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Found 10 results

  1. Hello and Welcome Everyone! I am Fhandror and i bring to you my latest Plug&Play Kit, a "All You Need Kit" for PKO 2.4(2.7) offline server and client, the kit contains: All Server Files 2.4(2.7) you gonna need IGS 100% working + Xer0 Shop Manager Powerful Client 2.4(2.7) ready to go Everything is pre-configured and done, you just need to follow the video tutorials to "plug" it into your PC 2 Video Guides that shows everything you need to do, step by step, including how to add items and crystals to the IGS , in case you can't watch it from YouTube Maps and Apparels ready for implementation and some other projects too, like Admirals Cape All the Tools you gonna need, even Yammi Map Editor GM Commands Guide Both SQL Server 2012 and SQL Server Management Studio 2012 All pre-configured to a offline server, ready to go, and the link is from Media Fire, so no more you have to suffer people putting links from Megaupload, so you don't need to worry about download limits. This files are NOT mine, this Kit is meant to help everyone that passes by the troubles that i did in searching this pkodev website, almost no guides step-by-step, people just posting codes and saying "this is a guide" and leaving you to figure it all out by your own, never again my friend! BECAUSE NOW YOU HAVE THIS KIT! FOR YOU! FOR FREE! Here are the links: Download Plug'n Play Kit: https://www.mediafire.com/file/hzf2euxej0zc8s1/PKO_II_-_Full_Kit_-_Client_%26_Server_2.4_%282.7%29_-_Plug_%26_Play.rar/file YouTube Videos part 1: part 2
  2. Greetings to all, I am currently thinking of opening a project of such mobile pirate, I have people who want to be able to play it, but I do not have the files or knowledge to start working, I ask if someone could help me with how I could get the files and open a mobile server (I have money in case i have to buy something) and if someone want to work with me is welcome (i can speak english and spanish)
  3. Hello everyone, I'm Mathew advanced player of top, but newbie "DEV", I had idea with my friends to make PKO server just for 5 people for co-op camping, but no one wants to host server on his own, cuz of 24/7 pc working and electricity payments, so we get together 15$ and we bought VPS server (spec in spoiler). My experience with KOP/PKO/TOP servers was about 8 years ago with sql2000 and hamachi, but for now, we want 24/7 server on VPS without any additional programs that all about the story Dropbox link: there you can find all files that I config and working with. Problem: 1-No one can connect to host, (timeout) (atm we are using IPchanger and start.bat) [my friends] 2-I'm OSx user so I can't use start.bat, maybe someone knows this kind command/file for OSX?? 3-I don't know how to properly create/config website, (i tried with all guides on the forum) Questions: 0- is it host provider problem or just server config ??? (i tried same config on tungle and it was workig ...) 1-how can I make KOP/PKO/TOP shortcut but without laucher/autoupdater/ipchanger/start.bat but with VPS IP include? 2-If its possible, autopatcher-without website (on VPS) 3-How to add new functions to PKO server files, (i tried to add double exp for weekends, but when I added it to exp_and_level.lua, we didn't get exp from anything, GM either. 4-how to add Cooldowns on AMPs,Potions,etc. 5-Do I need to set DNS on VPS AccountServer GateServer GroupServer GameServer VPS SPEC: OS: Windows Server 2012 R2 COREspd: 1vCore x2GHz Storage: 50GB SSD Internet spd 100mb (5ms from host to player) Bandwidth limit 99TB RAM: 2GB Ports: OPEN for guide purpose let VPS ip be: (ipv4) DISCORD: Ajoj#1945 Skype: Sillvar
  4. Hello, I ve got a question about birthplace to spawn character as: In Spring Only. Currently its on Argent,Shaitan,Icicle. So when you create character you click on argent you spawn there. I want to make when you click any ,argent,shaitan,icicle it spawns in Spring. How can I make that? Please help!?
  5. can you tell me if there are files for linux?
  6. Hello guys, I would like you ask about protecting my server and SQL injection. How can I protect my server and will it be fully protected? Thanks a lot <3
  7. Hello everyone, i'm looking for someone who owns Futurama Server Files, these are files the rates are hixh, Lvl max 400, and so so If somebody has please share link, of files and client side. Thank you
  8. Hi there, I'm selling original mermania server files. Price: 100$ via paypal only. You can pm me via forum if you're interested.
  9. Guest

    PKO Ip Changer

    IP Changer for PKO client. Compatible only with clients that use flash animation (server selection). Currently supports only 1 region & server. Usage: Place into client's root folder & run. IP Changer.exe
  10. Home

    Base Files

    Hi friends, What's the best 2.0 base files? where can i find it?
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