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  1. @Summerpirates Skype: vector.nesterov Discord: V3ct0r#0484 Private message on the forum. @V3ct0r
  2. @V3ct0r is the only one that sells Offline Stall
  3. the points are stored in the database: GameDB-> Account-> IMP you can add points manually in SQL or by the GM command Amount = Number of Points Character ID = you can get the character ID using the following command & qcha NickName &Addimp Amount , Character ID
  4. @johan Open GameServer.cfg search for : igs_instant = 0 Replace with: igs_instant = 1 should solve your problem
  5. check that your main city will be as a garner, groupserver and birth.lua
  6. Bug Title: Movement bug. Bug Description: when the effect of the skill ends, whenever you try to walk you will receive the message illegal movement and thus always returning to the same place How to replicate: Movement bug states on stun/freeze if player moving Status (pending / close / open): OPEN Author (whoever that fixes it): ???
  7. ** Cha_timer if IsPlayer(role) == 1 then MapOpenWindow(role) end
  8. https://gyazo.com/848dfe94a18c83d30eef89c52abe53fc https://gyazo.com/725af86c5968509577ea9304dc7b8c4c https://gyazo.com/9682cfe9d8ffd5d88a0b9f31ef3f1276 I stole the same design from the flyFF website to a friend's server k k k
  9. what was offered, and what he sent was files were full bugs, public files
  10. all files sent by Sparrow were posted here on the forum (SRC Client and SRC Server File), we are using a clean file that was purchased from Mothanna and not yours, nothing you provided for KIDO and Divine to be used. ,-,
  11. that there and error in your characterAction.tx it is located in your scripts/txt folder
  12. about the glow it can help you. example: 776 Blade of Enigma 3 9 0 12 26 0 25 0 24 0 0 27 0 0 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.6 - lance glow size 0.6 - carsise glow size 0.6 - phyllis glow size 0.6 - ami glow size
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