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  1. Sorry im new to pkodev so didnt know to use this , and ty the problem is fixed
  2. hello guys im making a server using sql 2014 and i made everythings ready very well and now when i login to the account and type the security code i got error says 'The Server Is Busy' can anyone please help me?
  3. Yea its fine , but still have that DC for all old accounts but if registered a new acc it works very well, anyway to fix it plz?
  4. Ok unban is fixed , but how to fix the disconnect problem nw? When i enter with the char i get dc
  5. Hey guys , i have a big problem with my friend's server and we cant fix . suddenly, all the old accounts are banned , and if you register a new account it works . Also , when i try to login with my character i got dc when i click on the char . can anyone please help?
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