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  1. https://gyazo.com/848dfe94a18c83d30eef89c52abe53fc https://gyazo.com/725af86c5968509577ea9304dc7b8c4c https://gyazo.com/9682cfe9d8ffd5d88a0b9f31ef3f1276 I stole the same design from the flyFF website to a friend's server k k k
  2. what was offered, and what he sent was files were full bugs, public files
  3. all files sent by Sparrow were posted here on the forum (SRC Client and SRC Server File), we are using a clean file that was purchased from Mothanna and not yours, nothing you provided for KIDO and Divine to be used. ,-,
  4. that there and error in your characterAction.tx it is located in your scripts/txt folder
  5. about the glow it can help you. example: 776 Blade of Enigma 3 9 0 12 26 0 25 0 24 0 0 27 0 0 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.6 - lance glow size 0.6 - carsise glow size 0.6 - phyllis glow size 0.6 - ami glow size
  6. the tickets if I'm not mistaken you have to forward all the ItemUse of the tickets found on iteminfo for a new function that can be found in lua / plugins / ticket.lua something like that I'm not on the computer. Sorry for bad inglish.
  7. to create a guild in addition to stone you have to have 10M.
  8. Bug Title: when logging out of his character he disappears Bug Description: when logging out of his character he disappears How to replicate: when logging out of his character he disappears Status: CLOSED Author (whoever that fixes it): Eviles and GustavoHMA Reported Error location. opens the ItemContent.h file located at: Client\Common\common\include search for the function: short sNeedLv; and above it add this: bool bIsLock; getting like this: now search for this function: inline SItemGrid :: SItemGrid (short sId, short sINum) find: sNeedLv = 0; and above it add this: bIsLock = 0; getting like this:
  9. Guild Disband https://gyazo.com/9ba2dc88fc77f2b715804ffa08ff52ea Guild Creation https://gyazo.com/7961d2b4b069615e08ee1331ae885c27 soon post here, not 100% still crash sometimes when creating or deleting guild, but now less often.
  10. https://gyazo.com/f30206a058f89eea491b31b6a4a16b02
  11. did you throw MindPower3D_D8R in your system folder? or if you are using Corsair resolutions, you may be missing the CameraConf1024.clu file.
  12. I don't know if anyone else had this problem, after a while of online server, being giving error to create character, says that the nickname already exists but it does not exist in the database. I don't know how to replicate it happened to me a few times, at random times.
  13. Bug Title: Item Price on Invertory Bug Description: Item Price on inventory is not divided by 2 which means it shows same Trade Value as you see at NPC How to replicate: Visit any npc and buy any item, the Trade Value of that item will be same even after you purchase it! Status: CLOSED Author (whoever that fixes it):.... open UIItemCommand.cpp and search for: sprintf( buf, g_oLangRec.GetString(674), StringSplitNum( isMain ? _nPrice / 2 : _nPrice ) ); replace with sprintf( buf, g_oLangRec.GetString(674), StringSplitNum( _ItemData.sNum != 0 ? _nPrice / 2 : _nPrice ) );
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