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Found 1 result

  1. PKODev.NET needs moderators! Hello friends! Due to the recent increase in cases of spam attacks on our forum we are looking for people who want to help the PKODev.NET community and become Moderators. Moderator's tasks: 1) Keep order on the forum: move topics that were created in inappropriate sections; rename topics whose names are in UPPERCASE or do not reflect the topic's content; delete topics and posts that do not make any logical sense; 2) Fight against spam and flooding in all their forms: delete topics that are not related to the subject of the forum; remove topics with advertising of other web resources; preventing, together with the administration, spam attacks on the forum. 3) Provide a friendly atmosphere on the forum and suppress conflicts between users, keep the process of cultural communication. Wishes for the candidacy of the moderator: 0) Desire to help the forum; 1) Adequacy and culture. On our forum there are no clear rules for communication between users, but there are unspoken rules of cultural behavior in society and netiquette. The moderator should be able to enforce these rules and be an example for other forum users. 2) Ability to devote a little free time to the forum every day, to be an active user of the site; 3) It is advisable that you are a well-known member of our community who has contributed to it; 4) Knowledge of the technical side of the game. Communicate with me using the following ways if you are interested: 1) Write a message in this topic; 2) Send me a private message on the forum; 3) Send me a message on Discord (V3ct0r#0484) or Skype (vector.nesterov). Thank you for your attention! I will be glad to everyone who responded.
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