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  1. I'm not very knowledgeable, but at the time I had that problem and it was due to a mod that had gone wrong, and it was the cause of that, maybe if you have mod installed check that they work well
  2. MrWick

    Server time

    i send u im mrwick
  3. MrWick

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    Mesut, do you have discord? I have a question to ask you
  4. I have a problem with my client, it says incorrect version, but they match as well as the gateserver port and the client tells me why it could be
  5. Actually what I want is to free up space in the inventory, like using wings, but without ceasing to have the effect of the rb4, or swing, and allocate rb4 wings with effects-stats, swing + stats, go to the temp bag and have them that effect If you want, I'll leave you my discord, so we can chat more about this, because I'm new to this topic, and I have many questions Discord: gmcelestiax and thanks for responding
  6. Dan Hello, would you help me with the tempbag issue? Discord: mrwick7028
  7. I have this problem with the app, would you help me? add you to discord
  8. How can I do, for example, put the swing item in my temp bag and still give me the stats, as well as change the slot number of the items?
  9. or have some way to talk to you to inform me more
  10. Good, how can I edit the tp commands, eg /home /ca among others to give them new names and create more commands like those, thanks in advance
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