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  1. Mesut

    Server time

    U can find it on itemeffect .lua in script server side!!
  2. i wonder if i can add this on version 700 files i mean new files whit source files visual studio 2022?
  3. any update btw how can i add this newer vusial studio so i can work on this files?
  4. i have made everything u told me first option u told me is there is no issue on gameserver.exe loading i made compile all from server souce code and put them in cleint and start the cleint but it,s not working?
  5. i cant go further im stack here on this pic i type in name and next thing when i chose city i get this error help me pls
  6. vs 2003.net does not work on win 10 is there any other program i can compile souce code?
  7. Mesut

    Server time

    or if u can find in cpp server time on server file and hightlight it here pls cant find it.
  8. i have a issue to start the server time i have found a script on functions this script but is it for server time, pls need some guide to start server time. Here is the script function CheckTime ( role ) local now_week= os.date("%w") -------------���ڼ���ʮ���ƣ� local now_hour= os.date("%H") -------------ʱ now_week= tonumber(now_week) now_hour= tonumber(now_hour) -- SystemNotice( role, "����".. now_week.." ʱ��".. now_hour) if now_week == 6 then if now_hour >= 6 and now_hour < 8 then return LUA_TRUE elseif now_hour >= 18 and now_hour < 20 then return LUA_TRUE end end end also is there anything else i have to do to start server time?
  9. how do i make swing visible?
  10. birth place is funplace i cant go in to client?
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