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  1. Привет. А зачем писать новый гейт на шарпе? Он нативно будет работать медленнее плюсов. Если уж и решитесь переносить всё это дело и обновлять, не имеет ли больше смысла переписать на модернизированном с++?
  2. I’ve had a glance through your code before @V3ct0r and originally published website code is safe to use (although it could do with an upgrade of the php version).
  3. This particular warning is shown due to you using a plus sign rather than a dot to concatenate strings. PHP uses dots to do that (inherited from Pearl), this behaviour can be tested using a PHP compiler. I have attached two screenshots of me running tests using different PHP compilers (versions 7 and 8). Using version 7 outputs the warning that you see, now if you upgrade to version 8 then the developers have explicitly converted this warning into an exception, so the code will not work (running this code on php < 7 should not show any errors, which could lead to invalid application logic behaviour).
  4. Try to replace it to: $hash = md5($name . time()); time() method might also need to be casted to string before concatenation.
  5. Make sure your game server supports GMNotice function.
  6. Following the logic, the player should not receive your HelpInfo as they are kicked out before that packet is actually sent out (that’s my assumption, as I can’t see a HelpInfo method in your code).
  7. Очень здорово! С нетерпением жду увидеть, как это всё дело будет продвигаться дальше!
  8. I’ve edited your post to remove the bit which is against the community rules @Sharshabel I strongly encourage you to watch your language next time.
  9. I have removed everything written in another language, as I’d like to remind everyone that this is an English speaking section. Topic has been locked.
  10. Before purchasing anything, I highly encourage everybody to familiarise themselves with the following topic: click me [PkoDEV]. Additionally, I would like to note that I am not discouraging anybody from purchasing anything, I'm only encouraging everyone to be cautious good luck
  11. А, вижу, извиняюсь. Если на месте написать. &move, то характеристики отображаются правильно ведь? надо смотреть, что вызывается после использования move, что обновляет персонажа и вставить в код.
  12. Там вроде ещё была функция типа RefreshCha, не уверен, что поможет, но попробовать стоит
  13. As V3ct0r has already mentioned, it seems you are using an outdated version of the updater, so updating it might help. I also strongly encourage you to switch to this patcher instead, as it's more reliable:
  14. True, which is why I’ve said it’s not the most appropriate solution, however it should filter out script kiddies (which is about 80% of players).
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