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  1. 9am to 7pm working on a prefix system? lol
  2. @cpworkerz why don’t you just appeal through PayPal, especially since you have screenshots.
  3. Вполне возможно, что там стоит обработчик местного чата и нужно добавить функцию HandleChat(role, message) и вернуть 1.
  4. insane work, thanks a lot for such an amazing contribution to the community @Billie and KPO team!
  5. I'll contact Vector and see if we can do something about the people mentioned in this topic (if you can forward me the hyper link from that website). Apart from that, as sad as it is, top community is mainly the reason devs tend to withdraw from ToP/ PKO development (and also a reason why KOP development process is strictly private now). I'd suggest changing .bins structure or adding on the fly encryption/ decryption to ensure that nobody can steal your client files.
  6. As ruubi has mentioned, it's your responsibility to handle your payments in a safe way. I'd also suggest using PayPal, as you automatically become eligible for their protection scheme whether you're a customer or a seller.
  7. Sorry, I did not see anything that would make me assume you'd have sufficient experience. I have submitted a freelance project and found a suitable developer, topic closed.
  8. Front end developer is required for a one-time job at King of Pirates. Work strictly via contract only and payment via PayPal or bank transfer. React/ Vue preferred, however I wouldn't mind jQuery as long as the code is clean and efficient. If you're interested then leave reply with your desired framework and experience using it - I'll contact you if I think you're good fit for the job. Payment: 50$ to 200$.
  9. You might want to include a description of how it works, some people might not know (I have no idea for instance).
  10. god, I remember making this template like 4-5 years ago. I even still have psd files for it, hilarious though how it was apparently developer by "Cp-workerZ". quite frankly though I don't mind cause the code is way too outdated and I would not recommend anybody to use it.
  11. Good job to Corsairs Team! Such players like you need to be eliminated from the community as a whole rather than a single server. If you can't play fair and square then don't. @coldjuice, taken from corsairs website: Server rules - Corsairs Online Third-Party Program is Illegal Using any third party program to modify or effect the normal operation of the game client will result in the permanent suspension of the account. Make sure you read game rules next time before attempting on manipulating client files.
  12. Polynomial regression, I’m assuming you were predicting using linear which is not right.
  13. if you use your datasets to make a regression model, you should be able to roughly approximate the working time when N is 50. if you're looking for more accurate results, then I'd go for some kind of exponential smoothing or such. if you look at your data, then you can clearly define that it is not a linear regression, as it grows faster than it. although no method will give you the exact result especially since your datasets are kinda scanty we can roughly estimate the result: using polynomial regression, my best rough guess is that given that N is 50, working time would be ~1100,94 seconds (or 18 minutes and 20.94 seconds) the formula is: y = 1.2557x2 - 48.993x + 411.34 R² = 0.8443 p.s. I don't know whether that result is correct and you should check if other regressions would produce a better prediction model.
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