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  1. Привет. Чем дольше прокси-сервер работает, тем он умнее и тем меньше шансов его сложить; Каким образом это работает? Второй вопрос уже чисто из интереса, почему node, а не какой-нибудь го?
  2. A bit unclear whether this is two servers that can connect to the same instance or just a mix of two server files? also, your website controls cannot be accessed from mobile.
  3. Amazing release, thanks @Snre3n and @Mdrst!
  4. Непонятно собственно, что сама программа делает? Возможно не помешало бы краткое описание
  5. Please elaborate on what specifically is required, tech stack, frameworks, deadlines, etc.
  6. Hi. VPC is a virtual private cloud, you use it to define your networking components like subnets (public internet access and private respectively). With a free tier you can get a couple of burstable (t type instances) like t2.micro and others. It’s probably not enough to host a server. t type instances are also burstable, so when you have CPU spikes, you’ll first use CPU credits and if your instance is configured in “unlimited” mode, then you will pay extra money for it, so it’d be careful. You most likely won’t be able to achieve high performance by hosting SQL on these instances either. In terms of region, EC2 is a region-based service, which means you can switch region in your console and deploy it elsewhere that is within a close proximity geographically.
  7. Привет. Идея хорошая, мне нравится. Я предлагал уже что-то подобное Виктору, возможно можно будет сделать магазин, где будут отобраны товары, подтвержденные администрацией или что-то типа того. Я дал несколько идей Виктору, как можно развить форум с меньшими затратами. Ту тему пока что закрыл, как будут новости, сообщим!
  8. Hey @Blanquitoh, thank you. "Use at your own risk" referred to improper token configuration/ exposure. Code is clean.
  9. If I remember correctly you can modify velocity variable in CCharacterModel::PlayPose
  10. Whilst this works please keep in mind its very bad practise. The os.execute function call is blocking in nature, which means that it will halt the execution of game server until the command finishes. If a SQL query or command takes a long time to execute, it could cause noticeable delays. not to mention it is prone to sql injections and other security vulnerabilities (there’s enough already, so why add more )
  11. champ


    There are a few websites written in django/ flask as far as I’m concerned but the majority are written in php. this comes with a shortage of web developers I suppose and the primary interest being around backend development within the game source code.
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