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  1. Mesut

    Zankza Died irl.

    well i remember hem on foxlvon creat of foxlvon he really liked me i was one of the best player on foxlvon.
  2. it,s easy to make on windows server 2022 download it recommed from me!!!
  3. how do i host from home i know that if i install windows server 2019 is there another way?
  4. hi dude u have discord

  5. i think im getting issue becuase of the value that restore my account email comes to my mail twice thats why i get this error.
  6. thk u vector but im getting this error massage from this field on php file Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in C:\xampp\htdocs\pages\account\inc.restore.php on line 168 script in php line 168 $hash = md5($name + time());
  7. I have reguest can somebody make a logo for ancient online...
  8. is there any other program i can use to clean the db
  9. in mountinfo there should be swing entiry or script for swing anyone have the script?
  10. What program do u use to clean up your database is there any?
  11. im getting this error here is the script there is same issue on 128 129 130 ''...'' help pls any one have the index file send it to me Creating a client to work with the Facebook API $fb = new Facebook\Facebook([ 'app_id' => $config['oauth']['facebook']['client_id'], 'app_secret' => $config['oauth']['facebook']['client_secret'], 'default_graph_version' => 'v3.2', ]); $fb_helper = $fb->getRedirectLoginHelper(); Give authorization links to the template $smarty->assign('auth_url', array( 'google' => $gClient->createAuthUrl(), 'facebook' => $fb_helper->getLoginUrl( sprintf('%sindex.php?act=login&from=facebook', GetBaseUrl()), ['email'] ) )); }
  12. anyone know how to change discord button on client?
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