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  1. OpenGL is not a game engine. It's a graphics library
  2. yo kong its saeed, can u talk to v3ctor about recovering my account lmao

  3. Why? SQL management studio is only a client for the DB Server. If your SSMS and exes can connect to SQL, then it is likely a configuration issue in your php files. Some common configurations I see: (localhost) . .\SQLEXPRESS <User>\SQLEXPRESS AND WATCH OUT FOR THOSE BACK-SLASH
  4. To "market" myself - I will keep this thread up-to-date (diary) on things that I've accomplished with my business partners. This shall come handy for marketing purposes for myself (as a dev who offers business service and guidance) and the additional "exposure" (advertisement) for my partners.
  5. Closed for now. I have 2 pending potential partnership. Re open when I have available slots
  6. Due to time constraints, I am opening up 2 slots. I won't ask for more than 30%, as I plan on long term commitment.
  7. Introduction: I am a developer who have some knowledge in TOP/PKO Development and some understanding of the marketing aspects of it. I want to work with any server for a fraction of the total server's income. Requirements: - the server must be in operation (in other words, I will not work with admins who are in development phase and not yet open) - the server must already have a steady amount of players - the server must already have a decent income What I will bring to the table: - security - automation (build automation, version automation, infrastructure automation, backup automation) - mentoring (mentor other members, provide code feed back) - versioning of the source codes and builds - continuous logging to ensure players are micro-managed (hehe), and server is operational - feature development (C, C++, Lua) - quality assurance and testing What I wont do: - admin (logging into production server) - engage with players - log into the game - advertise your server - 3D-related (modeling, animations, upgrading game engine) - Web related (I do not touch deprecated PKOSITE written 50 years ago) Other: - The pay out should be bi-weekly - I have the rights to terminate myself at any given time - You have the rights to terminate me at any given time - Any codes that I contribute is YOURS and all ownership belongs to the server - Any miss payout is an automatic termination - I will work according to my own schedule but finish all task within a bi-weekly sprint - I am not selling you codes, I am not part of the team, I am aiding your journey to success
  8. @Fritt @Maridyri @xiaoyuyu321 Thanks for contributing. ( I get so dam annoyed when first thing "developers" do is open a SHOP and start selling codes - E.G. Copy-paste some codes in CO files, rename some variable and put it into their "Sell List" ). If you guys want, I can open a repository because this is going no where without a repo, and these bug list deserves their dedicated tickets.
  9. MonkeyCode

    [0.1.0] topCMS

    Bump - really cool.
  10. This requires source level edits (GameServer) at the State handling upon entering maps. Some state do not persist, others get saved into DB.
  11. Yep, this is the missing thing in common. AKA item deleveler.
  12. I suggest opening a repo. It is nice to diff the versions through commits. Also nice for some Continuous Integration (see Jenkins and CircleCI) and proper versioning of automated builds. It is good indicator to see how Dev builds and Prod builds are behaving
  13. Thanks for pointing out some bugs. Yagura a hacker... Don't make me laugh. The guy spent last 2 years copying CO features (most failed half way) and chasing Wrexor around for help. No offense, I still like you, Yagura Now, let's play nice...
  14. Backdoors and exploit at client side ? Which fool did that ?! I want to know too I don't know where you got the "not compile to run" part but yes, these ones are compile to run. Bugs? Yes. Intentional? No. Backdoors? No. Exploits? No. A vulnerability needs to exist before an exploit can occur. Vulnerability? That's for you to find out. I have no idea, really.
  15. Another thing, since antidupe falls under security. I suggest everyone moving away from MD5 as the cipher for storing passwords. It is known to produce the same digest given 2 different plaintext.
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