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Found 1 result

  1. Pirate Royalty - Unreal Engine 5 Project Goal: to bring over the functionality, gameplay mechanics, and story from Tales of Pirates old game client to Unreal Engine and new server infrastructure with improved game experience & modern technology. This topic will help you see the progress and invite you to share some of your feedback/ideas on how to make the project better. Для русско говоряших - пишите на русском, я вас пойму. Не хотел создавать две темы на двух разных языках. Join Discord channel to get most up to date information and images https://discord.gg/5MPvYeg3T6 What has been done so far: New Phyllis Character New Lance Character New Ami Character New Carsise Character Sharding (unlimited number of players) Basic Animations Top view + controls Click to move replication & controls Basic AI + Combat Auto chase mob/target after selection for primary attack Death + Respawn All attributes 100 levels with experience calculation (same experience needed per level as in TOP) Level up effect Attribute based damage calculation with new UI Character creation with stylish haircuts Account creation from game client Healing (sit down ability now holding shift instead of pressing 'insert') Primary attack (Swordman) + animation + effects Concentration skill (Swordman) + animation + effects Taunt skill (Swordman) + animation + effects Will of Steel skill (Swordman) + animation + new visual effects https://youtu.be/JibibQnGX0k Break Armor skill (Swordman) + animation + new visual effects https://youtu.be/ESX24xqWtvs Illusion Slash skill (Swordman) + animation + new visual effects https://youtu.be/vobkWmq0Gbg Tiger Roar (Swordman) + similar animation + new visual effects https://youtu.be/U5ue7Q90BHI Berserk Ability (Swordman) + similar animation + new visual effects https://youtu.be/9kJTiW8NZsE Hunter Primary Ability (Hunter) + new animation + new visual effects https://youtu.be/P9s-zKmt8fE Dual Shot (Hunter) + new visual effects https://youtu.be/M_wms5fNYBo Frozen Arrow (Hunter) + new visual effects https://youtu.be/NZuTGcS470E Meteor Shower (Hunter) + new visual effects + new radius https://youtu.be/et2G1xVydt4 Heal (Herbalist) + new visual effects https://youtu.be/wc7hRvzKVk4 Spiritual Bolt (Herbalist) + new visual effects https://youtu.be/CC1SbICmi3g Harden (Herbalist) - new visual effects https://youtu.be/mX3u6iGzdwI Spiritual Fire (Herbalist) - New Visual effects https://youtu.be/9r4N9mInJcQ Recover (Herbalist) - new visual effects https://youtu.be/1MIjqQXgv-Y
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