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  1. @XObedient Done, i'd suggest to edit main post to these fixes. Also the camera doesn't quite follow while moving around map.
  2. thanks, i also got this last one: https://imgur.com/a/NsrI3Er
  3. @XObedient Actually thats not what im having problem with, but these 3 errors: https://imgur.com/a/Lu4knbV
  4. @XObedient Hi, thanks for sharing such code, but its incomplete as it throws few errors while building
  5. @KONG Could you re-upload sources?
  6. Rinor

    Official TOP

    it's been 3 years already.. how time flies .-.
  7. lol I just noticed it, isn't there two of them?
  8. Oh my bad then, hahaha, good luck :)
  9. that's just model at Viewer, in-game you can rotate how ever you want.
  10. I might be wrong but type at minimap (blue screen chat on editor) 0,0,x,y of map Also i'd say is waste of time to make a world map, I've been working on it 3 years ago and I discontinued since people will just copy & paste ur hard work map and use on their server for free.
  11. Rinor


    Trying to build AccountServer on VS2003, i have added all missing files (Directions) but im having this errors.. anyone can guide me? Source 1.x
  12. That works aswell, still may show you some errors after a while
  13. Remove "ALLExAttrSet(role)" works fine even without it
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