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  1. I think it is the file blood.tga
  2. Hello, it looks like your account is currently compromised, please check if you have any malware as you have commented with a spam link.

    I suggest doing a thorough scan of your computer and also updating your password credentials.  

  3. I don't know if this is it, but you can try. https://mega.nz/file/0Ko2QbBK#m3ltEtF3k3i6Lx6CTylvmq4PL5InY6qfcjNnW08biMw
  4. Try to find CSVed and use it, it aligns things for you, and also some files need an extra 0 at the next line for it to be able to compile without error.
  5. Dan

    AntiDupe V2

    I think if I remember correctly, you have to load hook before serialize.
  6. If you want the icons, just copy the icons from the folder and replace your current one. or if you want to find individual icon pictures, look at iteminfo.txt and see what the icon name is for the certain item.
  7. It is just the entryName, you can check maps like Thundoria Mirage and see it's .clu
  8. You can check this, it is a nice addition to if you desire, to "add how many players inside" https://pkodev.net/topic/1886-portal-maps/
  9. You probably did something wrong, or your server reads an extra 0.
  10. You can decompile a clean iteminfo.bin and open the .txt and copy it to yours, otherwise you can copy Rebirth Stone 1 line and change name to Revive Stone and Item ID to 5765, and change icon id line.
  11. Dan

    Anubis Pirates Online

    Wrong section. Moved to correct section.
  12. Yes but you need to modify the code, and do something else if you are not checking for character to have certain ItemID in inventory.
  13. No, you can change the 7008 to an itemID you want.
  14. It's checking if your character has the itemID 7008 in bag.
  15. @Brothers You need to see if you have the item local item = CheckBagItem(role,7008) -- Item required to be in your inventory if fused.
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