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  1. Also this still throwing same errors: https://imgur.com/a/kKO3xJa
  2. UiMinimapForm.h: namespace GUI { // 小地图 class CMiniMapMgr : public CUIInterface { public: CMiniMapMgr() : frmMinimap(0), MinimatRect(0), labMapPos(0), labMapName(0), frmBigmap(0){} // 用于小地图更新时得到Form大小 CCompent* GetMinimapRect() { return MinimatRect; } void RefreshChaPos( int x, int y ); void RefreshMapName (const char * name ); C3DCompent* GetBigmapRect() { return d3dBigmap; } bool IsShowBigmap(); CForm* GetBigmapForm() { return frmBigmap; } void ClearRadar(); void CloseRadar(); const char* GetMapName() { return labMapName->GetCaption(); } bool IsPKSilver(); bool IsGuildWar(); void ShowRadar(const char * szX,const char * szY);//add by alfred.shi 20080710 CLabelEx* GetLabMapPos(){return labMapPos;} protected: virtual bool Init(); virtual void End(); virtual void SwitchMap(); private: static void _MiniFormMouseEvent(CCompent *pSender, int nMsgType, int x, int y, DWORD dwKey); static void _RadarFormEvent(CCompent *pSender, int nMsgType, int x, int y, DWORD dwKey); static void _RenderBigmapEvent(C3DCompent *pSender, int x, int y); static void _evtShowbigmap(CGuiData *pSender); static void _evtHidebigmap(CGuiData *pSender); //雷达界面的enter事件 static void _evtRadarEnter(CGuiData *pSender); static void _RadarFormBeforeShowEvent(CForm* pForm, bool& IsShow); static void _evtShowNPCList(CGuiData *pSender,int x,int y ,DWORD key); static void _evtShowQueen(CGuiData *pSender,int x,int y ,DWORD key); static void _evtShowQQ(CGuiData *pSender,int x, int y, DWORD key ); static void _evtSearchQueen( CGuiData *pSender, int x, int y, DWORD key ); static void ShowRadar(); // 检查坐标输入框是否有非法字符(只支持整数) 正确返回0,其他的暂定为-1 static int CheckCoordinateEdit(const char* input); // 绘制大地图提示 void _RenderBigMapHint(void);//Add by sunny.sun 20080903 //小地图表单 CForm* frmMinimap; CCompent* MinimatRect; enum { MAP_POS_MAX = 10, }; //小地图控件 CLabelEx *labMapPosRand[MAP_POS_MAX]; CLabelEx *labMapPos; CLabelEx *labMapName; CTextButton *btnQueen; CTextButton *btnQQ; CTextButton *btnPosSearch; CTextButton *btnSeach; // 搜索女神 CCheckBox* chkID; CForm* frmBigmap; C3DCompent* d3dBigmap; static CForm* frmRadar; static CEdit* edtX; static CEdit* edtY; static CCombo* cboAddr; //CMPFont g_CFont; }; }
  3. Hello, I noticed an error when trying to use NPCInfo and MonsterList Info from original src code shared by vector to another src, both uses vs 2003 and somehow it works fine on the original one but throws some errors when copying it to another src. Heres the 2 errors from visual studio 2003: https://imgur.com/a/F7Pf6bs Here the codes of both codes, first error Npc CRawDataInfo: NPCHelper* NPCHelper::_Instance = NULL; BOOL NPCHelper::_ReadRawDataInfo(CRawDataInfo *pRawDataInfo, vector<basic_string> &ParamList) { if(ParamList.size()==0) return FALSE; NPCData *pInfo = (NPCData*)pRawDataInfo; int m = 0, n = 0; string strList[8]; string strLine; // npc显示名称 _tcsncpy(pInfo->szName, pInfo->szDataName, NPC_MAXSIZE_NAME); pInfo->szName[NPC_MAXSIZE_NAME - 1] = _TEXT('\0'); _tcsncpy(pInfo->szArea, ParamList[m++].c_str(), NPC_MAXSIZE_NAME); pInfo->szMapName[NPC_MAXSIZE_NAME - 1] = _TEXT('\0'); // npc位置信息 Util_ResolveTextLine( ParamList[m++].c_str(), strList, 8, ',' ); pInfo->dwxPos0 = Str2Int(strList[0]); pInfo->dwyPos0 = Str2Int(strList[1]); // npc所在地图显示名称 _tcsncpy(pInfo->szMapName, ParamList[m++].c_str(), NPC_MAXSIZE_NAME); pInfo->szMapName[NPC_MAXSIZE_NAME - 1] = _TEXT('\0'); return TRUE; } class NPCData : public CRawDataInfo { public: char szName[NPC_MAXSIZE_NAME]; // 地图中显示npc名称 char szArea[NPC_MAXSIZE_NAME]; // 位置或者等级 DWORD dwxPos0, dwyPos0; // npc位置信息 char szMapName[NPC_MAXSIZE_NAME]; // npc所在地图名称 }; class NPCHelper : public CRawDataSet { public: static NPCHelper* I() { return _Instance; } NPCHelper(int nIDStart, int nIDCnt, int nCol = 128) : CRawDataSet(nIDStart, nIDCnt, nCol) { _Instance = this; _Init(); } protected: static NPCHelper* _Instance; // 相当于单键, 把自己记住 virtual CRawDataInfo* _CreateRawDataArray(int nCnt) { return new NPCData[nCnt]; } virtual void _DeleteRawDataArray() { delete[] (NPCData*)_RawDataArray; } virtual int _GetRawDataInfoSize() { return sizeof(NPCData); } virtual void* _CreateNewRawData(CRawDataInfo *pInfo) { return NULL; } virtual void _DeleteRawData(CRawDataInfo *pInfo) { SAFE_DELETE(pInfo->pData); } virtual BOOL _ReadRawDataInfo(CRawDataInfo *pRawDataInfo, vector<string> &ParamList); }; inline NPCData* GetNPCDataInfo( int nTypeID ) { return (NPCData*)NPCHelper::I()->GetRawDataInfo(nTypeID); } and this is the 2nd code error, ShowRadar: void CMiniMapMgr::ShowRadar() { const char * szX = edtX->GetCaption(); const char * szY = edtY->GetCaption(); if (CHECK_FAILED(CheckCoordinateEdit(szX))) { g_pGameApp->MsgBox(g_oLangRec.GetString(720)); edtX->SetCaption(""); edtX->SetActive(edtX); return; } if (CHECK_FAILED(CheckCoordinateEdit(szY))) { g_pGameApp->MsgBox(g_oLangRec.GetString(720)); edtY->SetCaption(""); edtY->SetActive(edtY); return; } // 坐标; int x = atoi(szX), y = atoi(szY); D3DXVECTOR3 target((float)x, (float)y, 0); // 地点 const char* szAddress = cboAddr->GetText(); CWorldScene* pScene = dynamic_cast<CWorldScene*>(CGameApp::GetCurScene()); if( !pScene ) return; CNavigationBar::g_cNaviBar.SetTarget((char*)szAddress, target); CNavigationBar::g_cNaviBar.Show(true); frmRadar->Hide(); } void ShowRadar(const char * szX,const char * szY);//add by alfred.shi 20080710 static void ShowRadar(); void CStartMgr::_evtNPCListChange(CGuiData *pSender) { CListItems* pItems = g_stUIStart.lstCurrList->GetItems(); int nIndex = pItems->GetIndex(g_stUIStart.lstCurrList->GetSelectItem()); CItemRow* itemrow = g_stUIStart.lstCurrList->GetSelectItem(); CItemObj* itemobj = itemrow->GetBegin(); std::string itemstring(itemobj->GetString()); int pos = (int)itemstring.find(">") + 1; int pos1 = (int)itemstring.find("<",pos); int pos2 = (int)itemstring.find(",",pos); int pos3 = (int)itemstring.find(">",pos); if(pos1 >= 0 && pos2 > pos1 && pos3 > pos2 && pos3 <= (int)itemstring.length()) { string xStr = itemstring.substr(pos1 + 1,pos2 - pos1 - 1); string yStr = itemstring.substr(pos2 + 1,pos3 - pos2 - 1); g_stUIMap.ShowRadar(xStr.c_str(),yStr.c_str()); } g_stUIStart.ShowNPCHelper(g_stUIStart.GetCurrMapName(),false); } If anyone can give me a hand here, thank you!
  4. Fixed it, forgot to put the MindPower.dll that was generated when compiled the source, inside system folder. The main issue im having is the table bin files, i can't open the game cuz it says, "Unable to open iteminfo.bin" for example but it happens for all of the table folder .bin files. I also can't compile them using this client cuz it throws errors on compiler, but i can't even compile with another client and use the generated .bins cuz it will show the error i said above, "Unable to open iteminfo.bin" or characterinfo or all others. @V3ct0r Do you have any clue about this?
  5. So i managed to compile the Client without errors, and when i try to open the client it throws this error as shown on the photo below: https://imgur.com/a/NKuZf1I
  6. Hi @V3ct0r, i would like to ask if you could share the serverside exes and client that you use for this mods for yourself. Just wondering if you have the serverside exes that has some exploits and sql injections fixed that people use to crash server and get into host these old school exploits i don’t remember all (maybe people could share their ideas how they work, so you could contribute to fix) but which are still available on public exes, so we could use this mods of yours safely. Maybe some exes that could be a good for starting a server without many troubles of this kind of exploits. Not asking for myself only, i’m asking for all our community if thats possible by you. Thanks for the contribute and your hard work.
  7. I just added them both but it's throwing still the same errors EDIT: Fixed just had to replace ResStrings
  8. Hey everyone, i'm trying to make the public 1.3x source codes work, that are shared by @V3ct0r So far server-side source are compiled succesfully also managed to compile everything in client-side expect some issues with game.exe the issue im having with it is the ResString, somehow it won't read them anyone has any idea how to fix this one or what to look or where to look? the issues are thrown for every file of game.exe but i took a screenshot of one, below: https://imgur.com/a/omHART1 https://imgur.com/a/pOLLuRI
  9. Its used like that in top-recode so whats the difference? Still bad refactor? Lol
  10. bool CTableMapMask::GetColNameByMapName(const char *szMapName, char *szColName, long lColNameLen) { if (!szMapName || !szColName) return false; char *szColBase = "content"; if ((long)strlen(szColBase) + 1 >= lColNameLen) return false; char chIndex = 0; if (!strcmp(szMapName, "garner")) chIndex = 1; else if (!strcmp(szMapName, "magicsea")) chIndex = 2; else if (!strcmp(szMapName, "darkblue")) chIndex = 3; else if (!strcmp(szMapName, "winterland")) // Add by lark.li 20080812 chIndex = 4; //else if (!strcmp(szMapName, "eastgoaf")) // chIndex = 4; //else if (!strcmp(szMapName, "lonetower")) // chIndex = 5; else return false; _snprintf_s(szColName, sizeof(szColName), _TRUNCATE, "%s%d", szColBase, chIndex); return true; } bool CTableMapMask::ReadData(CPlayer *pCPly) { if(!pCPly || !pCPly->IsValid()) { //LG("enter_map", "读地图掩码数据库错误,角色不存在.\n"); LG("enter_map", "Load map hideID database error,character is inexistence.\n"); return false; } if (pCPly->GetMapMaskDBID() == 0) { long lDBID; if (!Create(lDBID, pCPly->GetDBChaId())) return false; pCPly->SetMapMaskDBID(lDBID); } char szMaskColName[30]; if (!GetColNameByMapName(pCPly->GetMaskMapName(), szMaskColName, 30)) { //LG("enter_map", "选择地图掩码数据错误.\n"); LG("enter_map", "choice map hideID data error.\n"); return false; } int nIndex = 0; char param[80]; _snprintf_s(param, sizeof(param), _TRUNCATE, "cha_id, %s", szMaskColName); char filter[80]; _snprintf_s(filter, sizeof(filter), _TRUNCATE, "id=%d", pCPly->GetMapMaskDBID()); int r = _get_row3(g_buf, g_cnCol, param, filter); int r1 = get_affected_rows(); if (DBOK(r) && r1 > 0) { DWORD dwChaId = Str2Int(g_buf[nIndex++]); if (dwChaId != pCPly->GetDBChaId()) { //LG("enter_map", "读地图掩码数据库错误,角色不匹配.\n"); LG("enter_map", "Load map hideID database error,character is not matching.\n"); return false; } pCPly->SetMapMaskBase64(g_buf[nIndex++].c_str()); //if (strcmp(g_buf[nIndex-1].c_str(), "0")) // LG("大地图长度", "地图 %s,长度 %u.\n", pCPly->GetMaskMapName(), strlen(g_buf[nIndex-1].c_str())); } else { //LG("enter_map", "读地图掩码数据库错误,_get_row()返回值:%d.%u\n", r); LG("enter_map", "Load map hideID database error,_get_row() return value:%d.%u\n", r); return false; } //LG("enter_map", "读大地图数据成功.\n"); LG("enter_map", "Load big map data succeed.\n"); return true; }
  11. Thanks for sharing this mod, i’d like to know if this one will include the http feature as it used to have on the one we used to buy from you, cuz i didn’t see it inside the configure file or on features list you mentioned above.
  12. Hm, based on the error that i get it throws error about column “con” inside the map_mask table, while theres no such column, there is just content1…content5 and the only code inside source code about this are the one i sent above, the one that mkhzaleh sent could be the fix maybe? I haven’t tested it yet. You have any other clue? Theres no other map_mask code inside source that is related to content1…content5 expect “content” only which is this one: char* szColBase = "content"; like mkhzaleh sent above.
  13. So sprintf cant be used like this but as you saying below?:
  14. It is content1...content5 already by default inside source codes of gameserver _snprintf_s(g_sql, sizeof(g_sql), _TRUNCATE, "select \ id, cha_id, content1, content2, content3, content4, content5 \ from %s \ (nolock) where 1=2", \ _get_table());
  15. Hi @V3ct0r, map_mask table has only this kind of column's https://imgur.com/a/ZGGc6YQ It has same columns on a clean DB aswell, i can't find any con column related inside source code which asks for this column con inside map_mask, do you have any idea of this issue?
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