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Found 51 results

  1. Hello everyone, I'm Mathew advanced player of top, but newbie "DEV", I had idea with my friends to make PKO server just for 5 people for co-op camping, but no one wants to host server on his own, cuz of 24/7 pc working and electricity payments, so we get together 15$ and we bought VPS server (spec in spoiler). My experience with KOP/PKO/TOP servers was about 8 years ago with sql2000 and hamachi, but for now, we want 24/7 server on VPS without any additional programs that all about the story Dropbox link: there you can find all files that I config and working with. Problem: 1-No one can connect to host, (timeout) (atm we are using IPchanger and start.bat) [my friends] 2-I'm OSx user so I can't use start.bat, maybe someone knows this kind command/file for OSX?? 3-I don't know how to properly create/config website, (i tried with all guides on the forum) Questions: 0- is it host provider problem or just server config ??? (i tried same config on tungle and it was workig ...) 1-how can I make KOP/PKO/TOP shortcut but without laucher/autoupdater/ipchanger/start.bat but with VPS IP include? 2-If its possible, autopatcher-without website (on VPS) 3-How to add new functions to PKO server files, (i tried to add double exp for weekends, but when I added it to exp_and_level.lua, we didn't get exp from anything, GM either. 4-how to add Cooldowns on AMPs,Potions,etc. 5-Do I need to set DNS on VPS AccountServer GateServer GroupServer GameServer VPS SPEC: OS: Windows Server 2012 R2 COREspd: 1vCore x2GHz Storage: 50GB SSD Internet spd 100mb (5ms from host to player) Bandwidth limit 99TB RAM: 2GB Ports: OPEN for guide purpose let VPS ip be: (ipv4) DISCORD: Ajoj#1945 Skype: Sillvar
  2. Hello Friends! I've started to work on private server. I want to create something really good! I'm open for suggestions what i should add or change! At the moment i can't say anything about rates. But it won't be very hard server. I already have a small vision of how it will look like. I hope you enjoy it! Every1 who want to help please join my discord: Thanks, Tosiek
  3. How to increase temporary bag capacity In the guide I will show how to increase capacity of temporary bag from 16 up to 48 items. 1. Server Side Open GameServer.exe in any HEX-editor. Go to address: 0x000C0B0D - 1.36 GameServer.exe 0x000C809D - 1.38 GameServer.exe 0x0012E447 - 2.4 GameServer.exe Image for 1.38 GameServer.exe 1016 = 1610 0x10 it is capacity of temporary bag by default (16 in decimal). You can change it up to 48 items. Dec Hex ------------------- 24 items = 0x18 32 items = 0x20 40 items = 0x28 48 items = 0x30 Let's increase capacity to 32 items for example. So, you have to change 0x10 to 0x20: Then save GameServer.exe. Ok, now characters will be created with a temporary bag in 32 items by default. 2. Client Side You also have to increase temporary bag form in the client. You can add scroll bar (a) or stretch the form (b). a - form with scroll bar b - stretched form For example, I will show how to add scroll bar. Open main.clu (Client\scripts\lua\forms) and find scripts for frmTempBag. Add scroll bar: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Temporary bag ----------------------------------------------------------------------- -- THERE IS SCRIPTS FOR Temporary bag FORM ... -- ADD SCROLL BAR scrollid = UI_GetScroll( grdTempBag ) UI_SetSize( scrollid, 11, 1 ) UI_LoadImage( scrollid, "texture/ui/xDesign/PublicC.tga", COMPENT_BACK, 11, 1, 194, 13 ) id = UI_GetScrollObj( scrollid, SCROLL_UP ) UI_LoadButtonImage( id, "texture/ui/xDesign/PublicC.tga", 11, 9, 166, 0, TRUE ) UI_SetSize( id, 11, 9 ) id = UI_GetScrollObj( scrollid, SCROLL_SCROLL ) UI_LoadImage( id, "texture/ui/xDesign/PublicC.tga", COMPENT_BACK, 9, 43, 166, 10 ) UI_SetSize( id, 9, 43 ) id = UI_GetScrollObj( scrollid, SCROLL_DOWN ) UI_LoadButtonImage( id, "texture/ui/xDesign/PublicC.tga", 11, 9, 166, 0, TRUE ) UI_SetSize( id, 11, 9 ) The result you can see above. That's all!
  4. How to create an account

    How to create an account 1) Open MSSQL Management Studio. Connect to SQL Server and create a new query by pressing 'New Query' button on tool bar or hotkey CTRL + N. 2) Enter the following SQL Query: USE AccountServer; INSERT INTO account_login (name, password) VALUES ('<Login>', '<Password>') Where: <Login> - Login for new account; <Password> - MD5 hash of password for new account in upper case. You can get MD5 hash for passwords using special services: Example: you need to make account 'PKODev' with password '123456', so you have to execute the following SQL Query: USE AccountServer; INSERT INTO account_login (name, password) VALUES ('PKODev', 'E10ADC3949BA59ABBE56E057F20F883E') 3) If you need GM-account, you have to exequte one more SQL Query: USE GameDB; INSERT INTO account (act_id, act_name, gm) VALUES ((SELECT MAX(act_id) + 1 FROM account), '<Login>', <GM-level>); Where: <Login> - Login for new account; <GM-Level> - GM level of the account. Example: USE GameDB; INSERT INTO account (act_id, act_name, gm) VALUES ((SELECT MAX(act_id) + 1 FROM account), 'PKODev', 99); As the result, we have created a new account with GM level 99.
  5. Free VM/VPS

    Intel Xeon E3-1230 V3 3.30GHZ 4C/T 8GB RAM DDR4 500 Mbps [RDP Details] IP: User: VM01 Pass: VM01 -Free Service "As Is" -Use it at your own risk brought to you by
  6. Hello Folks! I will be sharing with you, an amazing site that I discovered a month or so back. ProfitServer The servers are fast, reliable, and provide quality service. I am using them, personally. The tickets are responded immediately at times. And very friendly support. If you are looking for a cheap VPS or Dedicated server to buy, then go no further, Profitserver has you covered. Take a look at the pricing. They provide windows server 2008 or 2012 R2. You can fine tune your own server.(The servers are located in Russia btw, great for people living in Russia) So what are you waiting for? Go ahead @ProfitServer and get yourself the best servers for cheap! :thumbsup: Here is a referral link. If you have any questions regarding this, let me know.
  7. Hello, I ve got a question about birthplace to spawn character as: In Spring Only. Currently its on Argent,Shaitan,Icicle. So when you create character you click on argent you spawn there. I want to make when you click any ,argent,shaitan,icicle it spawns in Spring. How can I make that? Please help!?
  8. Server rates

    Server rates In this guide I will tell you how to change server rates. To change rates open file variable.lua (Server\resource\script\calculate\) and find variables: EXP_RAID = 1 -- Experience rate MF_RAID = 1 -- Drop rate RESOURCE_RAID_ADJUST = 1 -- Resource drop rate TEAMEXP_RAID = 1 -- Party experience rate ELEEXP_GETRAD = 1 -- Fairy growth rate In that case all rates are equal to x 1 How to add rate for Ships: 1) Add in variable.lua (see above) new variable SHIP_RAID. It will store rate for ship experience: SHIP_RAID = 1 -- Ship experience rate Ship rate is equal to x 1 in that case 2) Open file exp_and_level.lua (Server\resource\script\calculate\) and find function GetExp_PKM(dead, atk). Look below for local ship_expadd = math.floor( math.min(7, (dead_lv / 10 + 2) ) ) and replace it with local ship_expadd = math.floor( math.min(7, (dead_lv / 10 + 2) ) * SHIP_RAID) Then save changes. Now you can specify rate for ship experience. How to make auto rates: You could make rates update automatically depending on your conditions. For example depending on a day time or week day. Let's make so that rates would increase by x 2 every weekends. 1) Experience and ship experience (EXP_RAID and SHIP_RAID). Open file exp_and_level.lua (Server\resource\script\calculate\) and find function GetExp_PKM(dead, atk). At the beginning of the function add the following code: function GetExp_PKM(dead, atk) local day_of_week = GetNowWeek() if day_of_week == 6 or day_of_week == 7 then -- At weekends rates are equal to x 2 EXP_RAID = 2 SHIP_RAID = 2 else -- At weekdays rates are equal to x 1 EXP_RAID = 1 SHIP_RAID = 1 end -- original code ..... end 2) Team experience (TEAMEXP_RAID). In the file exp_and_level.lua (see above) find function ShareTeamExp(dead, team_atker, dead_exp, The_Killer). At the beginning of the function add the following code: function ShareTeamExp(dead, team_atker, dead_exp, The_Killer) local day_of_week = GetNowWeek() if day_of_week == 6 or day_of_week == 7 then -- At weekends rates are equal to x 2 TEAMEXP_RAID = 2 else -- At weekdays rates are equal to x 1 TEAMEXP_RAID = 1 end -- original code ..... end 3) Drop rate (MF_RAID). Open file skilleffect.lua (Server\resource\script\calculate\) and find function Check_Baoliao(ATKER, DEFER, ... ). At the beginning of the function add the following code: function Check_Baoliao(ATKER, DEFER, ... ) local day_of_week = GetNowWeek() if day_of_week == 6 or day_of_week == 7 then -- At weekends rates are equal to x 2 MF_RAID = 2 else -- At weekdays rates are equal to x 1 MF_RAID = 1 end -- original code ..... end 4) Resource drop rate (RESOURCE_RAID_ADJUST). In the file skilleffect.lua find function Check_SpawnResource(ATKER, DEFER, lv_skill, diaoliao_count, ...). At the beginning of the function add the following code: function Check_SpawnResource(ATKER, DEFER, lv_skill, diaoliao_count, ...) local day_of_week = GetNowWeek() if day_of_week == 6 or day_of_week == 7 then -- At weekends rates are equal to x 2 RESOURCE_RAID_ADJUST = 2 else -- At weekdays rates are equal to x 1 RESOURCE_RAID_ADJUST = 1 end -- original code ..... end 5) Fairy growth rate (ELEEXP_GETRAD). Open file functions.lua (Server\resource\script\calculate\) and find function Give_ElfEXP(role, Item, Type, Num). At the beginning of the function add the following code: function Give_ElfEXP(role, Item, Type, Num) local day_of_week = GetNowWeek() if day_of_week == 6 or day_of_week == 7 then -- At weekends rates are equal to x 2 ELEEXP_GETRAD = 2 else -- At weekdays rates are equal to x 1 ELEEXP_GETRAD = 1 end -- original code ..... end That's all! If you have any questions you can ask them here.
  9. Eclipse Online

    Hello Friends and The Community Currently I'm working with clean files (Pko I v1.36 (2.0) Clean Files Updates 07-11-2014) thanks to whoever working and upload this file. there was several bugs and glitch I've found, the exes and the resources, after all the files are good. Here the list of bugs and modify based on the files that I've done: -Use 1.38 exes (mod) -Use TOPII bin files -Organize and Fix ItemUse scripts (ItemInfo.txt: column 87) -Organize and Fix CharacterInfo, SkillInfo, SkillEff, etc -Organize and Fix related stuff (ration, food, poss, skill, etc) -And many other stuffs such like (buff, ship, offline stall, party, exp, cape, apparel, etc) it is too long if I mention all of them here right now. So the files are fixed, secured and rates is exactly the same with the last TOPII including their related item, skill, etc. I made this thread for one purpose only, I want to know what you guys wanted if Eclipse Online will become an enjoyable PK server?, So I have several questions for you guys please help me to answer it. 1. Will Eclipse Online have starter chest (like newbie chest but with gemed equips and weapon) ? 2. Server will follows "Leveling System", at this point, Should Eclipse Online have reputation Ex-changer ? If yes that reputation can be changed to what? 3. How much server rates you want? (such as: solo, party, drop, ship) 4. Will Eclipse Online need IGS ? If yes what we need to put ? (IGS: Where non-maller get maller stuff) 5. What you guys want as a drops in Maze (Chest, Monster) ? 6. And of course your ideas (any ideas that we should put them into Eclipse Online files) I know currently there are so many servers running at this time, and of course for like 80% of players don't have time to start over for the new server. 7. so can you tell me when is the best time to run BETA of Eclipse Online ? I know also that the server without a player is like instantly death for few months, So even though our files is good and very pro but without players It doesn't mean a thing 8. Would you invite your friends whenever Eclipse Online is online ? Pro server required a good identity. 9. So what domain you like for Eclipse Online ? At the last of my questions, We know server without good fund's management will also rapidly death, 10. So if we must have a Mall Items what we should put in there? Thank you so much for reading, I hope you can answer the questions a mentioned above. long live PKODEV
  10. Protect your GM Commands

    Protect your GM Commands Thanks to @c0d3x for translate from Russian Hello! Let's pretend as if your server has been hacked and the hacker received access to the GM account afterwards. In this thread I'll try to explain how you can secure GM commands and make the hack nearly pointless. Attention! You must pay the most attention to &lua and &lua_all commands(!). If you have got them enabled on your server and somehow hacker manages to get into a GM account, he could get control over every thing, including your root folder; rdp access and so on and so forth. You can read more about those commands HERE. Be as safe as you can, and after reading this thread try Not to use the same commands as I'm gonna use as an example! 1st way. No GM commands - no problems! If you either use commands rarely or don't use them at all, then complete removal makes sense. You could edit characters or give them items using third party software or manually via database. To disable GM commands you should do some edits in GameServer.exe Version | Size (KB) | Address --------+--------------+------------ 1.36 | 2 040 | 0x000DE1E8 1.38 | 2 088 | 0x000E6852 2.0 | 3 000 | 0x00161349 Open GameServer.exe in any HEX editor and goto the address from the table above. I will be working with 1.38 GameServer.exe using HxD editor. Replace 23 bytes starting from this address to 0x90. Save your edits and make sure GM commands don't work in game. 2nd way. Rename gm commands. The hacker will not be able to use GM commands if he doesn't know their names. So, you have to change every command's name. Takes time but it's worth it To change GM command name, open GameServer.exe in any HEX editor. Find GM command and then change its name. New command's name length must be the same as the older one had (keep the same size!). For instance, let's rename &make to &give. Please note that 'make' and 'give' have the same length (they both have 4 symbols). Open GameServer.exe in HEX editor and find a string "make": You will find more strings that contain "make" in it ("MakeItem", "make failed!", "GMmakeLog" and such - we do not need them!). Simply ignore them and continue searching. When you find the needed one you'll see another GM commands' names there, too: Change it to "give": Save current edits. Do the same procedure for another GM commands. UPDATE! You can use this program: GM command address list GameServer.exe version 1.36 (2 040 KB): GameServer.exe version 1.38 (2 088 KB): GameServer.exe version 2.4 (3 000 KB) 3rd way. GameServer.exe with HandleChat(), GetGmLv() and SetGmLv() functions. To use this way you have to use modified GameServer.exe which has the functions above in it. Function HandleChat(userdata role, string message) works out when a character writes messages into local chat. Since all GM commands are being written into local chat, too, you can create a script that will control their execution. Like, you can make so that GM commands work only if the character, who executes them, has a specified ID or name. In addition to this, you can make so that the character has to be in a specified guild, where only administrators and/or GMs could enter. It all depends on your fantasy! To find out if character is a GM, use function GetGmLv(userdata role). Using function SetGmLv(userdata role, number level) you can edit account's gm level to which the character is attached to. Also, using the same function you can set GM level to 0 (ordinary player) in HandleChat() function in case the character hasn't passed the verification. Let's make a simple system to control GM commands: 1) GM commands can be used only if your name is: "V3ct0r", "pkodev" or "Administrator". 2) If the character is GM and he/she hasn't passed the verification, set GM level to 0, kick the character and send the message for Administrator to the GameServer.exe console. Firstly, let's create an array inside variable.lua with characters' names that could use GM commands, we'll call it PlayerCanUseCmd: PlayerCanUseCmd = {} PlayerCanUseCmd["V3ct0r"] = 1 PlayerCanUseCmd["pkodev"] = 1 PlayerCanUseCmd["Administrator"] = 1 Then let's make a script inside HandleChat() in functions.lua: -- Local chat handler function HandleChat(role, message) -- Check whether the character is a gm or not if (GetGmLv(role) > 0) then -- Check if the character has executed the command if (string.find(message, "&") == 1) then -- Check character's name local cha_name = GetChaDefaultName(role) if (PlayerCanUseCmd[cha_name] ~= nil) then -- The character can use the command return 1 end -- The character isn't allowed to use the command -- Set GM level to 0 SetGmLv(role, 0) -- Kick it from the server KickCha(role) -- Send a message to the console print("Player [" .. cha_name .."] tried to use GM command!") -- Don't let the character execute the command return 0 end end return 1 end To kick a character we have to add a KickCha() function, add it anywhere into functions.lua: function KickCha(character) local pkt = GetPacket() WriteCmd(pkt, 1505) SendPacket(character,pkt) end Thread is open for the further discussion. You're welcome to ask questions or give ideas in the comments. Thank you and best of luck!
  11. Buying Service Hex

    Buy Hex Service for Game Server has error in Fusion clothing... Fusing equipment that already has apparel with other apparel is giving this error and all IDs are below 5999.
  12. Пиратия Лайф

    Добро пожаловать на сервер онлайн-игры "Пиратия Онлайн"! Сервер, полных интересных нововведений с абсолютно новыми возможностями. Сборка, содержащая в себе целую кучу интересных моментов и квестов, в которой можно найти невероятно красивые места и локации. Сервер абсолютно бесплатный. Название: Piratia Life: Возвращение! Версия: 1.39 Время сервера: Московское Онлайн: 24\7 Стадия: Официальное открыт Рейты: Соло - 6х Пати - 6х Дроп - 4х Фея - 15х Корабль - 10х Квесты - 3х Макс уровень персонажа - 100 Макс уровень Феи - 50 Сила - 100 Ловкость - 105 Телосложение - 110 Точность - 115 Дух - 150 Особенности: Новые подземелья Новые цепочки квестов Новые локации Банк Гильдии Совместная покупка рейтов Торговая лавка Уникальная атмосфера Опытная администрация и многое другое.. Локации: Аргент Шайтан Ледынь Хаос Аргента (решаем) Хаос Ледыни Одинокая башня Мир демонов Затерянный город Темная топь Континент сезонов Остров Искателей (решаем) Небеса Остров Зимы Край Авроры и Тьмы Церковь Захват флага Барбароссы Абаддоны 1-18 + Вечный Абаддон Баунти (решаем) Снежные войны Миражи и многое другое.. Баланс классов: Воитель: Без изменений Целительница: Увеличен урон от Призрачного удара "Сила" дает больше прирост маны Увеличена регенерация маны от "Благодать господня" Увеличен прирост здоровья и защиты от телосложения Добавлена дистанционная атака Стрелок: Увеличена прибавка скорости атаки от "Воодушевление" Увеличен прирост здоровья и защиты от телосложения Увеличена прибавка атаки от "Мастер оружия" Возможность ковать +3 самоцветы в оружие Колдунья: Увеличен прирост здоровья и защиты от телосложения Увеличен урон от "Призрачного удара" Добавлена дистанционная атака "Сила" дает прибавку к восстановлению здоровья "Росчерк тени" наносит урон в зависимости от духа "Печать старейшин" останавливает на 2 секунды Покоритель морей: Увеличен прирост здоровья и защиты от телосложения Увеличен прирост маны от духа Увеличен диаметр и длина луча рея Увеличен урон от рея Убраны кораллы Исправлены комплекты экипировки 45-70 уровня Чемпион: Увеличен прирост атаки от "Мастер большого меча" Увеличен прирост атаки от ловкости Теперь возможно одевать 55 перчатки и ботинки Дополнительно: Полная защита от дьюпа. Исправление шифрования пакетов. Новый фильтр от sql-инъекций. Профессиональная защита от Ddos-атак. Исправление поиска пати на воде. Защита от WPE/RPE и прочей нечисти. Трансформация Защита от рисовки скиллов и айтемов Резервное копирование базы данных - 4 раза в сутки. Резервное копирование сборки - 1 раз в сутки. Защита от рисовки 20 уровня скиллов. Сайт: Форум:
  13. Simple Archive

    This archive might be useful for you if you're looking an old files. I'm also trying to update it whenever there's a new releases from members. Enjoy!!OUMUgTYb!jtCsqh7halK_O9uzWyaG0g
  14. Section with servers advertising was cleaned Hello friends! Section with servers advertising was cleaned. I deleted a lot of inactive servers. I decide delete server from advertising if it's site is not available. I apologize if I deleted your server by mistake. Create a new topic about your server please. Also do not forget to read Servers Advertising Rules. It is important to keep order in this section. If You want only open server, create a topic in "Opening Soon" section. Your server is beta? "Under Beta" section is for you! Your server is well-known and works for several months. Congrutilations! You can create a topic in "Stable Servers" section. Let us know if you close your server or want move your topic to another section. Do not create a new topic please. From time to time, write in your topic that the server is running. Thank you for attention!
  15. Hello guys, I would like you ask about protecting my server and SQL injection. How can I protect my server and will it be fully protected? Thanks a lot <3
  16. Hello everyone, i'm looking for someone who owns Futurama Server Files, these are files the rates are hixh, Lvl max 400, and so so If somebody has please share link, of files and client side. Thank you
  17. Hello guys, looking to make a stable private server. If you guys are interested, I can host. Let me know! please inbox
  18. Hi there, I'm selling original mermania server files. Price: 100$ via paypal only. You can pm me via forum if you're interested.
  19. What are your suggestions and tips for running a server on a low-end machine? I know the typical options like reducing the number of open maps or playing with the values on the GameServer.cfg file, beyond that all, I want to know if there are other tips. I have tried deleting mobs on some maps, but not all seem to be removable, such as this lamb here: God! How I hate that lamb! Anyway, guys, tell me your recommendations to run a fully functional server on a machine with little RAM.
  20. Servers Monitoring Hello friends! Unfortunately, servers monitoring ( has been closed. The reasons are the low popularity and relevance of the service. There were about 2-4 servers only. I want to say thanks to @Duduf for idea and development/implementation and @Jap for idea! Discussion is here.
  21. Erro GameServer.exe Help-me

    My gameserver.exe is giving this following error how to solve?
  22. Help with SQL please

    Hello everybody! I believe that i damaged my SQL Server Configuration Manager when i uninstalled the SQL 2k16. Just Uninstalled and installed it back because it didnt allowed me to remove sa from Logins. Whatever. Now i had to fix new issues. First i had This error "Cannot connect to WMI provider. You do not have permission or the server is unreachable." while i was trying to log on my Server Maneger. Fixed it But now i get different error : And also my Configuration Manager looks like this . No services at all. Btw. Ive also tryed to instal SQL 2k8 or 2k14. Repair, uninstalled and removed all old SQL files, Documents etc, restarting my PC everytime i did those operations. -Edit - Also tried to Run manualy Services.msc . When i start is as Local System account gives me Error 2 : System cannot find the file specified. Or when i start it as \Wendigo (my computer Admin) i get Error 1069 : The service do not start due a logon failure . Other chance is to instal a Virtual Machine. But i wonder if i still get the same errors.
  23. Servers Monitoring

    Servers Monitoring Hello friends! Today, I want to represent servers monitoring service by PkoDev.NET community. For the idea and its realization I'd like to thank @Duduf! Features Real-time mapping of operable & registered servers. Servers that do not respond for a certain amount of time will be automatically deleted; Displaying of every server's features - version, language, rates,...; Displaying of every server's statistics - number of: accounts, characters, guilds; You can check how many players do play a server in real-time; Filters using which players could find the most attractive servers in their opinion; Widgets for your website. In this way servers' administrators are provided with an opportunity to attract the players on a server, and for the players - to find the most suitable server to play in the shortest duration of time. How it works A special PKODevStat service is started on your server which automatically requests statistics and data from the SQL server every 90 seconds and then sends it to PkoDev.NET; The service itself is an executable that you start together with your: GameServer.exe, AccountServer.exe, GroupServer.exe and GateServer.exe; On the basis of the data our website creates a list of currently operable server with basic information. You can also install a special widget on your website that should display the same information of any page of your website. If server hasn't retrieved data for 24 hours, it gets automatically deleted. In the top of the list our service stores servers with the highest number of online players (if it retrieved data during the previous hour), otherwise ranking is carried out by the last reference to the PkoDev. Servers with 0 online are placed at bottom of the list by the default. Important PKODevStat.exe service does not send any extra data (for instance, logins or passwords of your server players). Also, server does not do any edits in the SQL server. Moreover PKODevStat is an open source and you can easily find it out on your own. We are not interested in breaking any server! How to get your server being monitored? That's quite simple. Head to "For servers admins" section on the service's website and click "Download". PKODevStat will be downloaded on your PC which which later has to be configured and opened manually. You would have to edit config.json file which consists of 3 sections: 1) Server section - basic information about your server: name - name of the server. From 5 and up to 55 symbols are allowed, do not use any special symbols; url - server address, should start with either "http://" or "https://"; lang - server language. Use the two-letter ISO code in lowercase: ru, en, br, etc; timezone - timezone of the server. Example: UTC +4 or Europe/Moscow; version - server version, strictly in double type: 1.3, 1.39, 2.0, etc; since - date and time when your server was first open publically (launched). Format: YYY-MM-DD HH:mm; rates - server rates: exp - solo rates; drop - drop rates; pet - pet rates; ship - ship rates; party - team rates; resource - resource rates; lvls - max levels in game: char - max character level; pet - max pet level; ship - max ship level; 2) db section - configurations required to establish SQL server connection: server - SQL server hostname; port - SQL port; user - DB username; password - DB user's password; 3) tbl section - names of tables in AccountServer and GameDB databases. Edit them only if your table names are different from original. If that you've edited the config, save it and run the program (PKODevStat.exe). Run only one copy of .exe file and make sure you see a label: Runing PKODev service... If there are no errors & mistakes in configuration, there will be no extra notices after the label and you should be able to see your server at Otherwise, fix the errors and restart the application. If you do any edits in config.json, you should always restart the program. If you have any suggestions, notes or questions regarding the work of the monitoring system, then you leave a comment and we will certainly review it! Thanks to @qwerty for news translation!
  24. Server Attempt

    Hello everyone, Top nostalgia drags me back to give another try to build a private server. I had some attempts but failed, or quited for some reasons <im a novice developer, still have to learn alot> . But before i die , i really want to manage a private server. Just for start i have some questions and looking for answers. What SQL shall i use on Windows 10? Are Top 2 like files avaible < Just like top 2 with Belt,Handguards,115/125 skills,etc > ? Worths to invest time on this? -Edtit- Looking for building a private server guide with PKO 2.4 server files.
  25. Admiral Cloak Gem

    Does anyone have Admiral Cloak Gems To be able to give me? I would greatly appreciate it. Prayer Rune Favor Rune Riven Soul Rune Piercing Rune Illusory Rune Curse Rune