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  1. Go check the max level set for your server, I don't recall where but I think its in exp_and_level.lua or wherever your rates for server is.
  2. I've been playing Lost Ark for a while, and I think the card system they use is a nice idea to incorporate in TOP. Basically, you have these random packs that you can open and have a chance of obtaining a certain card. Each set has different stat bonuses, and once you collect the amount of # needed, you can "Awaken them" which gives some nice bonus attributes. Lets say you need a total of 12 "Awaken" cards, The yellow diamonds represent how many times you have awaken the card, so the first one requires a duplicate of the card, then you can awaken it once, and for the 2nd awakening, you will need a duplicate of 2 cards to get the next level and so on. Once you get a random number set that equals to 12, you can get the awaken bonus. The way lost ark has it set up is; you can obtain them from defeating bosses, but with a low drop rate, you can obtain a random "card pack upon completing dungeons and buying the chest at the end for X amount of gold, or you can do achievements such as doing a maze 100x times.
  3. Thread has been re-located to the correct section.
  4. Mesut

    hi! i have question about mysql on xampp why can i not start it i mean it,s say i need my ini file to start it,s not working

  5. You can first start, by searching the forums; there are a lot of useful guides on how to get started, just takes time reading if you are starting out. https://pkodev.net/forum/13-guides/
  6. This looks like CO files based on the client? If you are using CO server files, take a look at lua\plugin\gem.lua. That is where they load forge/combine function.
  7. There is multiple ways to approach this, but based on the item info if you are using server files where the necklace is an apparel you will need to have it check conditions or you will lose the gems/neck fused. You can write an box that does the following: If character has itemID -> and wants newID, exchange. Otherwise You can convert itemID to maybe a voucher or something and make an npc that requires that voucher and have an exchange npc. however as I’ve mentioned if it’s fused make sure to do condition checks if it’s gemmed/fused to an equipment otherwise it will be lost.
  8. good profile backgrounds 👌

  9. NSS/OSS, The Fire, Ice, Frost, Thunder things from BD/BD Altar, CA Nov/Stand/Expert Vouch for CA Set, Spring Language Barrier Set, Only things that come to mind.
  10. Hello, please give a more details about what you are requesting. Such as what you are looking for. How to contact you such as email or Discord, or Skype etc. What you are willing to pay. How difficult of a request is it. Have you tried looking along the forums to see if there is something similar that just needs to be recoded/re-adjusted to your liking. Also, please select the correct section for such post: Example: Requesting for a scripter/coder or paid project willing to pay Project Example: I want to . . . ; I am willing to negotiate/pay X amount of currency for X,Y,Z. Or Example: I am searching for a Team for X,Y,Z. Willing to work/split workload & payments etc.
  11. Topic has been moved to the correct section.
  12. I believe since it's Chaos Argent, the requirements must be met: 1. Be in a guild, that way allies will be recognized in battle zone. 2. Maybe perhaps need to do the CA Tweak where you can see/chat in Chaos Argent
  13. Dan

    Creating weapon glow

    Well, you would have to develop some kind of thing for it to read ItemInfo, as ItemRefineInfo already directs to ItemID #. You can try something like CO where it reads stoneinfo, for you to change color.
  14. Not sure, looks like Drakan or something, Grandiose maybe?
  15. Dan

    Creating weapon glow

    There are many different methods to making purple or white glow, I shared the purple glow, it is the same to make white, just need to repaint to white. https://pkodev.net/topic/5564-dannys-version-of-purplewhite-glow/
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