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  1. Mdrst


    Não estou fazendo serviços a parte
  2. Mdrst


    Sim, com modificações na source ou mods via .dll (bem mais fácil com source).
  3. Nice usage of regular expressions A long time ago, bots could private message users inside a discord channel and people would use this as an advertisement method. Does that still happen? I imagine the bot presented wouldn't do too much in those cases...
  4. May be related to a TradeDB column/table. Never used it, so it's just a guess.
  5. Depends on where the button implementation is. If you are using Visual Studio, press Ctrl + Shift + F and type the button link, it will show you the proper location.
  6. A while back I noticed Argent City's song is almost a perfect match compared to Studio Ghibli's "A Town with an Ocean View": Has anyone found out if they were as "inspired" with the other songs?
  7. @Unknown You can set up parameters in the debugger, so no need to comment stuff out. Regardless, I think you should start by analyzing "path" variable to see if it contains the proper file location. If it does, then you will have to figure out why RegisterVertexShader is returning an error. Again, this will be much easier with breakpoints.
  8. Attach a debugger and see where the exception occurs. FYI, though, I don't remember having to set up System Language as Chinese. Just change the .res file to en_US.
  9. Yeah, I have to agree with @wolfenx here. The blocked area seems to be a rectangle of width equal to 8 units (since you can teleport every 8 units). I never used YAMMI though, so can't offer much help there. Doesn't seem to be source-related.
  10. First of all, make sure you are sending the correct map birth name in Client: If you changed "Argent City" in GroupServer, change CL_LANGUAGE_MATCH_39, _40 and _41 strings in client side to whatever name your map is. This name in client MUST match the name you typed inside groupserver.cfg. Also check the log inside gameserver called "init.txt" and see if there are any errors. Actually, check all logs for map-related errors. This is all assuming the map worked before you removed garner/magicsea/darkblue. If you haven't tested that yet, I suggest you do it and let me know.
  11. Can you send a video replicating the issue? Also, can you use a GM command to move in the y-axis?
  12. I don't think there is a way to kick players from a party using only Lua code (someone correct me if I'm wrong). I've searched and found no useful functions in the source that could do this. You can't even send a packet to GameServer or GroupServer to kick players, because the two lua functions that can send packets (SendPacket() and SynPacket()) only send them to clients. If you want to do it in source, though, it's quite easy. Inside Expand.h, add this anywhere: inline int lua_LeaveTeam(lua_State* pLS) { T_B int nParaNum = lua_gettop(pLS); bool bSuccess = true; CCharacter* cha = (CCharacter*)lua_touserdata(pLS, 1); CPlayer* ply = nullptr; do { if(nParaNum != 1 || !cha) { bSuccess = false; break; } ply = cha->GetPlayer(); if(!ply) { bSuccess = false; break; } ply->LeaveTeam(); } while(0); if(bSuccess) { lua_pushnumber(pLS, 1); } else { lua_pushnumber(pLS, 0); } return 1; T_E} Inside RegisterLuaGameLogic, add this: REGFN(LeaveTeam); Now you can use your new C++ function in .lua files. To kick everyone once a player leaves a specific map, open the ctrl.lua file inside the map folder, search for "function before_leave_[MAP_NAME]" and call your new function there: function before_leave_garner( role ) -- First, check if character leaving is in a party. local team_size = IsChaInTeam(role) if team_size > 0 then -- A party exists, so we must disband it. for i=0,3,1 do local member = GetTeamCha(role, i) if member ~= nil then LeaveTeam(member) end end LeaveTeam(role) end end
  13. Se o mapa estiver rodando num GameServer com poucos mapas, atingir o limite de 2GB vai demorar. Só monitorar usando o Task Manager mesmo e, caso chegue perto de 1.8GB, limitar as cópias. Esse limite pode estar em 10 cópias ou 80, não da pra saber e vai depender dos motivos que eu citei ali.
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