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  1. i need to add vip neck on server client i wonder if there is a guide or tutorial how to add them? thkx for your support
  2. thkz i soulved the problem thkx anyway sorry bothering u.
  3. Pls can u upload the compiler pls i need it for iteminfo!!!
  4. Can i ask u how to add them i only copy and paste from another client or`?
  5. Thk u! I have another question about ports how do i found my open port number so i can set the config files thk u for your support again.
  6. Hi! i wonder if somebody can upload pko2 vs 2,7 client?
  7. Hi! I have a problem whit attaching the database it,s say i need to update the sql server management 2014 should i really update the sql or does it work whit sql 2014 im little confuse help me pls!!!
  8. link doesnt work i cant download it pls upload it again thkx.
  9. Can i ask how i edit them?
  10. Waht i mean is i want to modificate client to server database and there is a topic here that describe how to modificate the server file to database here is the link "Client modification that allows you to automatically connect to the server - Client - PKODev.NET - Community of Developers & Administrators"
  11. Hi! i wonder if there is way to modificate the client or a tool to modificate, i saw there is a way to modificate the client on a topic but it,s not working. Anyway my question is how to modificate server clients. Thk u for your support
  12. Could u renew the link bcz it,s not working thk u!!!
  13. Is there anyway to convert this files to english or maybe there is a realese on them if so would u like to share?
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