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  1. If the items call a skillinfo target, it'll show a cooldown.
  2. Nobody nowadays bothers with raw binaries anymore, they're a mess to deal with unless you're an assembly genius, and even then that's too much work.
  3. I suggest you check this out as well:
  4. PayPal's policy covers the payment as long as 180 days haven't fully passed, otherwise I don't think there's a chance. I suggest calling them by phone and see what their support can do for you.
  5. The funnier thing is that he used our Game.exe from EA's early release that had no encryption whatsoever. I still remember when he opened CO and made Discord accounts of every original CO developer.
  6. Added to the original post
  7. It may not be completely efficient, but it would reduce the amount of people having access to these files nonetheless (like people that are incapable of reverse engineering)
  8. Please find some respect for yourself and do not try finding senseless reasons to justify your actions. Nobody has the intention to do anything harmful, this post is made to just expose how you still proceeded to use something that does not belong to you (unless you have something to prove otherwise, which I'm sure you don't) You're scamming players' money using our handmade features, which we have spent a lot of hours working on. Of course, anybody who had their things unrightfully used would react unfavorably, unless you're no human but an angel.
  9. From people who have also used V3ct0r's website, it also includes PDO. Whether you took the design only or the code, or both, you're claiming that something belongs to you while it doesn't. It's not that hard to give original credits.
  10. Hello friends, I want to show you how 'Kingdom of Pirates' (also known as Kingdom Pirates) owner is taking claim of what does not belong to him, and also using code that does not belong to him. Our team has spent months developing, fixing and also integrating new features in both client and server sides, which the original code of is totally private and is only available to team members. We were being constantly asked by a person named 'yuse' in Discord to give hints on how to use a few of our client features, which we have denied respectfully in several occasions some of which include: Even though he was denied, he still proceeded to somehow adapt our client compiled Game.exe to his server, and fully benefit of our work without authorization. Not to mention, the client itself is copied. We have thoroughly checked it and everything links back to Eternal Abaddon server. In addition to that, a person called 'Billie', which I assume is a ripoff version of the real Billy is also claiming rights on this server's website, which instead should be claimed by @V3ct0r The highlighted 'Billie' leads to the person's Discord DMs: https://discord.com/channels/@me/638882002799689749 A few additional conversation screenshots with 'yuse': I don't understand the logic behind any of the actions done by these individuals, but you can see it for yourself.
  11. Thread locked to avoid further escalation.
  12. Replace the appropriate part by this one in GroupServer.cfg [Database] IP = LATITUDE_E6410 DB = GameDB Login = sa Password = EZCpyYOZVofugqDFBZrLKw== MaxVal = 2000000000
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