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  1. hi there. I've got some spare time in the summer cause uni's over. if anybody wants to create a pk server, feel free to message me. I can code a website from scratch in php7 or python, and add any functionality including payments, item mall, items assigning, inventory decryption and others. additionally I can help code in nodejs, c#, lua, python and asp.net it would be preferred to work with someone who is capable of working with sources.
  2. I'm sure whatever you have thought of before has already been developed or is currently in development. if you want to do something, then you can use socketing to create a gm-player chat via website.
  3. if you're coding websites for big companies in php5, then I feel bad for them. other than that, my suggestion would be to switch to a newer version and a framework like laravel. apart from that, you can use ajax requests, pdo and perhaps move from local db to remote mysql. but once again the major change you might want to do is to change the php version for performance and security reasons.
  4. Wonderful how you guys are making money off something you don't own and/ or was coded by somebody else
  5. Сайт хороший, в коде не хватает комментариев. В принципе, учитывая, что он писался на php5, не всё так плохо. Дырок явных я не обнаружил, может быт, конечно, скрытые и есть (может быть поковыряюсь на выходных дабы очистить имя e1mer'a или наоборот), но сливать чужую работу - опозорить себя ниже плинтуса (как по мне).
  6. Красиво, молодец! Я бы уточнил, под какую версию php писалось, дабы потом не пришлось переходить на другую, хотя там проблем много не должно быть.
  7. You need to enable the utf-8-bom encoding as far as I'm concerned (or try using vs code, as it automatically detects the needed one). Other than that, these functions are pretty much self-explanatory and I'm not sure what you need to translate the comments for.
  8. deleted. if anyone's still interested, drop me a message here or discord kamis#0883 I can migrate this website to php7 or asp if you have got a preference to php/ .NET
  9. Will delete website from my github tonight in case anybody still needs it, feel free to clone.
  10. I have added you. Can work with php7 laravel, python flask/django or c# asm. Hit me up whenever you're free.
  11. Website is open-source now, feel free to clone it cause I'll delete it from my github in a bit: I haven't worked on it in a while but from what I can remember there are certain obvious improvements that can be made: - Caching is required - Class implementation of tooltips for data integrity - Fortune wheel needs ajax implementation - Add a separate class to handle database connection & queries
  12. Tales of pirates website for sale. Working features: register/ login/ gallery/ maps preview/ items hints Website is not finished and some features need fixing, because of that I'm willing to sell it for a fairly cheap price OR I can finish it for you which means it'd be more expensive. Mystic Wheel backend is not coded. If you want it, have any questions etc please feel free to drop me a message. Coded in python.
  13. Well done! Something I wanted to implement but never had the time. Good job.
  14. Я бы задумался насчет цвета выбранного фонта, так как зеленый на розовом - как минимум странно. Да и большинство страниц не подпилены под сайт, а просто вырезаны с других обвязок. Формы можно было бы и обозначить тем самым бутстрапом, чтобы как минимум правильно разместить на странице, а не так, что одно поле слева, другое справа, а другое вообще по середине. Это всё лично моё мнение, думаю, если чуть-чуть переработать, то будет уже лучше. Удачи!
  15. I can code one for you either in python or php. Price depends on the features you'd like to see, hmu if interested.
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