar com os meus amigos, vc tem algum contato ? WhatsApp ou discord ?
  2. preciso do teu contato estrangulador, tenho uma proposta pra ti, manda seu whats ou discord
  3. Procuro um servidor bem feito, com site para fazer registro, e de preferência me ensinando como conectar e tals
  4. How do I add a client? all databases have already been connected, but I don't have the client to enter the game.. how do I? I apologize if it's something really stupid
  5. when I put a new item appears to check the format and version, could someone help me?
  6. guys how do I change the status of an item? for example putting str on a weapon you don't have, I apologize if for a stupid question
  7. I am having a problem starting the accountServer, it is showing: Account server hang, I already made the change to the name of my sql management, help me plz :(
  8. we are in 2020, and I would like to know how can I start making a server? could you pass the steps to me?
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