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  1. Just like what Angelix said, if you changed a simple lua function, you can use the &updateall command in-game to load the script you added or modified.
  2. Updated the images with Imgur links. Hopefully, Imgur doesn't remove them.
  3. @V3ct0r I'm gonna try to update them when I get the time.
  4. Hello, I just wanted to populate this Programming server. Ask for help, questions regarding your code, scripts, etc... Would love to have pro programmers too to answer questions. Thank you. https://discord.gg/DY8aJ2H
  5. people made a guide on how to install mssql. visit pko.coffeecup.com
  6. Since the game is designed on technology from 2007, I guess nobody thought of making the gfx for 4K. You will have to redesign everything so it supports your 4K monitor. :)
  7. @V3ct0ratm, I play Apex Legends and MapleStory 2. :D
  8. Foxseiz

    Simple Archive

    Hi @anexoticllama, you can upload the files which are not yet in my archive to mega and send me. I will update the archive.
  9. Play some games with me, join my discord server. https://discord.gg/kc83nNr

  10. Chaos Argent is already a battle royale. You can copy chaos argent and just modify how people can enter. Make a matchmaking system where people will enter the queue and once there are enough players, the system will pull them in the map. That's basically the concept on top/pko.
  11. Hey guys, come play some games with me. Join my discord server. https://discord.gg/kc83nNr
  12. It doesn't need to come from Dubai just to get help. TeamViewer works :D
  13. Skins will not work on jpegs because jpg doesn't support transparency.
  14. Are you able to configure/launch all the server sided exes?
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