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  1. that's possible, exporting animations is a bit more tricky but definitely doable.
  2. what's your discord? // sorry OP for spamming this thread
  3. Send me a private message instead if that's ok.
  4. надеюсь, что вы в курсе, что в этих сурсах, на которые вы даже решили не ссылаться ) есть некоторые количество дырок.
  5. ah sorry, I must have used a different software then.
  6. when you crop, it automatically moves the obj associated with it as far as I'm concerned.
  7. you can use last yammi version to crop those areas.
  8. Привет. Ищу разработчика С++. Плачу либо каждую неделю/ каждые две недели/ за определенную работу в отдельности. Знание пиратии необязательно, если это не мешает выполнению поставленной задачи. От вас требуется: - Знания либо английского либо русского. - Обширные знания с паматью приложения. - Если Вы можете писать патчи на ASM, то это будет плюс и платить будем больше.
  9. Looking for a C++ developer. We offer either weekly, fortnightly or per task pay. Negotiate the price, do the job, receive the money. You don't necessarily need to have top knowledge as long as you can get your job done. Requirements: - Either English or Russian speaker. - Vast knowledge in memory management. - If you can do ASM patches you can earn more.
  10. I can make one, will have a look later.
  11. hi, I am interested. Contact me via discord please af1rfqfa#0883
  12. I believe Vector has figured the issue was being in the unused models, an easy fix (considering that it is the problem), would be to implement a script to remove files that are not used within the client.
  13. hi there. I've got some spare time in the summer cause uni's over. if anybody wants to create a pk server, feel free to message me. I can code a website from scratch in php7 or python, and add any functionality including payments, item mall, items assigning, inventory decryption and others. additionally I can help code in nodejs, c#, lua, python and asp.net it would be preferred to work with someone who is capable of working with sources.
  14. I'm sure whatever you have thought of before has already been developed or is currently in development. if you want to do something, then you can use socketing to create a gm-player chat via website.
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