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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, I'm looking for the Horoscope quests, if they do exist - I've only been able to find the Aries Quest. My server files are version 1.36, in case that's relevant. Thank you in advance!
  2. [Mod] Contracts system This system is a "Monster Hunt" type quest, the purpose of which is to defeat a certain amount of specific monsters. A player is given a special item - “Contract”, which indicates which monster and how many the player have to defeat. As monsters are defeated, the player's current progress is updated in the "Contract". After defeating the required number of monsters, the "Contract" is considered completed, and the player can receive a reward by using the "Contract" item. The system consists of a pkodev.mod.loader modification for the game client (Game.exe) and a Lua script for the game server (GameServer.exe). Modification of the client is necessary to visualize the specified characteristics of the item in the hint field for the "Contract" when the player hover the mouse cursor over it's item. The target monster ID, the number of monsters already defeated, and the number of monsters needed to complete the "Contract" are stored in the following item stats: ITEMATTR_VAL_STR, ITEMATTR_VAL_DEX, and ITEMATTR_VAL_AGI, respectively. The purpose of the mod is to display these item characteristics in a form understandable to the player. For example, if ITEMATTR_VAL_STR = 103, ITEMATTR_VAL_DEX = 5, and ITEMATTR_VAL_AGI = 10, then the player will see the following information when hovering the mouse over "Contract": Hunt: 'Forest Spirit' x 10 Progress: 5 / 10 The Lua script for the game server is the core of the Contracts system, which contains the System settings and the logic of its operation. For example, when defeating next monster, the script will search the character's inventory for a suitable active "Contract", and if such the item is found, the System will update its state. An important setting of the script is the function that is necessary for issuing a reward after the player successfully completes the "Contract". Some features of the System: 1. "Contract" can be picked up, thrown away, transferred to another player, put in a bank or sold; 2. If a player has multiple "Contracts" in his inventory to hunt the same monster, then when defeating this monster, the "Contract" is selected randomly; 3. To receive a reward after completing a "Contract", the player should use an item of the "Contract", for example by double-clicking on it. The player will see a corresponding message in the system chat if the "Contract" has not yet been completed; 4. The content and amount of the reward are determined by the administrator in a special function of the System script; 5. ID and item type for "Contract" must be unique and set by the administrator in the System settings. The default item type is 99, the default item ID is undefined. Information about the modification Name: pkodev.mod.contract; Version: 1.1; Author: V3ct0r; Type: for the game client (Game.exe); Supported executable files (.exe): GAME_13X_0, GAME_13X_1, GAME_13X_2, GAME_13X_3, GAME_13X_4 and GAME_13X_5. Installing the Contracts system Game server 1. Add a "Contract" item to the GameServer\resource\ItemInfo.txt file. To do this, select any suitable ID (XXXX) and item type (99 by default): XXXX Contract n0184 10130005 0 0 0 0 0 00 99 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 -1 0 -1 0 0 -1 -1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0,0 0,0 0,0 0,0 0,0 0,0 0,0 0,0 0,0 0,0 0,0 0,0 0,0 0,0 0,0 0,0 0,0 0,0 0,0 0,0 0,0 0,0 0 10,10 0,0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ItemUse_PKOdevContract 0 0 0 0 0 0 After completion you will receive a reward! 2. Place Lua script pkodev.contract.lua in GameServer\resource\script\calculate\mods directory (create mods folder if necessary). 3. Open the pkodev.contract.lua file and configure it as follows: 3.1 Write the "Contract" item ID from ItemInfo.txt (XXXX) to the item_id variable: item_id = XXXX, 3.2 In the CompletionCallback() function, write a code that will give players a reward after completing "Contracts". By default, the function gives a player 1,000 gold coins, a random item (Refining Gem x 1, or Gem of Rage x 2, or Cake x 60, or Fairy of Luck x 1) and launches fireworks: CompletionCallback = function(role, item) -- Give 1,000 gold AddMoney (role, 0, 1000) -- Set of items local arr = { {id = 885, count = 1 }, -- Refining Gem x 1 {id = 863, count = 2 }, -- Gem of Rage x 2 {id = 1849, count = 60}, -- Cake x 60 {id = 231, count = 1 } -- Fairy of Luck x 1 } -- Give a random item local idx = math.random(1, table.getn(arr)) GiveItem(role, 0, arr[idx].id , arr[idx].count, 4) -- Launch fireworks PlayEffect(role, 361) end 3.3 Open the file GameServer\resource\script\calculate\SkillEffect.lua and at the very beginning write the line: dofile(GetResPath("script\\calculate\\mods\\pkodev.contract.lua")) 4. The Contracts system has been successfully installed on your server. Congratulations! Also take a look at @Angelix's Contract System script implementation. It is more flexible and advanced than the one suggested above. Description of the script and installation instructions can be found in the corresponding topic: Game client 1. Add a "Contract" item to the Client\scripts\table\ItemInfo.txt file (see above "Installing the Contracts system" > "Game server" > point 1). Compile ItemInfo.txt. 2. Add to the file Client\scripts\table\StringSet.txt the following strings that a player will see when hovering the mouse over the "Contract": [1000] "(Completed)" [1001] "(Active)" [1002] "Hunt: '{0}' x {1}" [1003] "Progress: {0} / {1}" Note 1: If IDs of strings 1000 - 1003 are already taken, then write any free IDs instead. Note 2: After adding these strings to the StringSet.txt file, delete the StringSet.bin file if it exists, otherwise the changes will not be applied. Note 3: In string 1002, marker {0} is the name of the monster, and {1} is the number of monsters to defeat. In string 1003 marker {0} indicates the number of monsters already defeated, marker {1} is similar to string 1002. 3. Install mod loading system pkodev.mod.loader if it hasn't already been installed. 4. Place the mod DLL file pkodev.mod.contract.client.13x_{ID}.dll for your version of Game.exe and the mod settings file pkodev.mod.contract.json in the mods\pkodev.mod.contract folder of the game client. 5. Open the mod's settings file pkodev.mod.contract.json and write the following parameters into it according to your choice: 1. itemType - type of the item "Contract" specified in the ItemInfo.txt file. The default value is 99. 2. colorCompleted - the color of the "(Completed)" label in the hint for the "Contract" item in the format 0xAARRGGBB. The default value is 0xFF00FF00 (Green). 3. colorActive - the color of the "(Completed)" label in the hint for the "Contract" item in the format 0xAARRGGBB. The default value is 0xFFFFA500 (Orange). 4. STRING_001 - string ID for the "(Completed)" label from the StringSet.txt file. The default value is 1000. 5. STRING_002 - string ID for the "(Active)" label from the StringSet.txt file. The default value is 1001. 6. STRING_003 - string ID for the "Hunt: '{0}' x {1}" label from the StringSet.txt file. The default value is 1002. 7. STRING_004 - string ID for the "Progress: {0} / {1}" label from the StringSet.txt file. The default value is 1003. Note: This file can be left unchanged if you used the default values in the ItemInfo.txt and StringSet.txt files. 6. The contracts system setup for the game client is now complete! Creating "Contracts" and issuing them to the players "Contracts" are created using the contract.create() function, which takes as its arguments the handle of a character to which the contract is to be issued, the ID of a monster a player will need to defeat, and a number of monsters that the player have to defeat. As a result, the function returns a tuple of three elements: success flag, new item descriptor, and item slot number in the character's inventory. Syntax: local <Result LUA_TRUE|LUA_FALSE>, <Item descriptor>, <Item slot> = contract.create(<Character descriptor>, <Monster ID>, <Number of monsters>) Example: local ret, item, pos = contract.create(role, 103, 7) As the result, a "Contract" will be created to defeat the seven Forest Spirits, which will appear in the inventory of the role character. In case of an error, the function will return the value LUA_FALSE to the ret variable and write a log message to the pkodev.contract.txt file. Note: Creation of "Contracts" can be organized, for example, through a special NPC or other item. Useful links 1) Modification binary files for the client (.dll); 2) The file with the modification settings for the client (pkodev.mod.contract.json); 3) Repository on GitHub with the source code of the modification for Visual Studio 2022 Community (C++); 4) Lua script of the Contracts system for the game server; 5) ItemInfo.txt with an example of the "Contract" item; 6) Strings for the file StringSet.txt; 7) Mod loading system pkodev.mod.loader. If you encounter any problem, bug or have any questions, then feel free to write in this thread.
  3. [Script] Quest requires 'X' hours after the start Hello! In this thread I am posting an example of script that will allow you to check the condition when the player completes the quest: 'X' time has to pass after starting the quest to complete it. Usage MisResultCondition(MissionTimeExpired, <quest_id>, <time_in_seconds_to_wait>) Installation Add the following code to the file 'vairable.lua': -- Table with the time of taking quests by characters if (quest_table_guard == nil) then quest_table_guard = true quest_table = { } end Add to the file 'functions.lua': -- Quest added event AddMission__Original = AddMission AddMission = function(role, id, param) -- Call original AddMission function local ret = AddMission__Original(role, id, param) -- Check the result if ( ret == LUA_TRUE ) then -- Add the quest to the table quest_table[id] = quest_table[id] or {} -- Remember the time when the character took the quest quest_table[id][ GetRoleID(role) ] = os.time() end -- Return original result return ret end -- Check that some time expired since character taken the quest function MissionTimeExpired(role, id, t) -- Check that quest exists in the table if ( quest_table[id] == nil ) then -- Quest not found return LUA_TRUE end -- Get character ID local cha_id = GetRoleID(role) -- Check that the character has the quest if ( quest_table[id][cha_id] == nil ) then -- Character doesn't have the quest ?! return LUA_TRUE end -- Calculte time delta local delta = ( os.time() - quest_table[id][cha_id] ) -- Check that t seconds expired since quest started if ( delta >= t ) then -- Remove character from table quest_table[id][cha_id] = nil -- Condition is completed return LUA_TRUE end -- Condition is not completed return LUA_FALSE end And finally register the new function in the file 'MissionSdk.lua' ('ConditionsTest' function): . . . elseif conditions[i].func == MissionTimeExpired then local ret = MissionTimeExpired( character, conditions[i].p1, conditions[i].p2 ) if ret ~= LUA_TRUE then PRINT( "ConditionsTest: MissionTimeExpired = false" ) return LUA_FALSE end . . . That's all! Note: 1) All data about the time of taking quests by characters will be lost when the server is restarted. You need to come up with a mechanism for saving the table 'quest_table' to a file or database if this is critical for your application; 2) NPCs that give and accept a quest with this condition must be within the same GameServer instance.
  4. Hi all, I'm trying to get the players to kill a few different monsters to complete a quest. I have a weird issue where killing mob X also counts towards mob Y. Please see attached screenshot. Screenshot: https://imgur.com/0bek5rJ The problem happens after players kill 20x Hell Corpse A - from the 21st kill, the players also get kill count for Hell Corpse B. Script for quest: DefineMission(190,"RB2 - Second Quest",190) MisBeginTalk("<t>The first quest was easy. This time it will be harder. ") MisBeginCondition(HasRecord, 189) MisBeginCondition(NoRecord,190) MisBeginCondition(NoMission,190) MisBeginAction(AddMission,190) MisBeginAction(AddTrigger, 1901, TE_KILL, 824, 40) MisBeginAction(AddTrigger, 1902, TE_KILL, 825, 40) MisBeginAction(AddTrigger, 1903, TE_KILL, 826, 40) MisBeginAction(AddTrigger, 1904, TE_KILL, 807, 5) MisBeginAction(AddTrigger, 1905, TE_KILL, 821, 40) MisBeginAction(AddTrigger, 1906, TE_KILL, 678, 5) MisCancelAction(ClearMission, 190) MisNeed(MIS_NEED_DESP, "Kill 40x Hell Mummy B, 40x Hell Corpse A, 40x Hell Corpse B, 5x Deathsoul Commander, 40x Hell Skeleton A, and 5x Snowman Warlord!") MisNeed(MIS_NEED_KILL, 824, 40, 10, 40) MisNeed(MIS_NEED_KILL, 825, 40, 30, 40) MisNeed(MIS_NEED_KILL, 826, 40, 50, 40) MisNeed(MIS_NEED_KILL, 807, 5, 70, 5) MisNeed(MIS_NEED_KILL, 821, 40, 90, 40) MisNeed(MIS_NEED_KILL, 678, 5, 110, 5) MisHelpTalk("<t>Kill them.") MisResultTalk("<t>You have good skills. Learn from me from now on. This Fragment represents Wisdom. Take it to fulfill your dream. Rumored that rebirth allows you to reselect class…") MisResultCondition(HasMission,190 ) MisResultCondition(NoRecord,190) MisResultCondition(HasFlag, 190, 49) MisResultCondition(HasFlag, 190, 69) MisResultCondition(HasFlag, 190, 89) MisResultCondition(HasFlag, 190, 74) MisResultCondition(HasFlag, 190, 129) MisResultCondition(HasFlag, 190, 114) MisResultAction(GiveItem, 8495, 1, 4 ) MisResultAction(ClearMission, 190 ) MisResultAction(SetRecord, 190) MisResultBagNeed(1) InitTrigger() TriggerCondition( 1, IsMonster, 824 ) TriggerAction( 1, AddNextFlag, 190, 10, 40 ) RegCurTrigger( 1901 ) InitTrigger() TriggerCondition( 1, IsMonster, 825) TriggerAction( 1, AddNextFlag, 190, 30, 40 ) RegCurTrigger( 1902 ) InitTrigger() TriggerCondition( 1, IsMonster,826 ) TriggerAction( 1, AddNextFlag, 190, 50, 40 ) RegCurTrigger( 1903 ) InitTrigger() TriggerCondition( 1, IsMonster, 807 ) TriggerAction( 1, AddNextFlag, 190, 70, 5 ) RegCurTrigger( 1904 ) InitTrigger() TriggerCondition( 1, IsMonster, 821 ) TriggerAction( 1, AddNextFlag, 190, 90, 40 ) RegCurTrigger( 1905 ) InitTrigger() TriggerCondition( 1, IsMonster,678) TriggerAction( 1, AddNextFlag, 190, 110, 5 ) RegCurTrigger( 1906 ) Thanks.
  5. Ребята , кто может помочь и объяснить как создать простой квест самому. Напишите пожалуйста в вк: vk.com/mrsereewa Буду очень благодарен, возможно вознаграждение
  6. Hello every1. In a game there is a limit of questsof 10 pieces. Is there a way to expand the limit? It seems to me that most likely it is necessary to change something in EXE, but what and where? If someone already knows how, and came across a solution to this problem - please write in a private msgs or here in the thread. Thank you.
  7. I need help, i want put 5 items with random quest, click = get 1 random of 5 quest when you finish the quest go for the other item. 5 Items = 5 random quest ea, then 5 items = 25 quests, how i can do a "random quest"?
  8. Could someone post Daily Quest please?
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