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  1. xEvo7

    Custom PC Build

    @wrx your setup isnt bad. Hard tubing would be a little hard with cutting and expensive materials. especially the fittings, they cost little bit much lol.
  2. BMP. any possible fix on this kind of flood?
  3. @1g0rS1lv4 Thanks boss!!
  4. Anybody got a fix on this?
  5. Bump.. Still looking for a possible fix. Thank You
  6. @Backpack Thanks for the contribution, However the link is not downloadable.
  7. Hello Everyone, I recently just got back from TOP/PKO and I reopened a pk server called aries pirates for fun (Friends request) However, earlier today. My server suddenly got a problem. "Connection Timed Out: 0X5" Its like when you try to login your account, you cannot login and it would keep loading and say "Connection Timed Out: 0x5" I did not get any error on any executables. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  8. Requesting for TOP1 white blue skin. if anyone has it or extracted one. TQ.
  9. Reading this thread from start to end makes me drool Very awesome nice work!
  10. Show garner ctrl. and teampk ctrl. Have you tried copying file setting on other serverfile?
  11. You need to take the iteminfo from your server files side, compile it and put it in your client file side.
  12. TOP1 Client still works with this? or need to change game.exe? Thanks in advance
  13. Give this one a try. --functions.lua function CheckHasGoldBeforeEnter(role,map) local MoneyHave = GetChaAttr(role,ATTR_GD) local MoneyNeed = 1000000 if GPF[map] ~= nil then MoneyNeed = GPF[map] end end GPF = {} GPF["abandonedcity"] = 10000000 GPF["darkswamp"] = 10000000 GPF["puzzleworld"] = 10000000 GPF["garner2"] = 10000000 garner2 folder entry.lua function check_can_enter_garner2( player, copy_mgr ) local FightingBook_Num = GetChaItem2(player, 2, 3849 ) if FightingBook_Num == nil then SelfSay(player,"I dont have Medal of Valor. Unable to enter!" ) return 0 end local Team_In = IsInTeam(player) if Team_In == 1 then SystemNotice(player , "Cannot Enter while in Party to Chaos Argent" ) return 0 end local Lv = Lv(player) if Lv > 100 then return 1 else SystemNotice(player,"Only for Lv101 and above.") return 0 end if (CheckHasGoldBeforeEnter(player,"garner2") ~= 1) then return 0 end return 1 end
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