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  1. Hi, have you fixed it for other classes? And you managed to disable mount name when hovering the mouse into it?
  2. Look into this thread, you might find something similar or use it (it defines mobs by ID)
  3. @cachaFloja Any idea why im having issue when trying to start the game through launcher? It wont open the game it keeps showing a window “trying to get updates” or something, everytime i click start game button
  4. Hello everyone, im having an issue with the auto respawn in the same map, example “Capture the Flag” I’m using the function at functions.lua: CUSTOM_RETURN_POINTS = { ['puzzleworld'] = 'Sacred Snow Mountain', ['puzzleworld2'] = 'Sacred Snow Mountain', ['garner2'] = 'Chaos Portal', } function GetChaRespawnPoint(Player, mapname) local ret = "" for i,v in pairs(CUSTOM_RETURN_POINTS) do if(i == mapname) then if mapname == "puzzleworld" or mapname == "puzzleworld2" then ReAll(Player) end ret = v end end local SideID = GetChaSideID(Player) if (mapname == "ctf") then if (SideID == 1) then return CTF.Spawns[2].Spawn elseif (SideID == 2) then return CTF.Spawns[1].Spawn end end return ret end And this is the code at sources inside void CCharacter::BackToCity if (g_CParser.DoString("GetChaRespawnPoint", enumSCRIPT_RETURN_STRING, 1, enumSCRIPT_PARAM_LIGHTUSERDATA, 1, pCMainCha, DOSTRING_PARAM_END)) szCityName = g_CParser.GetReturnString(0); if (!szCityName || !strcmp(szCityName, "")) pCMainCha->ResetBirthInfo(); else { SBirthPoint *pSBirthP; pSBirthP = GetRandBirthPoint(GetLogName(), szCityName); SetBirthMap(pSBirthP->szMapName); SetPos(pSBirthP->x * 100, pSBirthP->y * 100); } pCMainCha->SwitchMap(pCMap, pCMainCha->GetBirthMap(), pCMainCha->GetPos().x, pCMainCha->GetPos().y, false, chSwitchType, lMapCpyNO); } im still being respawned to argent city when i’m dying instead of being Respawned into CTF
  5. Thanks but im interested on knowing which file on source has that effect (not asking for the fix on source).
  6. Mind telling which file / function has the problem that aint loading the effects? or having wrong params?
  7. @mkhzaleh in which file i can find it?
  8. @patrick13 oh thats weird, thought its client side issue, weird how it works at 1.35 client and not in 1.36+
  9. UP, anyone managed to make it work?
  10. @XObedient Also one more thing, the mount doesn't move the legs when you click to walk around, it just slides into the floor
  11. @XObedient You have any idea why it won't show mount on carsise? the model of mount goes into the ground also flipped
  12. @XObedient Done, i'd suggest to edit main post to these fixes. Also the camera doesn't quite follow while moving around map.
  13. thanks, i also got this last one: https://imgur.com/a/NsrI3Er
  14. @XObedient Actually thats not what im having problem with, but these 3 errors: https://imgur.com/a/Lu4knbV
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