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Found 1 result

  1. [Mod] GMNotice() function The mod adds the GMNotice() function to the GameServer.exe LUA scripts, which allows you to send messages to players in the GM chat channel (ALT + P): GMNotice("Hello PKOdev.NET! This is a GM message.") Requirements Installed mod loading system for server and client (PKOdev.NET mod loader) version 1.1 or above. Modification information Name: pkodev.mod.gmnotice; Version: 1.0; Author: V3ct0r; Type: for server (GameServer.exe and GroupServer.exe); Supported executable .exe files: GAMESERVER_136, GAMESERVER_138 and GROUPSERVER_138. Installation 1) Place the mod DLL file "pkodev.mod.gmnotice.server.<VERSION>.dll" for your version of GameServer.exe into the folder "GameServer\mods"; 2) Place the mod DLL file "pkodev.mod.gmnotice.group.<VERSION>.dll" for your version of GroupServer.exe into the folder "GroupServer\mods". Download 1) Actual mod binaries (.dll); 2) The source code of the mod for Visual Studio 2022 Community (C++). If you encounter any problem, bug or have any questions, then feel free to write in this thread.
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