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Found 13 results

  1. PKODev.NET website for Tales of Pirates Server Hello friends! I want to share with you a website for your own Tales of Pirates server. Features 1) News management; 2) Server rules page; 3) Downloads; 4) Player rankings (by experience, by gold, by number of guild members); 5) Game account registartion with activation by email; 6) Game account restore by email; 7) Game database of monsters and items; 8 ) Donations page; 9) Server status and statistics, GM online; 10) Account management (account information, characters, password/email/pin change); 11) Offline Stall Server extension to view stalls and search items. Requirements 1) Web server; 2) PHP version 7.0 and above; 3) Enabled PDO extension with sqlsrv and sqlite drivers. Installation 1) Put website files to the working directory of your webserver; 2) Configuire file config\inc.config.php. The file is very well commented, so you shouldn't have any problems configuring it; 3) The site uses the Smarty template engine to easily change the appearance. All HTML templates are stored in templates folder; 4) You can find email templates are in templates\email folder. Some pictures Download 1) Google Drive Credits All credits and copyrights belong to @Billie and Kingdom Pirates Online team. If you have any questions or problems related to the website, then feel free to contact them!
  2. Hello I'd like to offer my web development related services to anyone who needs them. I can do whatever features you need for your website for a price. PM me here for if you need any further info. Thanks
  3. Hello when i use xamp for my website it's giving error; Pdo error when working with database: could not find driver. Any idea how to fix it
  4. Offering website rip services. Any website u want will be ripped into pko site clean(using pko site styling --No addons aka mall,award and etc ) - no backdoor or whatsoever. There will be no custom pages included. Web ripping = $10.00 USD **Paypal Payment Only ** Any other content will be discuss. This thread will be updated upon works and buyers.
  5. Can any one help configure the website provided by snow crash? I tried a lot but the website is showing blank. Which SQL Server should I Use? Which Xampp Version Should I Use? I Need help badly.
  6. V3ct0r

    [PHP] Online HD & GM

    With this script you can show to players who is online from HD and GM. <?php $db_host = ''; $db_user = ''; $db_pass = ''; $db_name = 'GameDB'; $hd_level = 30; if (mssql_connect($db_host, $db_user, $db_pass) == false) { die ('<b>Error: </b> Can not connect to MSSQL server!'); } if (mssql_select_db($db_name) == false) { die ('<b>Error: </b> Can not select game database!'); } $sql = 'SELECT c.cha_name, a.gm FROM character AS c LEFT JOIN account AS a ON (c.act_id = a.act_id) WHERE c.mem_addr > 0 AND a.gm > 0'; $query = mssql_query($sql); if ($query == false) { die ('<b>Error: </b> Can not get list of online HD and GM!'); } $stuff = array(); while ($cha = mssql_fetch_object($query)) { $stuff[] = $cha; } mssql_close(); ?> <html> <head> <title>Список HD и GM в игре</title> </head> <body> <h1>Список HD и GM в игре</h1> <?php $stuff_online = ''; $n = count($stuff); if ($n > 0) { for ($i = 0; $i < $n; $i++) { if ($stuff[$i]->gm > $hd_level) { $stuff_online .= '[GM] ' . $stuff[$i]->cha_name; } else { $stuff_online .= '[HD] ' . $stuff[$i]->cha_name; } if ($i != ($n - 1)) { $stuff_online .= ', '; } else { $stuff_online .= '.'; } } } else { $stuff_online = 'All HD and GM are offline.'; } print $stuff_online; ?> </body> </html>
  7. Ссылка - "Нажми меня" может кому пригодится Автор: @e1mer
  8. Hey guys! How to make the below TO: when it takes you to that award&buy=1 It will be like: If you know how, please let me know.
  9. Hi guys & girls, I'm looking for a web developer. The website I'm looking for need at least the following features: - Dimension or PKO template - Auto PayPal system - email verification (forget or change PW) - captcha for register and logging in - comes with full database (item & mob info) - firewall, injection logs, ban logs, configuration, admin panel (all basic features) - map info/timing - server time clock - support by email - BUG report - News on front page - crystal system - item mall - itemhint - rep & referral system - credits exchanger - guild & player ranking - vip system - guide sector - quick links to community (fb, forum, instagram, youtube etc) And so on... If you can also design logos, banners etc etc it would be great, if not, it's ok. Can you provide me this kind of features? Send me a pm!
  10. Serverdev archive Old version of serverdev archive https://yadi.sk/d/5WMIO1v9y4Pc8 Last version of serverdev archive (2015 year) https://yadi.sk/d/or2alOjky4Pc4 Credits: @Спейсио
  11. Database pko 2.4 is not compatible with pko site 1.38? To create accounts?
  12. Here is my last free ripped website that i will be release for public. Enjoy =D Link: Trickster Online Currently no item mall, award center, vote and etc. There are some new CSS while styling as well and other stuff i did within the server. NOTE: There are some missing icons for the title (pages title and pages banner). Please dont delete the credit. Thank you for using =D Links to screenshot: Screenshot 01 Screenshot 02 Screenshot 03 Screenshot 04
  13. Hello Guys, I'm looking for a page of IGS to the Site, like the item mall, but instead of the item mall, show items of igs, if anyone knows how to do this please speak here or send me PM. ty!
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