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Found 22 results

  1. PKOdev.NET website for Tales of Pirates Server Hello friends! I want to share with you a website for your own Tales of Pirates server. Features 1) News management; 2) Server rules page; 3) Downloads; 4) Player rankings (by experience, by gold, by number of guild members); 5) Game account registartion with activation by email; 6) Game account restore by email; 7) Game database of monsters and items; 8 ) Donations page; 9) Server status and statistics, GM online; 10) Account management (account information, characters, password/email/pin change); 11) Offline Stall Server extension to view stalls and search items. Requirements 1) Web server; 2) PHP version 7.0 and above; 3) Enabled PDO extension with sqlsrv and sqlite drivers. Installation 1) Put website files to the working directory of your webserver; 2) Configuire file config\inc.config.php. The file is very well commented, so you shouldn't have any problems configuring it; 3) The site uses the Smarty template engine to easily change the appearance. All HTML templates are stored in templates folder; 4) You can find email templates are in templates\email folder. Some pictures Download 1) Google Drive Credits All credits and copyrights belong to @Billie and Kingdom Pirates Online team. If you have any questions or problems related to the website, then feel free to contact them!
  2. Probable miner in the "PKOdev.NET website for Tales of Pirates Server" files Hello friends, Recently the member of our forum @dragontechi reported in the topic "PKOdev.NET website for Tales of Pirates Server" that he have problems with a miner at his VPS and probably this miner comes with the website. I would like to ask the users of "PKODev.NET Website for Tales of Pirates" to check their PCs and VPS for similar symptoms. I also want to emphasize once again that at the moment there is no evidence that the website is actually infected with malicious files. Thank you for the attention and have a nice day!
  3. Buying good website ! Pm me
  4. Hello community, I have been a little absent in helping others, but if someone has problems, I will try to help more, but now someone could help me is that I work in version 2.5 and everything has been fine, what happens is that my network made it DMZ opened all the ports deactivate my firewall the website is seen from the outside and everything is ok; but the problem lies in the CFG since when I configure them with the hamachi ip, radmin VPN or everything works fine but when I put my public ip these errors appear in gateserver try to leave everything in and only in gateserver [ ToClient] IP - my ip but this produces an error try to put ip duck but it is the same error if I use gateserver in that same place my private ip if it works, if someone could help me how to fix it or how to correctly use IP Duck in advance thank you I leave images of CFG and errors.
  5. Hi all, Im looking for a pko website, please feel free to contact me. Mhbays#6361 Thanks
  6. Im looking an advance php/html programmer with basic knoledge of rest api requests.
  7. Hey guys! How to make the below TO: when it takes you to that award&buy=1 It will be like: If you know how, please let me know.
  8. Hello! i can rip any mmo website and make a pkosite template for you! i use original pkosite, but you can choose whatever you want. Example: Original: https://fiesta.gamigo.com/ Ripped: https://pirategames.online/ Original: http://www.playragnarok2.com/ Ripped: List of examples of what you can get: Pirce: 100 usd Contact: Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/RichardReisdesign/ Deviantart: http://richardreis.deviantart.com/gallery/ Discord: Richenberg#7608
  9. Hi guys & girls, I'm looking for a web developer. The website I'm looking for need at least the following features: - Dimension or PKO template - Auto PayPal system - email verification (forget or change PW) - captcha for register and logging in - comes with full database (item & mob info) - firewall, injection logs, ban logs, configuration, admin panel (all basic features) - map info/timing - server time clock - support by email - BUG report - News on front page - crystal system - item mall - itemhint - rep & referral system - credits exchanger - guild & player ranking - vip system - guide sector - quick links to community (fb, forum, instagram, youtube etc) And so on... If you can also design logos, banners etc etc it would be great, if not, it's ok. Can you provide me this kind of features? Send me a pm!
  10. Hello there, i've been searching around and trying to find out if you could change the reputation to credit so it gives crystals (igs) instead of credits. Or an item ingame you could use to get crystals. Any ideas?
  11. I Need help making tales of pirate website I added my SQL data base username, host, password but also its not working its shows blank.
  12. Hello, to be clear and specific I'll be noting everything I provide: 1-Features: Technically: Website is adapted to work with the custom databases that I will be providing, it's a pkosite and not a freshly made website. Design: Website is custom designed and well organized on appearances. Security: I have worked to secure the website to the most I could to prevent SQL Injection from it so I will be beginning the part of the main features after this one. -Main Features: *Item Mall *Award Center *Crystal Shop (For TradeDB Users) *VIP System *Monster & Items Database *Firewall *Admin Lounge (Management & Enhanced Panel) *Maps Timing *Referal System *Technical Support *Online Players VIP Function *Voting System including IP check. *Auction Systems And the basic features we all know. 2-Databases: Custom made databases compatible with server executables and requires no edit to work with the server side.Strictly required to make the website run smoothly without being annoyed by errors of database columns. 3-Payment: -Strictly Paypal, else ways are rejected. -Price: 70$ -Support: Will be provided if necessary, regarding installation & configurations no support will be provided as it works the same way as installing a normal website/requires the new databases to be in use. Questions related would be answered in private message, if you have complaints post them elsewhere and not on this post.
  13. Hello guys, I'm looking for a website developer. It need to have all features needed for TOP. I don't have a own design yet. a requirement is that you've already made a few websites. I'm NOT looking for beginners! you can contact me trough skype or send a private message here: skype: [email protected] cya.
  14. I am not a complete beginnier , i'm not completely unaware how programming works. However as the most here know there is an impossibly large chasm between a rough understanding and a level of understanding which enables to actually do things. So my question isn't only about "what languages should i learn". I know it's C++ / Lua / SQL / HTML / PHP , maybe python for ancillary tool creation. My question is in the specific : in what parts of those languages i should focus on? My main issue with programming has been mainly one : i'm bored by the the basics but overwhelmed by the complexity after those basics. Any suggestion/learning resource is welcome , thank you for you time.
  15. Hello, I'm looking for a Website Developer and Graphic Designer. Please Pm me and we can discuss in detail - Will pay well.
  16. So I did open a server recently and I’ve been targeted for attacks. So I manage to improve the security by activating some filters in the OVH panel, and most of the DDoS disappeared. web server port But then another problem appears, they start attacking my website causing it to be slow or just approachless and suddenly my players started to getting this error. Now, I guess that most of my security have been improved, but still not perfect, the problem remains and is all about website I know it because I shoot it down for testing and indeed, no attacks or “Connection failed” anymore. So at this point my supposition are: Holes in my website Holes in the server (Port: 80) I’m looking for solutions and advices here, what should I do? Where should I start looking? I have searched all over the forum for this issue and have found some interesting stuff but have not found what I’m looking for, so please help me here. Thank you all! Regards Yosef
  17. Database pko 2.4 is not compatible with pko site 1.38? To create accounts?
  18. Interested pm me. With firewall now And Database monstee /itens Crystal exchanger page, igs admin... If wanna see visit http://lira.piratearch.com
  19. Hello Guys! I've set up a website hosting service in its development/beta phase, so for now, I'm offering FREE HOSTING on websites (during testing phase). Make back-ups, as it is not a fully stable server yet. https://www.pko.host - My hosting website. http://example.pko.host - Mssql and PHP compatible for typical PKOSites http://example2.pko.host http://example3.pko.host http://example4.pko.host http://example5.pko.host http://example6.pko.host (credits to @DangThao for the PKOSite Template 1) Other website files gotten from toperunlimited. Credits to all the creators. All you have to do is: PM me for an account, and I will make one with the "Mini Plan", which is: 1 Domain 100 MB Disk Space 1000 MB Bandwidth Limit 100 Mbps Connection Speed Login Details will be sent to your e-mail. You will be able to add your domain through a control panel, and transfer your files through FTPS. It's enough to host a PKOSite, do you guys think it's enough? I'm open to feedback. Why am I giving people free hosting on websites? - Because I'm testing the stability of the server I set up, and to find any bugs that I might not have known. Cheers! ShaKo
  20. Selling My Custom Aries Pirates Website Features: News Server Info Rules Registration My Account Change Pass Change Name Donation Page Vote for Credits Rep Exchange View Characters Map Timing Ranking Newbie Guide Item Mall Award Center Auction Mall Auction Credit Spin The Wheel Points (Spinning The Wheel for IMPS and chance to get a random item) Spin The Wheel Credits (Spinning The Wheel for CREDITS and chance to get a random item) VIP (Stars on your account if you are vip member ) VIP Store ( A store which can be access by VIP Accounts ONLY! ) (Items for VIP Stars only NO DISCOUNT) VIP Item Mall Discount ( 1 star = 2-3% Discount depends on what you put ) GM Account Panel GM Restricted IP Firewall Free Forum Installation Running a Custom Database for this Web IF You're Interested Just Message me here. IF you need more information. just message me. IF You want to purchase a Clean Template(Base Template) Contact Paicat or nephthjes More Information with Pictures here: http://imgur.com/a/lfrx4
  21. Hi, Im a web developer, im selling my services... restfull framework : Lumen/Laravel, Loopback frontend MVC framework : AngularJS
  22. Buying website updates & website secure update pm me here or in fb: facebook. Don't pm if you cant prove your works, Thank you. What i need is: 1. Website security / panel security fixes. 2. ToolTips + detailed items in panel(also hints or helps are welcome detailed help also i can pay for it.) 3.tooltips also in website mall. 4. fully working auction and cauction 5. fully working media room (or fixes) 6. Skill database + Bluebrint database page (piratia database site as base) link 7.Launcher news /newsview temp (i don't have temp atm) That just some examples. If you are interesting let me know.. oh and payment via paypal.
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