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  1. Для авторизации апи наверное и не нужно, напрямую просто в клиент вносятся значения и там либо входит либо нет. Другое дело если это используется для валидации никнейма и пароля - если так, то без каптчи можно написать брут форс @Graf
  2. as I've mentioned, I can help patch game.exe, if you want a source fix - go study code and find the issue
  3. Personally I think the pay rate for the required tasks is inadequate (e.g., if you're looking for an experienced laravel developer and expect them to be paid 4 usd an hour before tax). good luck either way ;o
  4. А зчем в 3-ем запросе брать все значения? к чему лишняя нагрузка? Есть же count оператор.
  5. yea, send me your game.exe in pm and I'll patch it for you.
  6. no, well, at least the right way is to fix the original method that renders these glows which already exists within the files but uses wrong params and does not actually load the effect.
  7. it is a client side issue indeed, I can't release a fix until KOPO is running but after that I'll share the solution or a script to patch game.exe
  8. yes, I've done that in King of Pirates online. nothing too complex but requires certain knowledge around source codes.
  9. I can sell you compilable PKO files, both client and server on VS 2015 as long as I can remember, feel free to drop me a text if interested.
  10. Php version, budget, requirements, framework (if any?) how are developers supposed to know that information? It’s good practise to specify those prior to asking people to dm you
  11. If you increase the limit, it will work. However, that value is hardcoded within multiple locations which makes it quite difficult.
  12. You need a hosting with ms sql data storage rather than MySQL (which I’m assuming 000webhost uses).
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