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  1. what PHP version do i need for this?
  2. R95

    Hey V3ctor why "Original Password" doesn't show in AccountServer Database when someone registers only the hashed passwords shows...


  3. Thank you so much! Well I have 1 more question V3ctor. The Original Password doesnt show in AccountServer DataBase when someone registers only the hashed passwords shows...
  4. How to manage or update the news? can you share the guide?
  5. R95

    Hey Vector you shared this website https://pkodev.net/topic/5424-pkodevnet-website-for-tales-of-pirates-server/. I have prepared everything! but I don't know how to manage or update the news... can you help me with that?

  6. R95

    Need make server

    it says i have 0 daily messages limit. infact i havent sent any! well whats your discord? or take mine BaBaYaGa#4131
  7. R95

    Need make server

    hey you made the server?
  8. Hey i just made a server and im running it on server launcher (accountserver, gameserver, gateserver, groupserver) how do i make it online? like how can i create a client or a patch so i can open official server? Send me message on discord if possible! BaBaYaGa#4131
  9. Hello everyone Can someone tell me how do i get my server on website like how do i make a website of my server etc...! and i wanna know how do i make client or server files if i connect the AccountServer.MDB and GameDB.MDB in sql after that how i make client for the same server database
  10. @gatero hello brother i cant make account i have only this error when i click on create account it says error creating account can you help me really fast?! R95#9216 my discord
  11. Need make server send videos send files need to know what microsoft sql or programs used to make server because i tried my sql 2014 express alot of error and no chance to make a server i saw alot of videos on youtube but no way if you teach me the right method ill pay too!!! thank you Discord me R95#9216
  12. R95

    Anti Dupe Method

    also im looking for anti dupe
  13. Vector message me on discord urgently R95#9216
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