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  1. Yup, that's it, actually, type: &lua_all maintenance=true ^ that way you'll kick players from all GameServers Players won't be able to use, only you have access to &lua/&lua_all commands.
  2. Yea, simply add something like this to your char_timer: if maintenance then KickCha(role) end Then when you're ready to make a maintenance, simply do "&lua maintenance=true". You can also add other conditions, like don't kick players who are GM, or don't kick X name. Ps.: Don't forget to add the following line to variables.lua: maintenance = false
  3. Hey Totoka! Thanks for your appearance :D I use a totally clean client as map editor, so there isn't any sort of tweaks :/ Although, I've always been using it on 800x600 resolution, I'll try on 1024, who knows!
  4. That's exactly what I do :P But it doesn't render objects properly as seen above. What I mean by World Map is the Alt+W one hehehe And yea, I know your feeling. Thanks for the reply!
  5. Hello, PKODev! I'd like to ask if anyone knows how to properly build up a minimap for a custom map. I use the client itself to generate the maps, but there's an issue that the objects aren't rendered properly as shown below: That's it! I'll be really thankful if anyone can shout-out a solution, I plan to make a world map, although it looks terrible like this.
  6. Hi! BagTempHasItem(role, item, qty)
  7. Faller


    I wonder who still cares that much of DDOsing a TOP server now a days LOL
  8. Faller

    Local Chat

    Through ChatHandler, for sure, that's the only connection between Local Chat and Lua
  9. Faller

    Local Chat

    I don't think it will be possible through Lua then :/
  10. Faller

    Local Chat

    Hi! I just made this up for you, works fine in my side. Paste in the beginning of your ChatHandler function. Btw, if I may ask, why are you applying such limitation?
  11. Hi! I'm facing the same issue after updating to @V3ct0r's StallServer v3.3. I've tested it, the issue doesn't happen when using the previous 3.0 version. I'll contact him, let's see if he gives us an update on this.
  12. Hi, @V3ct0r. Are you providing the StallServer updates for free to your old clients who already bought it? I mean the fixes, not the web interface thing, which is really cool btw. :) Thanks!
  13. You need to buy it from one of the developers. The ones I know are @V3ct0r and @Totoka.
  14. You need to add into Temporary Bag (GiveItemX).
  15. It seems like your issue is here: You've set the flags in this sequence: 10 -> 50 -> 70 So basically, it needs to be 65571 -> 65575 -> 65577
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