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  1. I believe it is in AreaSet https://gyazo.com/6df1ee0bdce9a8ed8c98a2ddf4e30e45 https://gyazo.com/a9e8bdf2cb0bc2cd4c5ca0a862f14c6e
  2. you need to configure the Facebook API. config/inc.config.php https://gyazo.com/07f958cecf4b1d6b8df33d961ce356a7
  3. @Luckyhttps://mega.nz/file/BwMXTYZa#LUIRAJhhE1p_DOtY8cv37IdVXHmiBWW5swa2ysFzU2g
  4. maybe adding a RefreshCha() to the function will resolve. @DangThao
  5. I'm not sure where yours can be installed, but just look for the "function GetChaName_born (role)" in NPCSdk.lua if it's not there, look in the calculate files
  6. Check Receiver.cpp in Common\\Server\\sdk\\src.
  7. have this tutorial on how to install the drivers correctly. It's in Portuguese. https://www.dirceuresende.com/blog/como-conectar-no-sql-server-utilizando-o-php-xampp-e-o-driver-pdo-no-windows/
  8. then you would need someone to deal with c ++, the only person I know who has this mod for source code, would be @mkhzaleh
  9. you can do this using LuaSQL.
  10. @Summerpirates Skype: vector.nesterov Discord: V3ct0r#0484 Private message on the forum. @V3ct0r
  11. @V3ct0r is the only one that sells Offline Stall
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