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Found 4 results

  1. Hello community of pkoDev! I have come today today in order sell services and files. Lets get straight to the point. Scripting Services I offer a very limited variety of scripting services, let me make it clear, "service". I will not join a team to open a server. Here is a small list of things I can do, please do take note it's only Lua. Modify existing functions/system in order to make it easier for your use; that includes being able to add, modify and remove things easier than adding a new function per thing as it's currently on many functions by default. Simple Functions Fairy System Ticket System Upgrade System Create scripts for maps, can be simple or complex, depends on how hard it's for me to actually create it. It can be instanced or not. Rush Capture The Flag Anomaly Tower Create custom quests for killing monsters and players within certain maps and being certain class. In case you don't know how to use my guide. Create custom scripts. Contract System (modified from V3ctor's Contract System Mod). Fix general errors or make small things for you. Price may vary depending on what you want. Server Files I'm selling custom server files, they're based on v138. GitHub Description: Features - Server Owner GitHub Description: Features - Player Notes: They're based off of PKO 1.38. They make use of V3ctor's Mod System. Extra: They contain Contract System, however, the script was completed re-written and is now more customizable and allows the contracts to be random drops for general maps or specific maps and allow for rewards from general monsters, map specific monsters or bosses. It refers to this. They contain: Server Files. Client Files. Databases (+ SQL Queries). Executables (+ IGS). Also includes Anomaly Tower. Price (negotiable): One-Time Sale. Support. Will provide updates for any custom lua script only. Updates will be via GitHub so things can be transparent and you can see what the changes were. No support provided for exes (server or client). Contact Information: Discord: Angelix#2836 pkoDev: Private Message Mostly like to answer through Discord and more frequently.
  2. Tales of Pirates Services Hello friends! I have extensive experience in working with the server and client of our game - Tales of Pirates, also am engaged in programming in C/C++. I provide the following services: Setting up the server; Fixing bugs and holes; Adding functionality to the .exe files (patching / hexing); Writing scripts of varying complexity; Writing programs for the server and the client (launchers, autoupdaters, administration, etc.); Server protection against SQL-injections, WPE/RPE and other vulnerabilities; Writing PHP-scripts. Examples of work: 1) Server protection against WPE/RPE, SQL Injections and packets with wrong size; 2) Monster and 20 level skills bug fix; 3) Party search on the sea bug fix; 4) Modified GameServer.exe, to which was added the function to work with local chat, transformation of characters, functions for editing and getting character's GM level, expanded limits for .bin-tables, etc; 5) Modified GroupServer.exe with chat logging and Lua handling system: world, trade, party, guild, dialog channels; 6) Transferring GMNotice(string message) function from 2.x version of the game to 1.3x. This feature allows you to send messages to GM chat from Lua scripts; 7) Various programs to work with the client and the server: GM Command editor, Account creator tool (RU), Rate changer tool (RU), .PK viewer (RU), EncDecTool, IP Changer, GM Panel (RU), String to code tool (RU); 8) Next - see this topic. Payment methods: PayPal. Contacts: Skype: vector.nesterov; Discord: V3ct0r#0484; Private message on the forum. Thank you for your attention!
  3. Does anyone makes costumed launcher ? Feel free to comment below or pm me here or discord Tempest#3537 thanks
  4. Hello everyone! A few weeks ago i came to the conclusion that every server i happened to visit uses the good old Argent City as a main basis. Some of them are edited for better or worse, but isnt it boring? So i decided to try to make maps on my own. The reason i write this post is to get an answer for a question: Would you like to use a new map with some forest and a city which isnt too big but enough for the basic needs of NPCs? Would you like to have PK maps or mazes which isnt the good old ones, but fresh and made by heart? I actually have a few maps right now done and under developement, and if making maps turn out to be half as needed as custom apparels ( which i also want to do in the future with other custom "stuff" ) then here is the chance if the community wants me to do it! I will show some print screens of my maps below to help you: Race map aka Super Maria ( thats how i personally adress the map, but officially its a Race map ) The race map has a unique shape, and style. I wanted it to be a little dark, a little olymics feeling (?) The size is 180x180 Has an A and a B version : version A has black boxes around it, version B is an update where the boxes are gone Has a minimap The wild life around the race field was also planned and styled out, and the same amount everywhere, with shades. See the pictures in this PDF file Frozen Island ( It doesnt have a proper name yet ) This frozen island says no the the icicle buildings, its a fortress which was frozen by a time, ice and maybe magic?
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