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  1. The "ilegal birth place" is a client error or a source error??
  2. Simple Admiral Cloak Script - [Video Tutorial] I have always looked for, and never found a Cloak script that is easy to install and configure, so after learning a little decide to create a tutorial with a script edited by me, I know the script is far from good or beautiful, but it's good for who is starting, and does not know where to start. Includes: Cloak Script Configuration files Glow Lines Color of icons changed (to give my touch xD) Video Tutorial Don't have Gems Video Tutorial Scans: VirusTotal Jotti Download: MEGA Credits: Some codes were made by other people. All credits to them.
  3. Already fixed it bro but thx anyway :) The problem was that I was not finding the correct glow, but now I've copied the glows from the GOAT client
  4. The problem with vanilla servers is that we already have two big servers, so it's hard to compete with them, and a server focused on PK, loses the fun very quickly, I believe a server that was not focused only on PK and was not "hard" for being "strong" would be a better approach, but the problem is that some players today are already badly accustomed and want everything at hand, getting to the point of complaining about "Donate". Some admins use donate as a way to keep the server online (of course there are those who just want to steal your money), because if you put effort and time into something that will not bring you a return (be it financial or emotional) it's just time thrown away, and at the end no matter what style of server you will do, be it pk, be it farm, be it vanilla, will always have someone to complain, because you can't please everyone, but if you please some, stay with them , do the maintenance thinking about who wants the best to the server.
  5. Provide us some more information as "what names you have changed", "what cloak script you are using", also check your logs
  6. Tested @V3ct0r link and works fine but here is the key: jtCsqh7halK_O9uzWyaG0g
  7. I once faced this problem, and it was a problem with the SQL Service Agent, which was not running. (maybe your problem might be another but it does not cost anything to do this post here) Check if all SQL services are running, check if you have configured GameServer.cfg correctly, in case you do not know if it is configured properly, post your GameServer.cfg here, so it will be easier for people to help you.
  8. I agree with Adrian, in the part in which he says "... you will find those kind of people so hard", but I believe it is more for the lack of knowledge, and not for not wanting to help, because it is noticed that the Most website-related issues (such as FapFap posted) are solved with difficulties, as we do not have many people with php knowledge for help (I think, I may be wrong). But I myself have been helped here several times and have not even charged me :)
  9. When Mermania Sea was closed, I started to get interested in a pirate server, so I started searching on the internet, found a few Brazilian communities on the subject, then met one who was not Portuguese (I can not remember the name anymore) at the time when the "Momo" made templates for pkoSite, later I found the ServerDev, and through it I got to know this forum here. (Sorry for the awful English)
  10. In unity, the game seems a little weird to me. I can not feel the same nostalgic feeling xD
  11. @V3ct0r Im using PHP7.3 with 'sqlsrv' driver 7.3, gonna try with a different version of PHP and drivers to see how its going
  12. Already have those extensions, but when try to connect to database give me the error: "Access denied for user 'tserver'@'localhost' (using password: YES)" Im searching for the fix rn Btw this error occurs only when I try to connect to the database inside SQL Server, when I try to connect to a database created in phpMyAdmin the connection is successful.
  13. EDIT: Talked with him on Discord and problem solved
  14. Hi, @LuciferMorningStar You can use Resource Hacker to change the icon. Check this guide:
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