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  1. How to change the title Bar "Tales of Pirates - The Frozen Relics" to my own server?
  2. Hi, as you know, I use ROSO Base files. And Im new to this. I have edited some LUA removing the "Please Wait, Teleporting" but im not sure if im doing it right. It is still pretsent in the system and has delays and shows in the chat [SYSTEM] [SYSTEM] [SYSTEM] and i saw the "<333333333" present at npc lua's. ------ what i want to achieve is "Anti dupe is still on even i remove the code "please wait, Teleporting" and removing delay" and make the server secure. Can you help me figure things out? I really liked Roso Server Files if there is an alternative likw EPO Server Files would be good. i really like the gameplay. any suggestion that i can make a clean server file be Like Eternal Pirates Online or Roso? Plus My Roso Server Files and Client files iteminfo.bin is not the same what should i do? I Just need Help and a simple Response is ok. im very grateful for the help u have been doing
  3. can u suggect me a good server files and client to start on?
  4. do i Delete <3333 ? Do you have any server files and client that has the same gameplay like ROSO or Eternal Pirates Online?
  5. [ERROR] Incorrect GameServer.exe! ROSO server base fiels
  6. Do have the old client files? Mine keeps sayin Old-Rage-of-Sage files- update it
  7. its telling me ur not accepting friends add me Daikos521#0312
  8. I can manage. I got basic knowledge in C++/C though. not too good
  9. [Main] Name = GroupServerAndor1 Listen_Port = 1975 Listen_IP = 111.125.***.154 KeepAlive = 600 Version = 103 [AccountServer] AcctEnable = 1 Password = GroupServerAndor1 IP = 111.125.****154 Port = 1978
  10. do i change my .cfg ip? [Main] Name = GroupServerAndor1 Listen_Port = 1975 Listen_IP = 111.125.122.*** KeepAlive = 600 Version = 103 [AccountServer] AcctEnable = 1 Password = GroupServerAndor1 IP = 111.125.122.*** Port = 1978
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