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  1. 1. How are the boat attributes calculated with each level up? 2. Can a person increase specific boat stats at any time with stat points? 3. Where is the logic that is associated with boat attributes and how they increase? 4. When a person is on a ship, only the ship gains EXP and not the character, or both of them do?
  2. I am already making a boat part of every character. Mob density in the sea will be greatly larger and should be more fun as well. I am making explorer skills right now. You can see what's in development with rivers and ocean in the discord channel https://discord.gg/5MPvYeg3T6
  3. Harden (Herbalist) - increases the defense of self or other characters. https://youtu.be/mX3u6iGzdwI
  4. @Maximilian Thank you for posting this. I was trying to find this info for a while now. As I am recreating the entire game in Unreal Engine I want to know what players hated about TOP. Also, don't you think that boats were kind of useless? When I played TOP and the people I know spent about 1% of their game time on a boat. The rest was on land. So, the question is, should we move away from boats completely or bring more gameplay to boats?
  5. Hi @V3ct0r I didn't know the game client source code was available. Is it on this forum?
  6. There are hundreds of files. Do you happen to know how to find the right one?
  7. Does anyone know where this decal is located within the client? When you use a skill like Meteor Shower this shows up for you to select the location on the map. I looked into skill info but there was nothing about this texture/file.
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