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  1. btw how do i host this on onedrive cloud vector?
  2. Mesut

    Fastpanel tricks

    update the link pls!! btw is there any way to make bar 2 full slot i mean upper and lower bars?
  3. how do u change the glow on top of character to something else can u make a guide?
  4. link is locked lol !! sorry i figure out
  5. video guide enjoy!!
  6. Mesut

    [Guide]Add New Npc

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5g1E7E_KFg&t=79s&ab_channel=RazRazvan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Ta_mEixMRk&t=279s&ab_channel=RazRazvan
  7. Mesut

    [Guide]Add New Npc

    There is also a guide for youtube
  8. Mesut

    Server time

    yes mesut8979
  9. Mesut

    Server time

    U can find it on itemeffect .lua in script server side!!
  10. i wonder if i can add this on version 700 files i mean new files whit source files visual studio 2022?
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