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  1. Action bar for skills and usable items. Also, welcome our first usable ability for herbalist - Heal!
  2. Got all armor, gloves, and shoes for all classes and characters up to lvl 15. Here is a look at Lance real quick
  3. Movement is now Click to move instead of WASD Explorer quests Little Daniel NPC Gear for explorer class for all characters up to lvl 15 * Hunter quest class added (available at level 9) * Ranged attack ability for hunter * Short Bow (lvl 10) * Safari Vest (lvl 15) * Hunter Bow (lvl 15)
  4. • PVP is now open for everyone at 245,848! • Healing to full health is available at Nurse Gina for 10 gold. • Swordman class and attribute calculations • Swordman quests • Armor and weapons for Swordman lvl 10 and 15. • Cuddly Sheep and items to support it • Piglet and items to support it • Mouse centering fixes • VFX for loot on the ground • More Ascaron area to support new mobs • Tooltip for items sold by NPCs. • Nila to sell gloves, shoes, and armor for Swordman class • Chest for lvl 10 with items inside for Swordman • NPCs to support Swordman quests Press F11 for windowed mode! • Navigator added to make it easier find coordinates in the game • Coordinate system was switched to meters • Exp % in details is fixed • Lvl is visiblity on character selection screen (for existing characters please lvl up your character one more time to see that) • Your character is no longer blocking clicks (helps in combat and NPC selections) • Swordman promotion quest is at Senna upon reaching lvl 9. • Location saving upon leaving game • Menu option to switch characters without having to close down the whole game
  5. 100% Agree. I will make those shorter so that we don't start puking mid game.
  6. It's already out! Checkout for link in discord to download the game.
  7. I agree. Too saturated. I will make it less intense.
  8. Updated the discord invite, thanks for letting me know. By the way, you guys can write in English or Russian. I speak both. But I might reply only in English for consistency.
  9. Download the game and play now! The links are in discord! https://discord.gg/WGMfTsgtkn Registration system in game Click to move Account creation: Lance, Carsise, Ami, Phyllis Character selection Chatting Leveling Attributes / stats Swordman, Hunter, Explorer and Herbalist classes Armor and weapons per class and all characters up to lvl 15 PVP zone Switch characters menu Ascaron and outskirts Mobs Mob drops, you can collect items and sell them Basic melee NPC Trading System (you can buy and sell items) Leveling Elven fruit, apple, bread, and cake to restore players health when double clicked in inventory Character persistence (saving your stats, inventory, etc). Quest system, newbie quests etc. Auto detect and set graphics settings
  10. New skill tree doesn't require you to buy skill books anymore. Any new player will see what skills are available to them and what the prerequisites are.
  11. Tornado (Explorer) https://youtu.be/Os_FpM-3Of4 Description: Equip Wind Coral to twirl the enemy up in the air (Level 1 consumes 27 SP. Each level needs 2 more SP). Skill Increment: Level 1 time duration 3.5s. Each additional level increases by 0.5s. Requires to equip Wind Coral.
  12. Where is the logic located for skill points gain? It's after level 10 and just 1 per level? Can't even remember
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