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  1. @okore Dependendo do que for, posso ajudar. Discord: mdrst
  2. Preorders will have 20% discount. All my paid mods come with licenses, so rest assured that you won't buy a leaked mod.
  3. This seems like an XY problem. @Daxter Why did you want to edit OpenTiger?
  4. @Daxter Detours is the library that enables the pkomod loader. It allows you to hook functions and call your own functions instead, so you could hook, among other things, the function that opens up the bank UI - and show the account bank UI instead. This is just an example, ofc, it would take a lot more effort.
  5. Yes, it's possible through a combination of Detours (pkomod loader), Lua and LuaSQL.
  6. @BXlevovich I am not familiar with this issue, but yes it is/will be fixed.
  7. Greetings, I'm happy to announce I'm taking pre-orders requests for my Mount system plugin. It is still a WiP, but I'd like to gather suggestions from potential buyers right from the beginning. The mod works normally with any Game.exe/Gameserver.exe that are accompanied by a .pdb file (I'm personally testing with 1.38) The end-result will be the same as CO: - Mounts disappear as you sit - Mounts can be toggled off in client options [WIP] - Mount position, height, bone and id and fine-tuning can be directly configured in "mods/data/mount_info.json" - Mounts are equipped with the same logic as fairies/wings: put them into the 3rd slot and they will work. Discord: @mdrst I'd like to thank @V3ct0r for providing a nice framework on top of Microsoft Detours to ease the development of mods.
  8. It is a C++ function that you can call from the lua side. In the source code, it is defined as "lua_OpenTiger": inline int lua_OpenTiger( lua_State *L ) { BOOL bValid = lua_gettop( L ) == 2 && lua_islightuserdata( L, 1 ) && lua_islightuserdata( L, 2 ); if( !bValid ) { E_LUAPARAM; return 0; } CCharacter* pChar = (CCharacter*)lua_touserdata( L, 1 ); CTalkNpc* pTalk = (CTalkNpc*)lua_touserdata( L, 2 ); if( !pChar || !pTalk ) { E_LUANULL; return 0; } BOOL bRet = pChar->GetPlayer()->OpenTiger( (CCharacter*)pTalk ); lua_pushnumber( L, ( bRet ) ? LUA_TRUE : LUA_FALSE ); return 1; } There is no way to edit this without source code, except with HEX editing/reverse engineering/mods.
  9. Taking requests for mods (PKOdev.NET mod loader)

  10. Greetings! I'll start taking paid requests to develop mods that will run with @V3ct0r's mod loader . If your executable is not supported by his mod but you have a Program Database file (e.g. Game.pdb, GameServer.pdb), please reach out and I can probably patch it for you. Pricing will be done hourly, with discount rates for the first three mods. The full price includes the source code. Please reach out at my Discord: mdrst
  11. Were there any errors when running the Guild/GameDB sql scripts? I do not recall having this problem, but make sure to check GameServer logs.
  12. @Skinner Awesome find!!! I never had hope to find the Game Trailer theme, which is sad considering it is my favorite track out of the OST. Here is some hope that we will find Shaitan City theme in the future!
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