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Found 4 results

  1. New server of tales of pirates Coming soon. Me and my team working on Classic Project medium server. For more details about my project join the discord server below: DISCORD SERVER Server Rates: SERVER RATES:Max Level: 80 Solo-exp: 2x Party-exp: 5x Drop-rate: 1x Fairy-growth: 50x Ship-exp: 5x Max Pet-Level: 42 Mazes: Demonic World Chaos Argent Forsaken City Dark Swamp . Maps: Argent City Icicle City Shaitan City Server Features: -Medium Server -Vanilla way to Level up -Balanced Server -Excellent protection (anti DDos, anti Dupe) -Ingame Currency (imps) can be obtained in all mobs -Reputation can be obtain in dw, ds, fc mobs -Jackpot Machine NPC -Reputation Exchaner NPC -Legendary tree of fortune (Edited Fortune Packet drops) -Black Market NPC -Class Job Changer NPC (Same npc where you get your class Promotion) -Fair Market NPC -Unseal NPC (Uns 45-55) -Apparel NPC (East Argent) -New Field Bosses that gives money notes -Offline Stall(can be use to level your pet while offline)
  2. SERVER DISCORD - (ENTER NOW) https://discord.gg/HYnX6mtztV [Server Website] http://undead-pirates.online [GET READY FOR SOMETHING FRESH] About Undead Pirates GamePlay: Оur server is completely designed to be close to the original Game Play. There are a few changes made by us to make it easy and interesting for our players. The server is under construction, but the BETA TEST is planning to be open in some weeks. All details and information about the server construction will be posted in DISCORD CHANNEL. You still have the opportunity to get the dream server for you by giving your ideas to the discord channel [#suggestions] We want to gather as many players as possible and show our love for Thales of Pirates! This can only happen with your support! Server Rates: Max Level: 70 Solo EXP: 5x Party EXP: 5x Ship Exp: 15x Drop Rate: 1x Fairy Exp: 1st Gen (Fairy Box) . Exp 20x . Lv max 41 . Level Up with +1 or +2 stats fruits . Marriage system to create 2nd gen 2nd Gen (Marriage System) . Exp 20x from level 5 to 15 . Exp 10x from level 15 to 41 . Lv Max 41 . From level 5 to 15 you can level up using +1 or +2 stats fruit .From level 15 to 41 you can ONLY use +2 stats fruits . From level 41 to 50 you can ONLY use improved fruits Server Maps,Drop,Futures: Forsaken City: Every 3 hours Monsters: Refining Gems ,Broken Gems, Fusion scroll Abandoned Chest: 50k note, UPO COIN [custom item],Chance for Refining gem [0.1%] Boss Death Knight: Refining Gem 100%,UG Voucher[Low Rate],100k Dollar Note, Upo Coin, Chest OF Forsaken city [equips 45 lv ] Dark Swamp: Every 3 hours Monsters: Refining gem, Cracked Gems, Muds Bosses: Master Swamp Bog - 50K note, Upo Coin, Refining gem [Low rate] Swamp Champion Mudman-100K note, Upo Coin, Refining gem [Low rate] Master Swamp Watcher-50k note, Upo Coin, Refining gem [Low rate] Huge Mud Monster-100k note, Upo Coin, Refining gem,UG voucher [Low rate] Demonic World: Every 3 hours Monsters: Refining gem, Chipped Gems Chest: Chest of Demonic World 1,2 - Kal fragments, Chance for refining gem [Low rate],50k Note Bosses: Wandering Soul -The Universe Purse 0.1% for UG gems,Refining gem,500k Note,UPO COIN Snowman Warlord-Chest of enigma lv 65 items,500k Note, UPO COIN , The Universe Purse Chaos Argent: 2 times a day – (08:00 / 20:00) Can’t enter in Party || . Penalty of 2 minute if your char relog || . No need honor, reputation and money to enter || . Prize: original Chest . Increased refining gem drop from all chests from 2,5% to 3% . Expert chest, gem of colossus and gem of rage were removed and universe purse was added 1.5% drop Moobs . Increased refining gem drop in lv 80 - 82 Phantom mobs from 1% to 1.2% Server Gems: Sockets Max Slots = 3 Refining Gem Max Level = 4 Normal Gems: Spirit, Shadow, Shining, Glowing, Lust, Explosive, Furious, Fiery Max level = 4 Broken Gems: Rage, Colossus, Soul, Wind, Striking Max level = 3 Cracked Gems: Rage, Colossus, Soul, Wind, Striking Max level = 3 Unique Gems: Rage, Colossus, Soul, Wind, Striking Max level = 2 BD Gems: Eye, Soul, Heart Max level = 1 Life skills added too all characters . - Lv1 Mining - Lv1 Woodcutting - Lv1 Fishing - Lv1 Salvage - Lv1 Set Stall If you want to improve those skills, story quest is the way to obtain more life skill points. -Offline Stall System [Active] -Security System [Active] -AntiDupe [Active] -AntiBot [Active] -SQL Injection and many more custom scripts.[Active] PKODEV MODS MADE BY V3CTOR [Active] CUSTOM ITEMS: UPO COIN KAL FRAGMENTS UNDEAD CARD LEVELING CARD FRAGMENTS A FRAGMENTS B FRAGMENTS C AND MORE TO BE DONE MONEY GUIDE: Forsaken ,Dark, Demonic - 50g per kill monster Disciple Money chest: Argent City : -Money Chest 1 > Coords [1999,2850] -Money Chest 2 > Coords [1691,2872] -Money Chest 3 > Coords [1747,2982] Shaitan City : -Money Chest 1 > Coords [1069,3568] -Money Chest 2 > Coords [968,3443] -Money Chest 3 > Coords [910,3336] Icicle City : -Money Chest 1 > Coords [1066, 417] -Money Chest 2 > Coords [962, 263] -Money Chest 3 > Coords [738, 387] FOR MORE INFORMATION AND UPDATED NEWS ABOUT THE SERVER, VISIT OUR DISCORD, WHICH WE WROTE ABOVE.
  3. My NEW project --> https://discord.gg/hJuubrBx It's under development! I hope your help to make the best server possible!
  4. Stick

    Corsairs Online

    Corsairs Online has officially launched! Last April 23rd, Corsairs Online was launched officially. We bring a new meta of gameplay that you will surely love! Explore new features, quests, challenging daily quests! We bring a nostalgic series of contents but have modern modifications that can let you enjoy it furthermore! Website Link: https://corsairs.online/ Facebook Link https://www.facebook.com/corsairs.official Discord Link: https://discord.gg/tmzJKcmsFf Server Rates: Max Player Level: 70 Max Fairy Level: 42 Solo Experience: x2 (Double experience bonus during weekend and Party members bonuses) Drop Rate: x1 Fairy Rate: x5 Ship Exp Rate: x10 Current Gems Limits: Broken Gems: 3 Cracked Gems: 3 Unique Gems: 2 Normal Gems: 5 Current Available Maps: Forsaken City: Opens every 3 hours interval Dark Swamp: Opens every 3 hours interval Demonic World: Opens every 3 hours interval Chaos Argent: (Incoming update this weekend) Additional Information: Single Account Instance with Multiple Characters Privilege Mount System Auto-Trace NPC & Monsters Guild Vault with Logging Records In-Game Portal Timer More Game Settings Life Skill Bar Monster Information Interface Reworked Experience System Inventory Items Multi-Selection Daily Quests and many more! What do we offer? Guaranteed Online 24/7 with excellent Anti-DDoS protection 100% Secured! Database Backup, Password Encrypting, and with Anti WPE/RPE Balanced Server Reputation to Credit Award Center for Credits Literally Not P2W Server Daily Login Rewards Daily Server Rewards (Events) Active Support Discord Ticketing System
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