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  1. That's precisely what I needed. Too bad it doesn't work with the version I am running. I am still wondering if I could manually alter values using SQL Server Management Studio
  2. I want this: https://imgur.com/xgBaeGQ To look like this: https://imgur.com/CbnCoAW
  3. I've been looking for a tutorial as well. I've downloaded a game with a modern skin which I wish to get rid off and go back to the old style of the game. Both for the items icons and the actual map skin I am afraid to try without the proper knowledge and break the game.
  4. Was fooling around with the GM commands and created an item that is invalid (even though I got the id from my iteminfo.txt) Now when trying to log in I am getting an error and the game is closing. "item id in inventory is invalid game going to exit" I wonder if there is a way to manually delete that item from my inventory using the database manager, and if so, where (which database and which table?)
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