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  1. I have a question, does anyone have any idea how I can add the skills to the character at level 0, that is, the skill is inside the character at level 0 and depending on whether you want it, whether or not you want to upload the added skill?
  2. I also thought the same thing and deleted it from the server but the error is still there and it is great but the fact that it leaves your 3 characters online at the same time is annoying
  3. I am having a problem when I change the account character, the previous one remains connected, any idea where the problem could be?
  4. If possible, you just have to look for the part of the @V3ct0r code that is in charge of the time in the server and add it to the src of your project
  5. thanks, I found it, it was in a lua called exp gracias ya lo encontre estaba en un lua llamado exp
  6. he verificado los files corsair corsair tratando de cambiar el lv max disponible y realize lo cambios requeridos como en 1.36 y 1.38 y el nivel max sigue sin se efectuado LV_LIMIT = 110 tampoco se aplica el cambio de exp o de drop al servidor alguien tiene idea de que puede esta pasando I have verified the corsair corsair files trying to change the max lv available and made the required changes as in 1.36 and 1.38 and the max level is still not made LV_LIMIT = 110 nor does the change of exp or drop apply to the server does anyone have an idea what could be happening
  7. previously about 9 or 11 months ago I had the problem of death by ability I really remember that I caused it by making some modifications I don't remember exactly what I was modifying but I think I still have the record of the area that I modified to cause the problem I remember that it could be reproduced in both bin and src
  8. yes but a few days ago the malware was not there
  9. I am also having the same problem for 3 days or more @V3ct0r @Mdrst
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