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  1. Вполне вероятно, что эта функция уязвима к инъекциям, проверял?
  2. I am pretty sure you would want to change or operator for the map check to an and. I mean it's hard to tell without having the rest of the code, but you'd want both attacker and defer to be on the same map? if map_name_ATKER == "chaosicicle" AND map_name_DEFER == "chaosicicle" then
  3. Either way, @Angelix send me a pm, I’m interested in your services.
  4. I reckon you think too much into it. Developing an authentication system for a bank in a big company is one thing and scripting a lua addon for a dead game is another. Obviously it’s goos practise to write a clear and concise code taking into account security issues though but I am afraid this is not the case this time.
  5. Realistically, how likely is it for a casual player to hook gmnotice packets, let alone use AI to win an event in tales of pirates. besides, you can check the time taken to answer the question to validate it if that's the case.
  6. I like the idea of the second map but some of your objects just don’t go together not to mention the colours choice could do with some thinking. Furthermore, you haven’t set any price, are they free?
  7. it's a very simple algorithm that calculates a number of replace, insert and delete operations needed to transform string1 into string2 giving you an approximate distance. For instance, I used it in my website database (when user searches for a monster, I would split the user input and compare it to strings from characterinfo to check how similar they are and then output the results accordingly). You could do something like that to give out the rewards fairly, too. Cause for instance if one types fairy coi instead of fairy coin, they wouldn't get the reward even though it's the correct answer just with a typo. Obviously there are better, more complex and way more accurate algorithms out there. I'm just throwing some ideas
  8. Klab has released his launcher. He did not upload source code however his launcher is not obfuscated and has decent code, you can have a look at that for inspiration.
  9. you should try reading from file rather than hardcoding user input, other than that - well done!
  10. that is very cool and I remember playing on a server that had such a feature. one thing you can work on is instead of checking for the exact same word, you could perhaps get a similarity score against the search pattern for instance using levenshtein distance. Shouldn't be too hard and yet would be more fair and interesting
  11. А чём собственно отличие от PkoDev? вот народ пошёл, ладно хоть выгода от этого была бы, просто так же всё равно форумы менять не будут ) да и интересного там очень мало, если честно.
  12. Это хравнится в RoleCommon.h, вечером могу глянуть и скинуть хекс, чтобы поменять,
  13. that's possible, exporting animations is a bit more tricky but definitely doable.
  14. what's your discord? // sorry OP for spamming this thread
  15. Send me a private message instead if that's ok.
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