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  1. when you stop improving (even just graphics) you get left behind! Does anyone have any statistics on how many people played this game in 2022 who’s never heard of top/pko.
  2. The development community looks to be as toxic as the player base community. The guys who know how to code in the source goes around bragging everything is easy without a single contribution and the ones who know nothing does all the scamming. Thanks @V3ct0r for your genuine support and guidance. Without you, I won’t even look back to see the progress and state of this community. Sad to see you baby sit a bunch of grown men.
  3. Why delay creation of characters? You can do many workarounds that will become game mechanics: - countdown for when mentor is able to register another character as a disciple - disciple pays system a fee to get a mentor - character cannot be deleted until lv50 or Whatever number - deletion of disciple deducts mentors reputation ETC. You get the point.
  4. Why is everyone so dam cryptic over something so small. Dont show off please. if you aint going to help, dont post.
  5. Possibly. But why use the "dead game" as an excuse for poorly thought out systems... That shows zero accountability. Of course, its just my opinion... Don't get offended. The mindset displayed here reminds me of the "only 1 MAC can enter map". The casual player won't be able to bypass it but doesn't mean I can't do it, or others. Anyway, I was talking about the mindset of developers and the consequences it bring. Not how it relates to a bank. If you think the QNA is good. That's OK. There is existing system that does better job in things like this. You can look into the native captcha system.
  6. Yep, I agree its not realistic for the casual player. In software development, and anyone in it, would know that we create things that are robust and exploit free (or at least we know to the best of our knowledge that it cannot be exploit). Its just not acceptable... Unless you want to be fired by your boss and say, "oh we know that but we didnt think anyone would abuse it". It sort of scares me how we (as a community) lack the basic understanding of secure programming and push out things that are potentially exploitable - because we choose to do so and think its OK.
  7. That's good for search-related and approximation testing but I think not so much in this case. This system imo, is unfair to begin with. Players with better connection will obviously see the question first. Players with some programming can automate this. E.G hook the packet function of GMNotice, parse the question and send the answer via manual/ai mapping of questions to answer - or all 4 answers.
  8. OpenGL is not a game engine. It's a graphics library
  9. yo kong its saeed, can u talk to v3ctor about recovering my account lmao

  10. Why? SQL management studio is only a client for the DB Server. If your SSMS and exes can connect to SQL, then it is likely a configuration issue in your php files. Some common configurations I see: (localhost) . .\SQLEXPRESS <User>\SQLEXPRESS AND WATCH OUT FOR THOSE BACK-SLASH
  11. To "market" myself - I will keep this thread up-to-date (diary) on things that I've accomplished with my business partners. This shall come handy for marketing purposes for myself (as a dev who offers business service and guidance) and the additional "exposure" (advertisement) for my partners.
  12. Closed for now. I have 2 pending potential partnership. Re open when I have available slots
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