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Found 1 result

  1. [Mod] Player rating system This mod implements a player rating system that allows players to compare their characters according to any criterion, depending on how the administrator configures the system. For example, you can define a rating as the sum of all the basic characteristics of a character (see the screenshot above) and see how much is the character stronger than another one. Or you can display the number of killed players or monsters in the rating. You can also display the amount of gold, reputation points, etc. The system is very flexible and depends on the administrator's imagination. The rating is displayed above the name of the characters and is highlighted by color. After the character leaves the game, the rating will be saved in the database, so you can display the rating of the players on your website. Requirements Installed mod loading system for server and client (PKOdev.NET mod loader). Modification information Name: pkodev.mod.power; Version: 1.1; Author: V3ct0r; Type: for client and server (Game.exe and GameServer.exe); Supported executable .exe files: GAME_13X_0, GAME_13X_1, GAME_13X_2, GAME_13X_3, GAME_13X_4, GAME_13X_5, GAMESERVER_136 and GAMESERVER_138. Mod update 17/01/2022 + Fixed a bug where the amount of experience was not updated for the player's character when killing a monster (thanks to @Rewind and @Tera for the bug report); + The format for outputting the number of rating points has been moved to the pkodev.mod.power.cfg settings file on the client side: - [{:power:}] - Installation Server: 1) In the "GameServer\mods" directory of your server, create a "pkodev.mod.power" folder; 2) Place into it the mod DLL file "pkodev.mod.power.server.13<x>.dll" for your version of GameServer.exe; 3) In the functions.lua file ("GameServer\resource\script\calculate\") write the following script: -- Power system (pkodev.mod.power) -- Calculate player's character power amount function CalculatePower(role) -- Get some character attributes local str = GetChaAttr(role, ATTR_STR) local agi = GetChaAttr(role, ATTR_AGI) local con = GetChaAttr(role, ATTR_CON) local spr = GetChaAttr(role, ATTR_STA) local acc = GetChaAttr(role, ATTR_DEX) -- Power formula local formula = ( str + agi + con + spr + acc ) -- Return calculated power amount and color return formula, GetPowerColor(formula) end -- Power system (pkodev.mod.power) -- Get color of power value function GetPowerColor(power) -- Green color (0xFF00FF00) return 4278255360 end 4) In MSSQL Management Studio, execute the SQL query: USE GameDB ALTER TABLE character ADD power INT NOT NULL DEFAULT (0) Client: 1) In the "mods" directory of your client, create a "pkodev.mod.power" folder; 2) Place the mod DLL file "pkodev.mod.power.client.13x_<x>.dll" for your version of Game.exe into it. 3) Place the mod settings file "pkodev.mod.power.cfg" into it and write the desired format for displaying the number of character rating points (marker {:power:}), for example: - [{:power:}] - Mod customization 1) In the functions.lua file, in the CalculatePower(role) function, write the code that will calculate the player's character rating. The function input is the role variable - the descriptor of the current character. At the output, the function should return the rating as an integer value. In the example above, the script calculates the rating as the sum of the character's base stats; 2) In the functions.lua file, in the GetPowerColor(power) function, write the code that will determine the rating color depending on its value - power. For example, you can make a rating less than 50 highlighted in yellow, from 50 to 100 in green, above 100 in red. The color must be written in the format 0xFFRRGGBB, in decimal notation. Example: green = 0xFF00FF00, after translate into decimal number system you will get the number 4278255360, and you need to write it into the script; 3) The mod provides for storing the character's rating in the database after leaving the game. For example, for displaying on the site in various TOPs. You can disable it if you do not need this feature. To do this, skip step 4 of the "Installation - Server" section and comment out the following lines in the source code of the server side of the mod (pkodev.mod.power.server project, dllmain.cpp file, Start() and Stop() functions), then compile the project: DetourAttach(&(PVOID&)pkodev::pointer::CTableCha__SaveAllData, pkodev::hook::CTableCha__SaveAllData); and DetourDetach(&(PVOID&)pkodev::pointer::CTableCha__SaveAllData, pkodev::hook::CTableCha__SaveAllData); 4) To get the rating of a character from the database, run the SQL query: SELECT power FROM GameDB.dbo.character WHERE cha_name = '<character name>' 5) No client side configuration required. Download 1) Binary release (.dll); 2) The source code of the mod for Visual Studio 2019 Community (C++). If you encounter any problem, bug or have any questions, then feel free to write in this thread.
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